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Book review for dork

  1. 1. BOOK

Bhakre credit
  2. 2. I have not graduated from college yet but Sidin Vadukut has given thisexperience of blunders, mishaps and inadvertent errors to millions ofteenagers (including me) who have read this book. Sidin’s fictional diarykicks off on the first day of campus recruitments and talks about hisjourney with the day zero job. Robin Einstein Varghese is one of themain reasons I loved this book, because the way he writes in his diary isso engaging and tells us much more about how the character was feelinginstead of just the story.Jose B. Cabajar once said “There is no such thing as one-man show in awinning team” This quote relates very well to this book because there isnot one thing that I liked about this book, instead a whole lot ofcharacters/plots/settings mixed together created affection between meand the book. The characters make me feel like their best friendsbecause of the feelings they share with me. The plot sometimes puts mein a cold sweat or sometimes puts me in stitches. You would think thatlife after college would be dull and boring working in an office but nosir, It’s a whole lot more then that and Robin tells you all about itthrough his diary entries.Robin “Einstein” Varghese has a crush. The so-called “lucky” girl’s name isGouri Kalbag. Gouri is the type of girl every jock, nerd and even normalguy would have a crush on. Robin describes her as “Beautiful, Petite,Independent, Intelligent and Ms. Nice Legs” The meetings between Robinand Gouri increase from weird to weirder and then to weirdest, and thatis one of the reasons you will want to turn the page and read on. credit
  3. 3. Robin “Einstein” Varghese has his own ups and downs during the time heis at Dufresene Partners. Sometimes luck is on his side but sometimes hejust wants to be on the other side of the field because of the situationsthat he is trapped or sucked into. His colleagues are evenly distributed inthe forms of a little stupid to just completely idiotic. The two twins whoare stuck with him on a project seem to be completely out of theirminds, One is seen kissing up to the seniors at every chance he gets andthe other one is famous for making 300+ slides presentations withinformation from Wikipedia. There are many other characters in thisbook and they have some unique and interesting qualities for which youwill have to read the book. Through a stunning series of blunders, mishaps and inadvertent errors,Robin begins to make his superiors rue the day they were driven bydesperation into hiring him. His experiences at the office including twoYouTube videos that ruin his life will for sure keep you up late at nightbecause you will die to know … what happens next.The main idea of the book is about honesty and how to be successfulthe right way. Robin “Einstein” Varghese along with Gouri Kalbag and abunch of other colleagues have in this story shown me how to deal withreal life burdensome and demanding situations. Many of these situationswe as teenagers will pass through later on in life, for example: roughpatch with girlfriend, hard time at work, alcohol problems etc. Theseproblems make the story sound really boring and not the kind you wouldwant to read for fun but just check the novel out, you might changeyour mind. Even though that story does not have a direct connection to me rightnow, it has taught me a lot about what life after college can be like. Itcan be a path filled with righteousness if you make the right choices orit can be calamitous if you make the wrong choices. I am notrecommending it to you because of the fact it teaches you somethingbut instead I am recommending it to you because I can definitely credit
  4. 4. GURANTEE you will enjoy the book. So if you want help leading apleasant and righteous life and have a little bit of comedy in your life,go pick up the novel “Dork” by Sidin Vadukut and become a friend ofRobin “Einstein” Varghese right now. credit