Caching and Optimization By M Asif Rahman @ WordCamp Orlando 2012 Final

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Its a presentation on how to speed up your WordPress site.

Its a presentation on how to speed up your WordPress site.

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  • 1. Caching and Optimization How to Speed Up Your WordPress Website WordCamp Orlando 2012
  • 2. Who Am I?● M Asif Rahman● CEO, A. R. Communications (ARCom in short)● Company:● Blog:● @Asif2BD
  • 3. What I Do?● Working With WordPress Since 2004● Founded ARCom in 2007, and Working as CEO● We have 500+ web property● We run site like with monthly 14 Million traffic● We also run site like, etc etc
  • 4. What is this Session About?● Caching in WordPress● Optimization in Brief● Configuring your WordPress● Selecting Themes & Plugin● How to select Hosting● What Plugin to use for Caching?● Basic Settings for W3 Total Cache● Advance Setting for W3 Total Cache
  • 5. Is this Session for you?This is perfect for you if ..● Just made a simple blog● Running a medium traffic site● Important but low traffic business site● High traffic but static page type site● Highly dynamic site● Your site have millions of monthly traffic.
  • 6. What is Caching in WordPress? Image Credit:
  • 7. What is Optimization? Image Credit:
  • 8. Hosting Comes First:● Is Shared Hosting For You?● Difference between Dedicated Or Shared Hosting● What About Cloud Hosting?● How hosting is related with site performance and security?
  • 9. Selecting Themes● Select Reliable GPL themes● Avoid themes from untrusted source● For a important and mid-to-high traffic site avoid themes with unused function● Get a custom theme according to your need, maybe when you have grown enough.
  • 10. Use Plugin Carefully● Use plugin that you really need● Avoid Plugins from Un-trusted source● Use "P3-Profiler"● For Mid-to-popular site consider making your own plugins with all the functionality you need
  • 11. Basic Tips Of WordPressSetting● Configure Permalink.Nobody likes● Keep post-id in permalink.● Example permalink structureinstead of "/%category%/%postname%/"Use "/%category%/%post_id%-%postname%/
  • 12. Caching Plugin to use● W3 Total Cache● WP Super Cache
  • 13. Basic W3 Total Cache SettingUse Those Setting● Page Cache: Disk Enhanced● Minify: Disk (Default)● Database: Disabled● Object Cache: Disk● Browser Cache: Disk
  • 14. Advance W3 Total CacheSettingUse Those Setting● Page Cache: Disk Enhanced● Minify: Memcached● Database: Disabled● Object Cache: APC● Browser Cache: Memcached
  • 15. Test PerformanceUse Tool like1. com/speed/pagespeed/insightsUse same configuration. Clean cache then testand compare the result.
  • 16. DNS Level CacheCloudFlare rocks!Free service will save your Bandwidth and willgive you security.Premium service will speed up your site withRocketLoaderInstall CloudFlare plugin.
  • 17. Tweak From Server1. For larger site use nginx, you could use LNMP server too.2. Cache database from MySQL to save db query.3. Use Cloud with OS that leaves lower footprint.
  • 18. Test & Be Bold To Deploy● Start using SVN for development version control.● Test your setup● Use github
  • 19. QuestionsYou are free to ask anything for next __ Min.Full Slides and Resource at