Why should anyone be led by you


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Why should anyone be led by you

  1. 1. Why Should Anyone Be Led By You? By: Robert Goffee and Gareth Jones Introduction: You can not do anything without followers. Leaders need vision, authority and energy. Additional Qualities:  Show you are human  Manage employees with tough empathy.  Dare to be different  Be a sensor. These qualities can be honed by almost anyone.
  2. 2. Background Last year alone more than 2000 books n leadership were published. Focus of the research is on leaders who excel at inspiring people in capturing hearts, minds and souls. Authors have gained the knowledge from the following.
  3. 3. Continued……. From their academic career From their career as Consultants i.e. from clients Finally as executives of their own Companies
  4. 4. They Selectively Show Their Weaknesses(Reveal Your Weaknesses) When leaders reveal the weaknesses they show the human being’s authenticity. Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin, is a brilliant businessman, he often fells ill and also fumbles incessantly while interviewed in public. Exposing a weakness offers a leader valuable protection (celebrities and politicians do that)
  5. 5. They rely on intuition to gauge theappropriateness of a course of action Inspirational leaders rely heavily on intuition Franz Humar, the CEO of Roche, is an excellent sensor he judges cues and sense underlying currents of opinion in the company. Oversensitivity for a leader can be a recipe for disaster Sensitivity must always be formed by reality testing.
  6. 6. They Manage Employees WithTough Empathy Real Leaders care intensely about the work their employees do. Alain Levy, CEO of polygram on one occasion helped his junior executive in Australia in choosing singles off album. Empathy of inspirational leaders is not only the soft kind described in management literature. Tough empathy means giving people what they need not what they want. CEO of Kalvin Klein Cosmetics say “you have to do things you do not want to do and that’s hard”.
  7. 7. They Reveal Their Differences (Dare to be different) They capitalize on what is unique about themselves The most effective leaders deliberately use differences to keep a social difference. Different dress style or different physical appearance Sir John Harvey Jones, the former CEO of ICI had long hairs and moustaches but he was also clever at exploiting to show that he was adventurous, entrepreneurial and unique. Most leaders don’t know about their differences. Leaders can over differentiate themselves in their determination to express their separateness.
  8. 8. Leadership in Action(Conclusion) All four qualities described previously are necessary for inspirational leadership. Genuine leaders should not follow other leaders completely. Manipulate these qualities to come up with a personal style Remember there is no universal formula.
  9. 9. Theme Word Of Research
  10. 10. Recommended Reading
  11. 11. How Strong You Are In Perception?
  12. 12. Thanks for your cooperation. Presentation Made by : Asif Ali Kazi & Irfan Ahmad Khokhar