Vision of your future


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Vision of your future

  1. 1. Ashwin BhakreMs. KrengelVision Of Your FutureMonday, February 20, 2012 VISIONS OF YOUR FUTURESeptember 20th, 2027 “Trrrrriiiiinnnngggggg” The alarm clock screeched and I erupted up frommy bed. I couldn’t wait to start my day. Brushing my teeth, I pulled open my newcurtains, opened the terrace door and went out into the balcony. The sky wasblue and there wasn’t a cloud in sight. The roads were completely soulless (sinceit was 5:00 in the morning). I went back to the bathroom, turned some lightmusic on and got ready to start my day. Sandra was waiting for me at thebreakfast table, she had a coffee in her hand and my usual breakfast (Milk, Cerealand Rye Toast) laid out in the space opposite of hers. We finished eating quicklyand started walking down to the garage where she got into her Audi Q14 and Igot into my Audi R16 and we drove off to our work stations. Whilst in the car, I started thinking about our new house. We had justbought this house two fortnights ago, it’s a mansion squished between two othermansions that belong to our friends Santiago and Raul. There are 5 bedrooms, 7bathrooms, a heated blue colored indoor swimming pool, a Jacuzzi, a hometheatre, a fully equipped gym, a 4-car garage (2 Audi’s and 2 Rolls Royce), and aheli-pad. Before the list of features in my house could finish, I was there. RealMadrid Football Club. It was a magnificent, mind-blowing, unbelievable sight. I had been herebefore many times, but today was different. Today I was PLAYING FOR REAL
  2. 2. MADRID. As I parked my car, the manager came out to meet me. We walked andtalked to the changing rooms where I got changed into my Real Madrid No.9jersey. I told the manager I needed a moment alone and then he left. I sat downon the bench in front of my locker, held the OM necklace given to me by my momand strapped it around my neck. I closed my eyes and thanked god. I thankedhim for this wonderful opportunity that I was given to play with Real Madrid. Ithanked him for the supportive, encouraging and inspiring mom and dad, for thebeautiful and caring girlfriend, for the life changing friends and last but not leastfor the amazing, incredible, stupefying and awesome little brother that I have.And then I walked slowly to the field. After training finished, I picked up Sandra and we went for lunch. Shelistened with full of excitement as I told her about training. Then we startedtalking about some other things. First of all we started making plans for our firstvacation, The Moon was Sandra’s first choice, while I preferred a more calm andquiet place like Ibiza. In the end Sandra won and we decided to go the moon forour first vacation together. After this topic we started talking about the plans forthe upcoming weekend. I thought about going back to India and meeting myparents because it had been a while since the last time we met. Sandra thought itwas a good plan so that was decided. After that she started talking about gettinga pet. I quickly agreed and told her that we should totally get a bulldog and itwould really change the atmosphere of quietness in the big house. We then leftthe restaurant to go back home. In the car, Sandra reminded me of how we had first met and I think I havealready written about it but well I feel like writing it once again. It was onFebruary 14th 2025 and I was walking around the park early morning in New
  3. 3. York. Suddenly I heard a dog barking furiously whilst a woman screamingfrantically. I turned around just to have that woman hold my hand and pull mealongside her. I quickly told her that it was a bad idea RUNNING in front of thedog and we should stop. After stopping running, our next stop was coffee andthat’s how it all started. At home I played my Xbox-1080. It felt quite amazing to play as yourselfin Real Madrid even in a video game and that’s how I spent my evening. At nightwhilst I was reading I suddenly put down my book and went up to my heli andjust flew around aimlessly. I looked out onto the lighted yet quiet city of Madridand thought to myself why am I so happy? The first thing that came to my mindwas Real Madrid but is that it? There was something that I had to do, I took outmy phone and called my mom and told her about my day and told her that I loveher and dad and can’t wait to see them. I then texted my brother a ticket toMadrid because I wanted to see him and then I decided to spend the night on thebalcony and went to sleep staring at the stars. Ashwin