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Wiki drama

  2. 2. EARLY RESEARCH! DESTRUCTION OF THE ENVIRONMENTThe facts are in dark blue.The poem is in red.The prose is in green.The bibliography is black with blue highlight. FACTS!The world has already lost 80% of its original forests."Environmental Destruction | World Centric." Biodegradable & CompostableProducts | World Centric. N.p., n.d. Web. 4 Sept. 2011. <>.This quote shows that there is an enormous problem rising in our world today.According to this fact, Earth has already lost 80% of its original forests. Originalin this case means forests that are not Man-Made. This is already having agreat impact on our world because the amount of greenhouse gases isincreasing and without any trees left in the world our world would be filled withonly greenhouse gases.Environment: This quote relates to the Environment because without any treesour environment would become a really dirty and unsafe environment forhumans to live in because of all the greenhouse gases. This could causeextinction of human’s and most of the other living things on earth.At the worlds current rates, 5-10% of tropical forestspecies will become extinct every decade."Environmental Destruction | World Centric." Biodegradable & CompostableProducts | World Centric. N.p., n.d. Web. 2 Sept. 2011. <>.
  3. 3. This quote shows the extinction of tropical forest species is not far off in thefuture. According to the fact, 5-10% of species will be come extinct eachdecade at the world’s current rates but scientists have predicted that thisnumber will rise at a rapid speed throughout the next 2-3 decades. This show’sthat in almost thirty years most of the tropical forest species would be extinct.Environment: This quote relates to the environment because animals/plantsthat live in the tropical forests are still part of the environment. Without themsome significant changes could happen, because they are one part of many thatkeep the environment going.2000 trees a minute are cut down in the Amazon alone. Thatis 7 football fields a minute!"Environmental Facts." National Bicycle Greenway Mayors Ride: and Recumbent,HiWHeel, Trikes. N.p., n.d. Web. 2 Sept. 2011. <>.This quote show’s the speed at which our environment is being destroyed.2000 trees a minute is not a small thing because at this rate we loose 120,000trees an hour, 2,880,000 trees a day and 1,051,200,000 trees an year (only inthe Amazon). At this rate we can kiss all the trees in our world goodbye in thenext decade or so. If all the trees are gone, all the humans/plants and otherliving things are also going to go extinct because all these things need oxygen(O2) and without trees there would be only Carbon dioxide (CO2) on Earth.Environment: This quote relates to the environment because trees are a very bigpart of the environment. Basically when you think of environment the first thingthat pop’s up in your mind is trees. If there are no trees left, the environmentwould be no better then the environment on the moon which is frankly“uninhabitable”.Americans dump 16 tons of sewage into their waters,every minute.Leech, Eric. "20 Gut-Wrenching Statistics About the Destruction of the Planetand those Living Upon It : TreeHugger." TreeHugger. N.p., n.d. Web. 5 Sept.2011. <>.
  4. 4. This quote shows how much just one part of the world is hurting theenvironment. The type of environment we are talking about in this quote iswater. Dumping 16 tongs of sewage into their waters every minute is ahorrendous thing to do, because that means 96 tons per hour, 2304 tons perday and 838656 tons per year just from the United States. The impact of thiscould be huge if looked at a whole world scale. If every country begins to trashtheir waters too then all the marine life will die and there will be no clean waterleft to look and drink (specially for the poor).Environment: This quote relates to the environment because it shows how justone part of the world is destroying a very important part of the environmentwhich is water.The Exxon-Valdez oil spill killed according to estimates,250,000 birds, 2,800 sea otters, 302 harbor seals, 250bald eagles, 22 whales, and billions of salmon andherring eggs were killed."Oil Spill Statistics – Water Pollution, Death of Marine Life." LawyerShop FamilyLaw and Personal Injury Attorney Directory – Einstein Industries . N.p., n.d. Web.5 Sept. 2011. <>.This fact shows that Exxon-Valdez oil spill had an enormous impact on themarine life. According to estimates it killed 250,000 birds, 2,800 sea otters,302 harbor seals, 250 bald eagles, 22 whales and billions of salmon andherring eggs were killed. With most of the species going extinct already, thisincident increased the num.ber of marine life extinctions rapidly. The death ofthe marine life was not the only bad effect of the oil spill but the oil filled waterhas been untouchable and undrinkable for a mere 20 years. There are only afew traces of the oil remaining today but what happened that day, was not agood day.Environment and Human Ingenuity: This quote shows the effect of a humancaused accident’s impact on the environment. The Exxon-Valdez was a man-made ship for transporting oil but because of an accident at sea, it ended updestroying the marine life.
