Financial regulation in asia signature conference (19 sep)


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Financial regulation in asia signature conference (19 sep)

  1. 1. Asia House Signature Conference Financial Regulation in Asia 19 September 2012, 9:00-12:00‘Financial Regulation in Asia’ will identify Panel 1 will explore will examine the impact ofthe likely impacts of financial regulation, both regulation in the ASEAN region. ASEANinternal and imposed by G20 countries, on countries face challenges in meeting liquidityAsian economies. Experts will share their standards imposed by Western reformers,perspectives on macroeconomic policy, which require banks to hold a certain level ofstructural and institutional innovations, regional highly liquid assets, such as government bonds,integration and financial reform. to meet their funding obligations at times ofThe role of Central Banks, investment stress in the financial system.authorities, specific investor groups such as Panel 2 will focus on the impact of regulation onhedge funds, retail and investment banks in more developed economies, such as India,Asia will be examined. By considering the China, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Thescope for regional cooperation and the risk need for regulation on innovative financialappetite for Asian financial products, the products will be analysed, as well as the ways inimplications of new regulations will beshowcased in the evolving global financial which to reduce pro-cyclicality of regulation byclimate. these countries, both at the national and regional level.Panel 1: Financial Regulation in the ASEAN RegionCarl Fernandes is a Partner in the Global Financial Regulation Group at Linklaters. Hehas extensive experience in advising banks, broker-dealers, asset managers and privatebanks on a broad range of complex financial services regulatory issues in both Europe andAsia. Carl was head of the Asian Financial Regulation Group at Linklaters for five yearsbefore recently returning to London.Liz Lloyd is Group Head of Public Affairs for Standard Chartered Bank, responsible forcoordinating the banks policies and positioning on all political and regulatory matters.Prior to joining Standard Chartered in 2007, she was Special Adviser to Tony Blair onissues including home affairs, Africa, and climate change; and was Deputy Chief of Staff.
  2. 2. Paul Traynor is Managing Director, Head of Insurance Segment EMEA at BNY Mellon.He trained as a Chartered Accountant with Price Waterhouse and he led PwCs InvestmentManagement Consultancy business in the UK before joining BNY Mellon in 2005. Paulleads the insurance teams across BNY Mellon’s Investment Management and InvestmentServices businesses outside of the USA.Moderator:Miles Celic is Director of Group Public Affairs and Policy at Prudential plc. Miles wasChief Aide for Calum MacDonald MP in parliament before joining the lobbying groupGPC Market Access. Miles moved on to HSBC in 2007 to lead on UK, European andinternational stakeholder engagement, and in 2009 he joined Prudential. Miles is amember of the Prudential Global Leadership Team and an Asia House Trustee.Panel 2: Financial Regulation in Developed Economies Charles Taylor is the Chief Operating Officer and a founding Director of the International Centre for Financial Regulation. His focus is on regulation of non-financial corporates, regulation and governance in emerging markets, financial reporting and the role of technology in governance, risk, and compliance. Charles has extensive knowledge of technology for the financial services market and has also developed businesses in Asia and USA. Hui Zheng is an associate based in London and Coordinator of China Group (London) of Allen & Overy LLP. He is qualified in both the Chinese Bar and in England & Wales as a solicitor. Hui has contributed chapters to Chinese Business Law and Neate and Godfrey: Bank Confidentiality, Fifth Edition. He has also had articles published by the Beijing Arbitration Journal in 2010 and by Securities Law Review in May 2012. Moderator: Fung Siu is the Deputy Product Head of Country Forecasting Services at the Economist Intelligence Unit where she works on product development related to the companys Country Forecasting Services. She is also currently the lead analyst for Bangladesh, Malaysia, and Singapore.Tickets: Kindly Supported By:Non-Members: £40Members Discounted Rate: £20The conference will be followed by networking lunch.63 New Cavendish Street,London W1G 7LPRegistration via