Perception without logic is nowhere


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Perception contributes vitally to human life style over logic!

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Perception without logic is nowhere

  1. 1. Logic without Perception is nowhere? Everywhere?Hello guys it’s been more than 2-3 weeksthat I have not posted anything as I was lookingfor nice story for this New Year 2013.Once again I wish you a very happy and prosperousnew year. Hope you have you guys are done with “Keeping new year’s resolutions” andstarted your journey towards your target.I will be writing about “How to keep best newyear’s Resolution’s” next weekend.Coming to this post I think you are aware of Logic and perception in fact more about logicand always inclined to use logic than the other. In general we don’t give importance to (infact we don’t even know what perception is) as our mind is trained to use logic as a mainweapon so we do. There is nothing wrong of you in it. Logic works perfectly well but notenough.In my view both are very much important and today I am going to post a story aboutperception over logic. We always have a bad habit of thinking logically without considerperception. Of course logic is very important but perception plays vital role in understandinga situation or event. It also helps in making different solutions in different aspects withsame input.
  2. 2. If you see the dictionary meaning of perceptionPerception: Noun 1) The ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses 2) The state of being or process of becoming aware of something in such a wayIf you see the dictionary meaning of LogicLogic: Noun 1) Reasoning conducted or assessed according to strict principles of validityOn the whole “Perception is the organization, identification and interpretation of sensoryinformation in order to represent and understand the environment”So now to tell the importance of Perception over logic here is a story from EDWARD DEBONOin his book “Think Before it’s too late”In Australia, a five-year-old boy called Johnny was offered a choice by his friends between aone-dollar coin and a two-dollar coin. The one-dollar coin was much bigger than two-dollarcoin. Johnny took the bigger coin. His friends laughed and giggled at Johnny’s stupidity.This continued, whenever they wanted to make a fool of Johnny, they would offer him thesame choice. He never learned. He always chose the larger coin.One day an adult saw this and felt sorry for Johnny. He called Johnny over and told that thesmaller coin, even though smaller, was actually worth twice as the bigger coin.Johnny smiled and thanked him politely and then said: I know very that much. But how manymore times would they have offered me the coins if I had chosen the two dollars the firsttime?This is “matter of perception”! How you take the situation (in time) and resolve it efficiently.If you apply logic over here it is perfectly well ( as you get two dollars at once). But it is notenough.Have a nice day all! See you next week!Bye!