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  1. 1. Name ASHWIN Date 11TH MARCH 2012 Class 9 HUM A Gr 9 Living Museum - REFLECTION!!!! If 1 is the lowest & 10 is the highest, what grade would you give yourself for: 1) the information in your speech: 8/10 2) the information in your A3 posters: 7/10 3) the way you did your speech (your presentation): 9/10 4) the way your A3 posters looked (its presentation):7/10 5) the amount you enjoyed yourself during that 1 hour of presenting: 12/10Explain your reasons for the grades you gave yourself above for: 1) The information in your speech:I gave myself a 8 out of 10 in the speech category because I think I wrote apretty good speech. This was my 4th draft of the speech. I think my introductionwas good and so was my main events and interesting story but I think I did notwrite so well for the problems or benefits in my characters life. 2) The information in your A3 posters:I don’t think I did a very good job on the posters because the only information Ihad was VERY BASIC. My poster met the minimum requirements but was notvery interesting. I did add a cool fact on the poster that I had my own T.V. showbut that’s the only thing. 3) The way you did your speech (your presentation): I think I did great in my presentation because many people came and listened to me and they left my exhibition with a little bit more
  2. 2. knowledge and a smile. I also noticed that they weren’t bored throughout the speech because I kept asking questions throughout and was interacting with them. 4) the way your A3 posters looked (its presentation):I think my posters were not bad looking but the way they were presented onthe black cardboard was not great. I did add fishes and bubbles to make it looklike it were undersea but it weren’t that attractive as it could have been. I thinkI should have spent more time on the posters because from my point of view Ikind of had a very average looking poster and the reason for this is me nottrying too hard and the fact that I’m not a very artsy person. 5) The amount you enjoyed yourself during that 1 hour of presenting:During that 1 hour, I had a great time. Many people came and listened to me…from tiny kids to the head of the school. They all listened, asked questions andheld their breathes along with me. I had a lot of fun telling them about the lifeof Jacques Cousteau and from what I saw they had a lot of fun learning aboutthe person too. I don’t think they remembered everything that I said when theyleft but I surely think that they remembered JACQUES COUSTEAU INVENTEDTHE AQUALUNG.If you could change anything about what YOU did, what would it be? WHY? I think the only change that I would make is to make my poster more attractive looking. My poster was the only dull thing in my exhibition because I was very active and the listeners were very active so the next time I do this I will make more posters interesting and attractive so it isn’t left out.
  3. 3. If you could change anything about what ANYONE ELSE DID, what would itbe? WHY?I can’t really judge anyone else’s performance but I think the people who worejust black should have tried harder and tried to get a costume.In general, your living museum experience was………..It was something new that I did and I enjoyed it a lot. I agree it required a lot ofwork, a lot of preparation and a lot of organization from Ms. DeGreef but Iguess in the end it all paid off because of the fabulous performance thateveryone put on. Thank you for your honest reflection!