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20 things we learnt at asia trade
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20 things we learnt at asia trade


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Published in: Business, Travel
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  • 1. Follow us on Twitter: @asiahousebuspol20 Things We Learnt From our SignatureConference:Asia Trade – Shaping the 21st Century
  • 2. Follow us on Twitter: @asiahousebuspolShenzhen, Guangdong & Hong Kong together have 45million people, making the conurbation one of thelargest economic centres in the world– James Emmett
  • 3. Follow us on Twitter: @asiahousebuspol0.63% of Global Trade last year was settled in ChineseRMB. Over 80% was settled in US Dollars– Professor Chris Dixon
  • 4. Follow us on Twitter: @asiahousebuspolIn 1840, the world’s largest economy was China, Indiawas the second largest– Lord Green
  • 5. Follow us on Twitter: @asiahousebuspolThere are over 160 cities in China with a population ofmore than 1 million people– James Emmett
  • 6. Follow us on Twitter: @asiahousebuspolEnergy can change geopolitical contours; publicperceptions are important– Simon Henry
  • 7. Follow us on Twitter: @asiahousebuspolEnergy can change geopolitical contours; publicperceptions are important– Simon Henry
  • 8. Follow us on Twitter: @asiahousebuspolCar sales in China between 2012 and 2013 haveincreased by 10%- Erica Ng
  • 9. Follow us on Twitter: @asiahousebuspolThe Philippines has posted a 7.8% economy growth ratein the first quarter of 2013. This is the highest in Asia– HE Enrique Manalo
  • 10. Follow us on Twitter: @asiahousebuspolIf a currency becomes convertible, it takes a lot ofpower away from the government that seeks to managethe currency– Dr Harsha Singh
  • 11. Follow us on Twitter: @asiahousebuspolASEAN’s trading bloc is bigger than that of the EuropeanUnion– Lord Green
  • 12. Follow us on Twitter: @asiahousebuspolIt is often profitable for Western countries to trade inRenminbi when doing business in Asia– Bridget Walsh
  • 13. Follow us on Twitter: @asiahousebuspolHalf of Asia’s trade is intra-regional– James Emmett
  • 14. Follow us on Twitter: @asiahousebuspolDuring the first quarter of 2013, the British economygrew faster than that of Singapore– Lord Green
  • 15. Follow us on Twitter: @asiahousebuspolChinese airline companies outperform Europeancounterparts in terms of in-flight item sales- Sir Eric Peacock
  • 16. Follow us on Twitter: @asiahousebuspolChina’s appetite for luxury goods grew by 6% last year– Erica Ng
  • 17. Follow us on Twitter: @asiahousebuspolUrban household income will double in China by 2022– James Emmett
  • 18. Follow us on Twitter: @asiahousebuspolThailand is currently funding a £45 billion watermanagement project- HE Pasan Teparak
  • 19. Follow us on Twitter: @asiahousebuspolThe UK Asia Task Force was founded in 2004 and has ledto the UK Government increasing their engagementwith Asia– John Saville
  • 20. Follow us on Twitter: @asiahousebuspolWhen trade winds affected the number of ships arrivingin British ports, trade was considered so vital that theBank of England had a weather vane on its roof– James Emmett
  • 21. Follow us on Twitter: @asiahousebuspolThe Silk Road is perhaps the last great global traderoute yet to be opened– Stephen King