The truth about building a profitable sales force


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This PPt's content taken from a book called "The truth about building a profitable sales force" presented by: Sales Management University.
For understanding each topic plz refer book or visit link for book:

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  • What’s In It For Me? Every prospect you call on has his or her own needs, interests, and desires and the only place they hear ads about how to fulfill them is on WII-FM.
  • True sales champions know that when a salesperson and a customer get locked into a war of the wills, the salesperson always loses.
  • True sales champions know that when a salesperson and a customer get locked into a war of the wills, the salesperson always loses.
  • The truth about building a profitable sales force

    1. 1. The Truth About Building A Profitable Sales Force Presenter: Ashutosh Pandey
    2. 2. Content• Finding Winners• Training Winners• Prospecting Tips• Rapport Building Tips• Motivation Tips• Smart Questioning• Dealing With Objections• Closing Sales
    3. 3. Finding Winners• Four Insider Secrets To Sales Success – Can this person sell? • Selling skill – How will this person sell? • Behavioral strengths – Will this person sell? • Attitudinal Structure – Why would this person choose to sell? • Personal interests & values
    4. 4. Characteristic of Sales Person
    5. 5. Selection and retention of SP• Attract the best• Select them carefully• Train them correctly• Create a positive, customer-focused and highly charge environment and….• Get out of their way and let them sell!
    6. 6. Customer IMPACT principal• #1 We pay attention to people we believe have something important to tell us. Claim Convince
    7. 7. Customer IMPACT….Cont.• #2 People buy for their own reasons; not for yours or mine
    8. 8. Customer IMPACT….Cont.• #3 People do not want to be sold; they want to buy Yes! I bought it from…..?
    9. 9. Customer IMPACT….Cont.• #4 Buying is basically an emotional response.• 1st,it suggest that people buy benefits for themselves, not feature, products, services etc.• 2nd,A strong empathy for the customer is absolutely vital for success in selling.• 3rd, You must be sort of salespersons with whom people enjoy doing business.
    10. 10. Person vs. Personality Will they sell?• Intelligence and Personality Types of personality Socializers- Aka “Speakers” Relater- Aka “Listeners” Analytics- Aka “Thinkers” Directors- Aka “Doers”• Key attributes of Sales people• Forget about “Born” Salespeople
    11. 11. Training Winners• Marketing Strategy can be – Focused • Clearly Defined • Well Known • Accepted – Diffused • Unclear • Unknown • Not Accepted
    12. 12. Training Winners….Cont.• Aligning Your marketing strategies Marketing Strategy Diffused Focused Diffused Failure Marginal SuccessSalesStrategy Conflict/ Low Long Range Sales Success Focused
    13. 13. Leverage• In the sales world, leverage means using your time, talent, resources or advantages to deliver maximum value to your customers.• Element of Leverage – Create the lever and the fulcrum – Place your fulcrum in your selected niche market – The object you will raise-is customer value
    14. 14. Leverage…..Cont.• You are the lever in leverage• How does your company stack up?• Spotting the time wasters• Knowledge- The raw materials of leverage
    15. 15. Listen People Into Buying• The Greatest Secret In Selling: Show people what they want most, and they will move heaven and earth to get it! Listen people into buying instead of talking your way out of the sale.• Measure Your Prospects- Don’t Just Size Them Up• The fatal Flaw In Selling• Probing Gives You More Power
    16. 16. Principles Based Selling• Value-based selling is not a technique, it is a principal.• IMPACT Selling Focus on Relationships An Efficient Plan Needs Effective People
    17. 17. • The IMPACT salesperson – Strinkingly impressive: Who you are. – Ready for service or action: What you know – Capable of producing maximum sales with minimum time and effort: what you do. – Take it one step at a time
    18. 18. Prospecting Tips• 7 Power-Packed Prospecting Pointers1. Treat prospecting as the lifeblood of your sales career2. Treat prospecting as your most valuable time management tool3. Take an organized approach4. Remain alert for “suspects” who have the potential to become qualified prospectus5. Stay in constant touch with active prospects
    19. 19. 6.Rework your suspect inventory regulatory totry to upgrade suspects to the status of qualifiedprospectus7.Continually upgrade your prospecting systemand strategies
    20. 20. Rapport Building Tips• The greatest secret in selling• How to reduce tension and establish trust – To eliminate tension you must win the inner game – You have to create trust
    21. 21. Motivational Tips• Selling During The Lean Times – Focus on your customers and never look away – Helping others helps you – The faster way to revenue
    22. 22. Smart Questioning• Probing Tip #1 Prepare the questions you will ask in advance #2 Open-ended and indirect questions #3 Ask need-development questions #4 Ask questions that help you identify dominant needs #5 Ask question that help you pinpoint the dominant buying motivations.
    23. 23. #6 Avoid asking offensive questions or askingquestions in an insensitive way#7 Start with broad questions, then movesteadily toward questions with a narrower focus#8 Ask questions that are easy to answer#9 Use questions to guide the interview andkeep it positive in tone#10 Ask then shut up and listen.
    24. 24. The Master Keys of Selling• Show people what they want most, and they will move heaven and earth• Mastering the master key – Asking and Listening• Self centeredness is not in your best interest
    25. 25. The Master Keys of Selling• Probe Principle #1 The best way to serve your own interest is to put the needs and desires of your customers first! #2 To deliver value to the prospect, you must see yourself primarily as a value resource for the prospect! #3 To be a value resource for the prospect, you must fist discover what the prospect perceives as value!
    26. 26. Turn your Demonstrations into Power-Packed• Apply Pointer #1 Choose the most appropriate product or services #2 Tailor the presentation to the prospect’s “Need and Wants”
    27. 27. Dealing with Objections• Justify that you are selling value to customer• Price Justifier #1 Imagine a value meter #2 Interpret relative values #3 Personalize all value #4 Sell the key benefits
    28. 28. Needed: A New Direction in Sales Training• Regarding product training• Using Motivational Speaker to get SP hyped up• Using complicated sales training system• The SP’s Greatest Folly• Most of the things that can go wrong in life happen when your mouth is open• Forget the So-Called “Quick Buck”
    29. 29. Closing Sales• Closing Tips For The Value-Based Sales force -Tie up the sale, never your prospect -Negotiate the conditions of the sale -Clear away objections -Ask for the order -Reinforce the sale
    30. 30. Closing TechniqueAsk for order#1 Use trail closes throughout the Interview#2 Ask them to buy now#3 Assume the sale#4 Use the either/or close#5 Deal with fear of making a decisionThe Pay-off
    31. 31. Six Tools to Locate Qualified Prospects• Power-Packed #1 Who #2 Where #3 Why #4 What #5 When
    32. 32. Building A Bridge: The Transition to Sales talk• Setting the stage for action, Not for reaction 1 Get to the point of your visit quickly 2 Avoid being abrupt 3 Make it natural 4 Test your bridge before you invite the client to walk across
    33. 33. Negotiation Tips• Negotiation strategy #1 Open the negotiations on a positive note #2 Get all the conditions on the table #3 Make sure you understand the conditions #4 Offer to try to work out any problems
    34. 34. Proving Your Claims• Claim Prover #1 If you can prove it, show your evidence #2 Reinforce all claims visually #3 Let prospects experience it themselves #5 Repeat important claims and proofs again and again * Bring your own witnesses
    35. 35. Bring Your Own Witnesses• Witness Pointer – Try to get a written endorsement from every customer – Carefully select the endorsements you use with each prospect – Treat endorsements with dignity and respect – Try to involve satisfied customers with prospects
    36. 36. Thank You…• Any question……..