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Model builder in arcgis
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Model builder in arcgis


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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Model Builder in ArcGIS By Ashok Peddi
  • 2. What is ModelBuilder? What is a Model Builder?is an application in which you can create, edit, andmodify models! “Model” is an ideal representation() (Ex. Role model) “Builder” building an ideal representation Why we need Model Builder? reduce the ambiguity and redundancy to increase one’s efficiency; Optimization Visual Programming!
  • 3. Why Model Builder• Developing a model for a GIS analysis allows for repeat testing of a hypothesis using different data.• The model can be coded into a GIS application, so that the steps are performed automatically.• Easier reproduction of results.• Simplification of workflow.• Informs the computer how to conduct a series of steps that would be impractical for you to do manually.(TT process)
  • 4. How ModelBuilder Works • Drag layers you want to participate into the model • Drag tools you want to use into the model • Output layers, tables, objects shown in green • Connect the features using arrows • Order matters to certain tools (Clip)
  • 5. Human inefficiency• Physically cannot perform the steps as fast as Model Builder can produce the results.• Certain steps, such as iteration through a feature set would be prohibitively time consuming. (perform the same steps)• Minimize the amount of time spent
  • 6. Efficient WorkflowThere are many repetitive steps you will take in your daily workflow.Streamlining the process saves you time.
  • 7. Types of Model buildersExecuting tools Model Builder often used method Simple & easyCreating tools with Model Builder Use of Elements, connectors and
  • 8. Additional Functionality• The Model can be expanded further, with more data and tools(Edit option).• The Model can be exported into a scripting language, allowing for greater modeling capabilities.• Python is the default (and recommended) scripting language for ModelBuilder
  • 9. Creating a New Toolbox• Creating your own Toolbox is not just for organizational purposes. It allows you to share your models with others.• If you will be sharing your model and using relative addresses, you need to plan the folder location of your New Toolbox carefully. – Default location for a New Toolbox created inside Create a new Toolbox by right clicking in ArcCatalog and selecting New Toolbox.
  • 10. References• /help/index.html#//002w00000001000000