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  • -> LPU :- lovely professional university, Chaheru, kapurthala, Punjab -> Cuisine :- Style of cookery
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  • Vegetarian
  • Traditional restaurant by ashutosh

    1. 1. Forget the trend, feel the tradition….
    2. 2. logo
    3. 3. Introduction “Food Paradise” is a Indian themed restaurant that will be located in the WANNA BUY Mall of the LPU Campus. The restaurant will focus on Indian cuisine, comfortable atmosphere, background music and traditional Indian hospitality, and provide Indian traditional food of different states.
    4. 4. Purpose 1. For start-up After analysing various factors we identified a perfect opportunity to earn profit by doing this business. 2. For location LPU Mall is located in centre of the campus. So, it is easy to access for the customers. And no other competitor is in nearby.
    5. 5. Vision  We see our self to be a much bigger .  For that we want to expend in future.  We will open our branches in :- DeepNagar (jalandhar cantt)  Rama Mandi (jalandhar cantt) Model Town (Jalandhar city) before 2020.
    6. 6. Mission • The mission will be to exceed the customers’ expectations in every sense by providing ambiance for every sensory perception. The atmosphere and food will please the customers hearing, taste, smell, touch and sight, and provide an exciting creative environment. The employees will be trained with exceptional customer service and will be empowered to make decisions based on the business philosophies .
    7. 7. Strategy BUSINESS What business processes must we excel at? • Develop new products • Understand customer segments • Reduce cycle time • Provide rapid response • Cross sell the product line STRATEGY FINANCIAL How should we appear to our stakeholders? • Broaden revenue max • Improve operating efficiency • Improve enterprise financial health CUSTOMER How should we appear to our customers? • Service excellence • Trusted business partner LEARNING & GROWTH How can we sustain our ability to change and improve? • Hire Key Technical talent • Implement cross training • Align personal goals
    8. 8. BUSINESS EXCELLENCE MODEL process Customer Satisfaction Leadership Policy & Strategy Impact of SocietyResources People SatisfactionPeople Management Business Result
    9. 9. SWOT Analysis Strength Weakness Opportunity Threat
    10. 10. Strengths We will provide tasty and hygienic food in a clean and neat dining room with washing and toilet facility. We will be providing variety of products at a same place. With a reasonable rate & quantity
    11. 11. Weaknesses  We have limited funds available  None of the member is having experience related to this field.  Some of the Customers have to come further to get to your restaurant. Space for low profit margin Lack of Ambiance
    12. 12. Opportunities  No. of targeted customers are increasing every year.  Market is growing fastly  Learn from the market to increase our efficiency in terms to sale and services.
    13. 13. Threats  Competitors are providing somewhat similar kinds of product.  Government mandates (restaurant operation, food safety, and worker protection at the federal level and health, sanitation, safety, fire at the local level)  Rising operating costs  Building/maintaining sales volume
    14. 14. 3/15/2 014 Market Summary  The people present in LPU are Faculty and students and they are mostly aristocrat who are willing to pay enough for good food.  The no. of students in LPU is more than 30000*  People present here are educated so they know the value to healthy diet and they like to spend more for quality product.
    15. 15. Target audience The target audience for our restaurant will be faculties, students (specially day scholars) and other employees working in campus.
    16. 16. Legal issues Shops and Establishment license – from state government Health / Trade License from Municipality Eating house license from police commissioner NOC from fire department Environment clearance from local government Authorization from LPU
    17. 17. Marketing Mix
    18. 18. Products* Punjabi Thali Guajarati Thali Bengali Thali Marathi Thali Rajasthani Thali Traditional Snacks Traditional Drinks etc.  NOTE : All thali Contains atleast 8-9 items
    19. 19. Price  Price range(in rupees) : Rs.100 (Normal thali ) Rs.130 (Special thali ) Rs.160 (Shahi thali ) Rs.30-50 (Traditional drinks) Rs.100-500 (Traditional sweets) Rs.30-100 (Traditional snacks)
    20. 20. Place The location of our restaurant will be 6th floor LPU mall. This location will be easily accessible for the students faculty members and other staff. So at this location we will be having maximum opportunity to get more and more customers.
    21. 21. Promotion We will be using different modes to publicise our restaurant :  through Y TV  through pamphlets  through hoardings  through UMS
    22. 22. People Ashutosh, Gautam, Aabid, Parthasarathi are the partners investing equal capital and sharing profits equally. 5 employees will be appointed  2 Chefs  3 Waiters
    23. 23. Capital Total capital required is 6,00,000  all the partners will be investing 1,50,000 each we will be sharing profits equally
    24. 24. Special services • Happy hours 10% discount (1pm-2pm) • Lucky customers (every weekend) • Special discount for regular customers. • Membership card for regular customers. • Exciting gifts and coupons during festive seasons
    25. 25. Operations Hire the right chef who would not jump ship easily. Design the ambience appropriate for the audience Hire the right staff and focus on customer service to the core – for menial jobs you could sites like Get suppliers for raw materials and utensils. Get insured - Public Liability, Product Liability, Fire Policy, Building & Asset.
