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Review resolutions

  1. 1. Go with Goals: review Resolutions 2013 It is already “Knowember” and it is time to review your Resolutions of the year. I wrote a blog on how to keep best New Year resolutions. I believe that you have gone through and started aligning yourself. I think most you have already achieved the goals but in case if you could not make out one or two resolutions, you can always post-pone to next year based on the complexity/uncertainty. If you think it is easy, try to achieve it in this year. Exchanging the resolutions is a good idea*, since you don’t want to miss the happiness (when you achieve).Propone one of your next year resolutions 2014, if you have something in mind. *This happens only if it is not time bound. However, you will have 101 excuses for not achieving your basic/important resolutions, whether it is a personal or professional goal. By nature professional goals have more excuses. There is one significant reason for not reaching your year-end goal and that is “Revealing your goal” . yourself: Keep your goals to yourself: You must have heard that if you want to achieve something you need to open your thoughts to other. But Derek Sivers research says that it is not. You can yell once you reach your goal and some of you can surprise your friends, colleagues and loved ones. The most significant secret behind success in achieving every resolution is “by keeping your goals to yourself”. Never share them with friends, family members (somewhat accepted, if it is really mean it too) and colleagues. What happens here is “once you share your resolutions gradually you will lose your interest as everybody knows. The great exception for you is you reveal number of goals in
  2. 2. a span of time (six months/one year/5 years). This may help you in comparing with others. The goals should not be more than ten and even if they are easy or big. So you need to make them balance such that you can achieve it in time bound. Keep your goals short: Mostly giving too much of information makes you ambiguous as understanding which way in and out will make nervous. Keep your goals short! For example if your goal is to buy a bicycle and the goal should not be like “MTB electronic bicycle with pedals from Firefox and shimano equipped and 100km ride in a day” it should be like “need to buy an MTB bicycle”, that’s it. Obviously once you go to the store they make you to buy all those (pedals, gears and others) which you have mentioned. I do always keep resolutions to myself. As usual I have set 10 goals and I always postpone at least 2 goals to next year. resolutionsMy achieved resolutions-2013 10 I) Read 8 books (2012 it was 10 and I could not make it so) 1) Eating Wisely and Well By Ramesh Bijlani 2) Reluctant Fundamentalist by Mohsin Hamid 3) He Can who Thinks He Can, and Other Papers on Success in Life by Orison Swett Marden 4) The Habit of Winning by Prakash iyer 5) How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia by Mohsin Hamid 6) Predictably irrational by Dan Ariely 7) Stop talking start doing by shaa wasmund ,Richard newton 8) Start with why by Simon Sinek
  3. 3. II) Buy MTB Bought the MTB and went on a 40km, ride and planning for more than 100km ride in next month. III) Want to “make a Difference” Joined as a Volunteer teacher, MAD an NGO, which deals with teaching Cambridge English in Government Schools and Orphanages. I have joined save rocks society as a member, went to different Rock walks and even participated in organizing one. I am a member of Protecterra Ecological Foundation (PEF) and NGO based in pune and adapted 10 Trees.
  4. 4. IV) Avoid using Lift (at office, SWJ, Ameerpet): If I am not wrong I have used the lift at SWJ only once in this year 2013. And I am happy to say that I sit in level 5 which a median, and is not too high and too low as well. This is an awesome experience which you can experiment at your office, home and even at shopping (try to avoid at shopping malls if you feel awkward). It makes you more energetic with a high level of enthusiasm. V) Personal Trip (partially not –Still enjoying milk and milk products) VI) Become a vegan ( ) VII) VII) ??? (Already postponed) VIII) Not yet achieved ( ) (May be postponed to next year) IX) Not yet achieved ( ) (might be finished) X) Not yet achieved ( ) I believe, it helped you somewhat!