Cogito Ergo Sum         “I think, therefore I am.” Every human questions their existence at some point oranother. This phr...
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Cogito Ergo Sum


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"I think, therefore I am" assignment
Stranger Than Fiction
Ashten Blain

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Cogito Ergo Sum

  1. 1. Cogito Ergo Sum “I think, therefore I am.” Every human questions their existence at some point oranother. This phrase explains that by considering the possibility of being a character in a story,or a virtual avatar, this thought process proves your existence. Not necessarily a physicalexistence as a human, but the existence of your mind. In today’s society, with the creation ofartificial intelligence and virtual worlds and avatars, it is easy to think about the possibility ofbeing an avatar yourself. Or possibly being a character written by an author, like Harold Crickin Stranger than Fiction. As an avatar in a virtual world, when you’re controller logs out of the virtual world andrejoins their reality, the avatar goes into this frozen state of being until the user logs in again.From personal experience, I have never sat in a frozen state, and therefore I believe that I amnot an avatar. The fact that I would remember being stuck because there was no one tocontrol me also helps to prove my mind’s existence. An avatar would have no memory ofanything that happened in their life, and since I have a memory, I must not be an avatar. As a character in a novel or story, I believe your actions would be thought out for you,and that you would have no control over your mind or body. You would have no decisionmaking process. Even if you knew that you were supposed to make the decision, you wouldbe unable to actually choose the option you would like. You would find that you hadabsolutely no control over your actions because they were being written for you, so youwould miss out on things that you really wanted to do, but didn’t have the capability tochoose to do. I am able to choose what I do in life, I have my own thought process, I can makedecisions for myself, and I run my own life. So it is hard to believe that I could be a characterin someone’s story. Some people would argue with this logic by questioning whether an avatar actuallyshuts down when we log out, because we have no way of proving that they actually stop. Ibelieve they are incorrect because if there is no driving force behind the lives of the avatar,how would they function? They would have no thoughts, feelings, or impulses to act on, andtherefore no movement or action could occur. Some might push the argument further and askabout the artificial intelligence some services use. Artificial intelligence also requires an inputfrom someone, somewhere, and therefore avatars do not live in between periods of useractivity. Although the thought of being an avatar or a character is interesting, I don’t think it’spossible. As according to Descartes, the fact that I am even considering the form of myexistence is proof that I do exist, and in my mind, this makes sense. Only an existing beingcapable of thought would be able to consider their own existence. Therefore, because I havewritten this response, I must exist.