  5. 5. POEMGlobal Warming isn’t hard to explainIt leaves Mother Earth crying with excruciating pain.This hurts our planet in every single wayThe changes could leave us all in sorrow and dismay. We need to stop it now so the temperature doesn’t risePeople, plants, and animals would be in demise.Changes in temperature due to the depleting ozone layerWe really don’t need it so show us that you care.Mother Nature can’t do it all so let’s give her a rest.We all need to try and do what is best.Our planet earth is precious and can’t be replacedWe need to act now or our home will be erased.Erylynn (Hawaii, USA)Students, Ms. Dores Fifth Grade. "Poems on Global Warming Written by Kidsfrom Hawaii - Environmental Education by Children of the Earth United."Children of the Earth United -  Environmental Education for Kids, Families  andTeachers. Learn about Animals, Plants, Ecology, Nature, Environmental Issues,Native Wisdom, Nature Centers, Activities, Books, Earth Day and much more..N.p., n.d. Web. 2 Sept. 2011.
  6. 6. Global warming is hurting the environment the most out of anything right nowbecause it is changing the way earth works by changing the temperatures. Thiscauses shortage/abundance of water, death of animals and plants because oftoo much or too much cold. This poem tells us about global warming. It tells usabout why global warming is happening by telling us about the depletion of theozone layer. It also tells us about the effects of global warming such as thechanges in the temperature. It tells us about the impact of global warming onthe environment as well as the humans. I really like how such a small child haswritten this poem. This shows the one and only positive impact of ourdestruction of the environment, which is “raising responsibility”. Adults andchildren have now understood that there is a problem and they are willing tochange themselves to help save the environment.Environment and Human Ingenuity: This poem talks about us as humans andwhat we have done to cause global warming and how it is destroying theenvironment. PROSE“Public health is reeling. Pollution has made cancer China’s leading cause of death, theMinistry of Health says. Ambient air pollution alone is blamed for hundreds of thousandsof deaths each year. Nearly 500 million people lack access to safe drinking water.Chinese cities often seem wrapped in a toxic gray shroud. Only 1 percent of the country’s560 million city dwellers breathe air considered safe by the European Union. Beijing isfrantically searching for a magic formula, a meteorological deus ex machina, to clear itsskies for the 2008 Olympics.”KAHN, JOSEPH. "China - Pollution - Environment - New York Times." The New York Times -Breaking News, World News & Multimedia. N.p., n.d. Web. 2 Sept. 2011. <>.I chose this prose because it is simple and yet it shows one of the impacts of human’s destructionof the environment. Anyone who has ever been to china will always complain about the pollutionproblem and that is exactly what is shown in the prose above. Only 1% of the countries 560Million cities are able to breathe safe and clean air. It also shows what is the impact of too muchpollution, which is cancer. It also shows one other problem, which is “500 million people lackaccess to safe drinking water.”Human Ingenuity and Health and Social Education: This prose shows a case in which a humanmade object is causing harm to health of many innocent humans. Factories and cars are all man-made and they are the biggest factors causing pollution today. Pollution can cause hard to breatheair, cancer and a bad environment.
  7. 7. REFLECTIONS!Drama reflection 1Today with Andrew, we had lots of fun. First of all it was a new experience sincewe had never met him before. We learnt about the different types of movementsin dance/drama. These were fall, suspend and vibratory. We practiced themmany times and then went off into pairs to create a three-movement sequence.My partner was Sally and I think I worked quite well with Sally. One of thestrengths of today was the group work, I worked well and efficiently with Sallywhich resulted in a pretty good routine that Andrew liked very much. The otherthing that we learnt was “Uncomfortable is good”. I found this to be verydifferent then what I thought was right because I always thought the morecomfortable you are in the situation, the better you will do but Andrew told usotherwise. We also learned the two main things in communication. The first oneis Listening and the second one is Responding Appropriately. These are the twotechniques that will help you communicate your ideas in your performance. Thefeedback that I got today is to try to push through your comfort zone so youcan do more and become a better actor. The other feedback that I got was to beas enthusiastic as possible whenever you are doing anything. My strengthstoday were that I followed everything that Andrew told us to do and I did itwithout any Fuss. I also did them to the best of my capability. The onlyweakness I had today was that I did not talk very much, did not answer manyquestions even though I had a good idea of the answer.Drama reflection 2-Today with Andrew we had a lot of fun but it was quite painful for me. Todaywe started putting the script together with the movements. I felt quite happybecause I am the first person that moves in the drama. So first of all before theplay starts we all are clustered up in a big bunch on the floor. My head is onAnna’s leg and my right hand is under Zharfan’s head/body. So the first thingthat I have to do is I have to struggle my right arm up by pushing zharfan’shead away trying to show that I am a seed growing into a tree. The first time Idid it, Andrew liked it but he told me to try doing it so it looks like my righthand is the thing that I am being pulled by upwards not my head. He also told