    27. 27. SEGMENTATION Every business need to segment the target customers from the population. So we have segmented the market in different categories  Taste and preferences,  Culture  Nationality.
    28. 28. TARGETING After segmenting the market we have to select the segment which will be our target. So, our mainly targeted customers will be Indian Students, Faculties.
    29. 29. POSITIONING Positioning your product is the toughest part of starting up a business because a wrong decision can finish your whole business . So for that we will be positioning our products tasty, healthy & innovative . We want to serve our customers the best deal to earn their loyalty.
    30. 30. Human Resource Planning
    31. 31. Man Power Chef : 2 (Initially) Waiters : 3 (Initially) Sweeper : 1 Partners : 4 Security Guard : 1
    32. 32. Owner/Manager (Ashutosh) Operation (Aabid) Chefs Waiters Sweeper Security Guard HR (Partha) Marketing (Gautam) Finance (Partha) Cashier Organisational Structure
    33. 33. job Analysis  A Job Analysis is a detailed look at a particular job or job classification. It is a process that identifies the tasks performed on the job and knowledge, skills, abilities, and personal characteristics needed to perform those tasks .  Job analysis results in the identification and do cumentation of the essential functions of a job.
    34. 34.  Once conducted, a job analysis can provide data for a multitude of human resources activities surrounding a given job classification, including the following:  Classification and pay  Recruitment and Selection  Training and Development  Performance appraisal  Disability or return‐to‐work accommodation  Human resource/workforce planning
    35. 35. Job analyses are conducted to obtain accurate, current, and reliable information about jobs in order to make better employment and management decisions, to save money, to increase productivity, and to comply with federal and state laws where adverse impact is found related to prohibited discriminatory factors.  Job analysis, as the foundation of selection procedures , provides employers with a means to make sound, cost‐effective employment decisions.  Selection procedures based on a thorough job analysis are designed to identify the best- qualified candidates for a job.
    36. 36. Job title Chefs Waiter Sweepers Cashier Security Guard Duties To cook the dishes as per the order and present in a well manner. To receive order from the customer, serve food and give them bill To keep clean the floor and furniture's and the environment To make bill and collect cash from the customers. To check the bills while customers will be leaving. Salary 8000 3000 2000 none 2500 Report to whom Head of operation dept. (Aabid) Head of operation dept. (Aabid) Head of operation dept. (Aabid) Head of finance dept. (Partha) Head of Operation dept. (Aabid) JOB DESCRIPTION
    37. 37. Job title Chefs Waiters Sweepers Cashier Qualification 12th 10th Not required Experience Min.-5 Years 1-2 years Not required Not required Skills Technical skills, knowledge about the equipments, innovative mind, effective and efficient. Technical skills, communication skills, behavioral skills. Some technical skills. Technical skills, Knowledge of the working field. JOB SPECIFICATION
    38. 38. Recruitment  Internal recruitment for Chef from the trusted people. But before appointing, certain test should be taken to check the level of skill they have.  Cooking test.  Reaction in different situation.  Innovation in presentation.  Resources management skill, etc. For Chef
    39. 39.  Waiters and Sweepers will be appointed by the internal recruitment, on the reference of Ashutosh (Manager/Owner) For Waiter and Sweeper
    40. 40.  The cashier will be all the members (Gautam, Partha, Aabid).  All the members will be working as a cashier in rotation.  None of the Cashier will get Salary. For Cashier
    41. 41. Performance Evaluation  The performance will be evaluated from the following :  Feedback of customers. Personal observation. Efficient and Effectiveness.  Increase in no. of customers.
    42. 42. Employee Retention  For employee retention we will be providing the following :  Increment in their salary.  Bonus on special occasions.  Helping in their personal issues.  Other facilities i.e. mobile allowance, transportation allowance (if required)
    43. 43. Employees Review Last day of every month will be for the suggestions and problem solving sessions of employees. Here employees can tell about the problems they are facing in their working environment and what will be the possible solution for those problems.
    44. 44. Employee Rejection  Rejection process will be taken into consideration on the basis of following :  Previous performance.  Dedication towards work.  Customers complaints.  Behaviour towards colleagues.  Interaction with customers
    46. 46. Inputs The inputs for our restaurant will be :  Raw vegetables.  Grocery Items  Rice  Pulses  Cooking Oil  flour etc.
    47. 47. We will be purchasing vegetables from “ Sabji Mandi ” (Jalandhar cantt).  Grocery items will be bought from “ BEST PRICE ” (Jalandhar, NH-1).
    48. 48. Process Processing the raw material as per order Preparing the food Serve the food
    49. 49. Output  Customer is served as per his demands  Providing innovative products to customers.
    50. 50. Inventory management Mainly three types of inventories would be maintained.  Raw materials  Finished goods  Work in progress.  The inventory should be used on the basis of FIFO(First In First Out) because the inventory which we will be using are perishable in nature.