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XING (named openBC/Open Business Club) is a social software platform for enabling a small-world network for professionals

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  1. 1. Presented By Ashokkumar T
  2. 2. XING  XING (named openBC/Open Business Club until November 17, 2006) is a social software platform for enabling a small- world network for professionals  Offers personal profiles, groups, discussion forums, event coordination, and other common social community features
  3. 3. XING  Founded :Hamburg, Germany (2003)  Headquarters :Hamburg, Germany  Key people :Dr. Stefan Gross-Selbeck, CEO, Eoghan Jennings, CFO, Burkhard Bluhm ([Executive Board])  Industry :Business networking  Revenue :€ 25.09 million (QI-QIII 2008)  Website
  4. 4. Xing-Find business contacts  Use XING's powerful search functions to get ahead faster
  5. 5. XING Job and career opportunities on Use XING's powerful search functions to get ahead faster
  6. 6. XING – Global networking for professionals  Over 7 million members already use XING to manage their business contacts
  7. 7. Address Book Access to your contacts - anytime and anywhere, on your Smartphone or Blackberry, PC or Mac.
  8. 8. Address Book Map view of your Address Book Address Book Comparison XING Plugin
  9. 9. Groups Search for groups, articles, or keywords Subscribe to forum threads Delve into lively discussions with like-minded people See the profile behind the well-written articles Receive RSS feeds to your favorite groups
  10. 10. Groups Can't find your dream group? Just start your own group with moderation, design, and newsletter capabilities
  11. 11. Appointments  Organize meetings at the click of a mouse  Organize your own events, appointments or meetings with the XING Event tool. Invite both XING members and those not yet members.
  12. 12. Events  Meet other XING members in your city or area.  Meet new contacts in a laid-back setting.  Deepen existing relationships through personal meetings.  Good to know
  13. 13. Jobs  Business matchmaking for experts  Intelligent matching  Job postings  path between the poster and applicant  No basic charges, no minimum fees
  14. 14. XING Mobile  Access your business contacts on the go  Prepare for meetings while traveling, view your contacts' details  Find key decision makers.
  15. 15. XING Mobile  Access your contacts in the XING Address Book  Use the XING Search to find members  Read and reply to messages  Manage or organize events  Change your profile status message  XING Jobs and much more.
  16. 16. XING Best Offers  Exc iveo rsfo XING m m e lus ffe r e b rs
  17. 17. Profile  Your interactive online business card  What you have to offer  -What you're looking for  -What your interests are  -Your professional experience  -Your educational background and academic degrees  All Premium Members' profiles are ad- free
  18. 18. Personal Home Page  W t'sne in yo ne o ha w ur tw rk?  Vis rstoyo p file(o fo ito ur ro nly r P m re iumMe b rs me )  Up o ingb cm irthd ys e nts ne a le a , ve , w rtic s w n in yo g up ... ritte ur ro s  J b p s stha m ht inte s m o o ting t ig re t e
  19. 19. Personal Home Page
  20. 20. Search  Name, city, industry  Company or position*  Interests, haves, wants*  Or by a keyword of your choice*
  21. 21. Power search  Find us ful info a n us inte e e rm tio ing llig nt s a h te hno g e rc c lo y  Find c w rke a fo e c lle g s o o rs nd rm r o a ue  Find o w h o yo c nta tsha m d ut hic f ur o c s ae c re r c ng sre e a e ha e c ntly  Find m m e w kno s ve l o yo e b rs ho w e ra f ur c nta ts o c  Se w ha lo ke a yo p filere e e ho s o d t ur ro c ntly  Find m m e w w nt w t yo ha to e b rs ho a ha u ve o r ffe
  22. 22. Messages  Direct communication - fast and secure  Message inbox with search function
  23. 23. Resources  XING documentation  
  24. 24.  Presented By Ashokkumar T mail