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Digiteen synthesis paper
Digiteen synthesis paper
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Digiteen synthesis paper


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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. BhakreAshwin BhakreMs. KrengelTechnology 10January 29th 2012 Improving school life at BISS Digiteen Synthesis Paper For the digiteen unit, I would give myself the grade of 7 because I achieved 32out of 36 for my self-evaluation. My 7 is very barely a 7 because it is on the border ofbeing a 6 but because of one point I got a 7. I think this is the grade that I deservebecause I did try hard in this unit and I learned a lot. I learn by doing and this unit wasa great unit for me because we did much more then just technological things orhomework but instead we made a movie about issues. I think our final product is a success. It shows our understanding of the issuesand yet at the same time gives an interesting watch for the audience. Improvementsthat could be made to this project include making it more informative and also havinga little bit more planning done before actually filming. My group and me used the design cycle to make our project and I think ithelped us a lot. Without a design and plan stage I don’t think our project could havebeen as good as it is. It can be improved but without the help of 5 designs or thetimetable/materials list we would have just been a mess. I think the design cycle is avery important part yet a very helpful part of every project because it helps bybreaking all the work into stages and that saves confusion and procrastination.
  • 2. Bhakre Human Ingenuity was a big part of our project because we are all humans andour project was a unique piece of work. The environment was also taken intoconsideration as we barely used any paper throughout the process and mostly workedon our Mac books and one digital camera. The whole point of our video was toeducate parents about the social issues that a teenager could go through at school andthat are where the health and social education came in. In a nutshell I think our project worked out very well.