  8. 8. zharfan, Anna and qury to try and hold on to me whilst I grow so that it lookslike they want to grow too but he told me to struggle them off and make it looklike I am fighting my way up. It was quite a easy thing to do but the painful partwas when I had to hold in the position for a long time and it wasn’t a easyposition because I am supposed to kneel on one knee and I have to stretchfrom my right hand. We did a lot of other scenes today. So after I grow into atree, Marley and a bunch of others are kind of like gardeners who arepretending to plant something and then we all have to stand up and do thiskind of pull and push yourself up and down the stage pretending that someoneis holding your shirt or pushing you on the chest. After that we did a little bit ofa try on a routine when Anna tried to lean back when Marley, Zeckre, Sally andJulia were holding on to her. I think I had no weakness today either because Igave it my best or tried to do everything without complaining.DRAMA REFLECTION WITH ANDREW 3Today we continued with our drama. We first repeated all that we had practicedin the first session and also made a few tiny changes but overall it looked quitegood. So we started from the part where Anna is leaning back while Marley,Zeckre, Sally and Julia are holding her. After that I go up and I have to do thisthing when I am supposed to show the audience that I am collecting the rainand to do this I made two quick jerky kind of circles with my arms to show fastand hard rain. My favorite part of today was when everyone was gatheredtogether and we all did a pose to show “the beast breathing”. After that we kindof had a 4 step dance moment when we lift our knees and then stick our handsout and do this funky thing with our head. I got feedback from Andrew when Itried doing it and he said “you get 20 platinum stars. You are like the leader ofthis group. No matter if someone else will do it or not but you will do it and youdo it very well too”. When I heard that I felt pretty good. So apparently one ofthe good things that I had done today was the fact that I had tried my best anddone things with enthusiasm. I would like to improve on my co-ordinationthough because we have to do this march and that is when we have to use theopposite arm for the leg that we walk with and I found it kind of difficult so Iam going to practice it at home.Drama reflection with Andrew 4Today we had a lot of fun with Andrew as always. Today we continued from the“beast breathes” scene. I had practiced the marching at home so now I’m prettygood at it and I also taught zharfan and a bunch of others how to do it now.Now that I think of it, it was so simple I don’t know how I couldn’t get it at thefirst time. Anyways today we concentrated on the FIGHT scene after the march.So directly after the march, we are supposed to be on our phones texting like
  9. 9. we’re super serious businessmen. After that we look up to the audience andslowly turn our head to the left hand side when the recorder says “…. Forest”and then we push the person on the left hand side of us and they are supposedt fall over like we pushed them really hard. Then there is this scene of labor inwhich the people that were pushed are working very hard and the rest andmaking it harder and harsher for them by the minute. After this scene its myfavorite scene which is the killing the workers scene. I don’t like this scenebecause its so vulgar and cruel but I like it because of the different kinds of waythat we kill them. So firstly Andrew came up to me and asked me if I couldmake Zeckre stand on my knees and I said “I guess”. So we tried a bunch oftimes but just couldn’t get it. Ms. Rankin suggested I try the same thing withJulia cause she is shorter and the first time we did it we got it. So that waspretty cool. The other types of killing that happened today was pulling by thehair and cutting your neck off, a kick in the face and one more that I can’t reallyremember. Anyways I think today I did pretty well in class. I listened to whatAndrew and Ms. Rankin said and tried doing everything with enthusiasm. But tobe honest, my thighs hurt a lot today but I guess No pain No gain because thatscene just looks amazing. I guess my weakness today was that I was very quiet.Even though I was taking part actively I was not at all speaking. I can’t really saythat was because I was concentrating or because I was shy but yeah that I oneof the things that I would like to improve on.“take the owner ship… It’s not a class performance its you telling a story”STRENGTHSToday I think i did not do very well in class. I kept forgetting what i had to doand I did not do my best. I think i should have tried harder and i think thereason for today’s bad performance was that i was just having a bad day. So tosum it up, i really did not do much good today. *Sad face*WEAKNESSESToday one of my weaknesses was that I was not doing the things that we weresupposed to do with my full capability. For example in the starting scene when Iam supposed to grow like a seed I am supposed to grow from my right arm sonot with my head or anything. I have done it well in the past but today I wasjust loosing balance and falling down so it did not look too good today.Another weakness that I had today was that I was afraid. I don’t know why, thisnever happens before but until like 45 or 50 minutes into the lesson I was very
  10. 10. afraid to be daring and do something without waiting for someone else. Thiswas one of the feedbacks that Andrew gave me “don’t wait for someone else to dosomething. Take the risk and do it yourself” I felt really disappointed at myselfbecause just 2 weeks ago, Andrew had complimented me on being the leader ofthe pack. He said I was never afraid or nor did I ever look and follow myclassmates and today I did the exact opposite. I did change my behaviortowards the end of the class when I did not look at anyone and just did whatwas decided.FEEDBACK“Take the ownership, don’t think of it like a class performance instead think ofit as you telling a story.”
  11. 11. Practicing at home
  12. 12. This was one of the hardest things for me because it is the starting of the whole drama so i had to make it good. It was really challenging because Andrew toldme to rise with my hand and not my head and it was quite hard.
  13. 13. This is the other sequence that i struggled with. The first part was quite easy but the march was the thing that took a while to getused to. The hard part wassynchronizing my opposite hand with my opposite leg.
  14. 14. This was from my point of view the toughest move ever in the whole drama. I always seemed to do something different and never the thing that i hadpracticed and you can see that in my video here that sometimes it looks pretty good and sometimes just plain HORRIBLE. SCRIPT