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Control on purchased product qm Control on purchased product qm Presentation Transcript

  • Control on purchased product UNIT-1, (Chapter-2)
  • Introduction The organization need to buy variety of raw materials and products for further processing or consumption. The quality of product is important here because quality effects the quality of end product. The physical properties of metal determine the durability of end product. Thus, control of purchased product is essential. All manufacturing companies and specially govt. department or service organization has to have a special organization for quality assurance of purchased product. Procurement of new product should be done through the quality control organization which can make comparative evaluation of product which can meet the general requirement of the company by analyzing of the techniques specifications of competing products.
  • Evaluation of suppliers It is a process of evaluating and approving potential supplier by factual and measurable assessment to ensure best-in class suppliers is available for use. It is applied to current suppliers to measure and monitor their performance for reducing costs, reducing risks and continuous improvement. Evaluation process:- it is a continual process with in purchasing department. It is using five steps .it can take the form of interview and or site visit. It include approval of various aspects of supplier business including capacity, financials, organizational structure and process and performance. Based on this a supplier can be approved or not approved.
  •  Benefits and drawbacks:- provide high standards of product and service, Identify and remove hidden cost ,motivate suppliers challenges- gathering meaningful and relevant information ,working on continuous improvement Cost effectiveness:- by cross functional and cross company teams, reducing nos of suppliers, by using required method for reflecting accurate total cost.
  • Capacity verification Management commitment Customer focus Quality policy Provision of resources Assignment of personnel Training, Awareness and Competency Facilities Work environment Planning of realization processes
  • Development of sources To ensure that quality of a product at a acceptable level the quality engineers can set up necessary control. The purchase department places the order on the vendor who offers the most advantageous terms. Condition of supply must be put down in writing and clearly explained to the vendor and as submission of preproduction sample or a particular type of the packaging etc.
  • Following details should be considered:-i. Any reference to the institutional, national or international standard specification should clearly mentioned in a particular yearii. The procedure of material test pieces should be spelt out in detail.iii. If preproduction sample is required then sample should known to the vendor.iv. Concession on certain quality requirements should be clearly definedv. Method of acceptance inspection should be clearly to the vendors with regard to sampling Product nomenclature, part number and other details should be specified.vii. Warranty clauses and procedure for claims should be clarified in detail.