Five ways to lead a happy life


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Attraction is a strange thing which helps you in make things impossible to possible. A person can be perfectly handsome or beautiful, but if they are not attractive, their beauty can go unnoticed. Being attractive doesn't mean that we should be pretty

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Five ways to lead a happy life

  1. 1. Five ways to lead a happy lifeIt is been long time (more than a month) that I have not shared anything. I was busy with mypersonal activities. Today, I am sharing this post, which is based on many people’s experiences(like my friends, mentors and colleagues) and some of these are experiences from books. It willhelp you to make the necessary steps to lead better life. They’ve already helped many people,and now it’s your turn.1) Ready to Change:Life is an opportunity to prove you. This is one time and unique opportunity. It is there foreverybody. Everybody is equal in front of life. Sometimes you feel life is hard to get on whenyou face difficulty in any problem. We all experience different problems in life and differenthappy situations as well. All problems have a solution and we live life as try to resolve everyproblem and make those problems into happy situations by giving a great solution. Life is likeyou are swimming in a boat. If you don’t do anything the currents takes you somewhere andnowhere. But if you try to raw against the current you will definitely reach the target point. It isobviously difficult but you have to do it to reach your goal. Life is like this. Start doingsomething right now. Try to change yourself and improve the way of life you live.2) Analyze yourself:This is very important step to do the above step as before you are going to do something youneed to analyze what has happened and why it has happened. You have to analyze your actions,advantages, disadvantages, successes and failures. You have to analyze not only mistakes andfailures (generally people have a bad habit of analyzing only the failures so don’t go in that
  2. 2. way) but also the success and positive thinking. Sit once in a while and take a paper and pen,write down all important things whether it is a success or failure. Put them in two columns.In final you will get an idea of skills you have already acquired and you want to acquire. Thenplan it accordingly that by using the present skills how to acquire the new and innovative skills.Now you will get an idea of what to change, how and when. Read books, watch movies, discussabout ideas and personalities but not about persons. Try a piece of work to get more ideas,implement them to analyze. Even If it goes wrong, you have come to know that it does notwork!3) Try to be more charismatic:Attraction is a strange thing which helps you in make things impossible to possible. A personcan be perfectly handsome or beautiful, but if they are not attractive, their beauty can gounnoticed.Being attractive doesnt mean that we should be pretty. It is something like showingyour inner beauty. Here you have a question of how to show your inner beauty? Use Newton’sthird law of motion in your real life. It helps you in many ways. If others look good/didsomething great or extraordinary never feel jealous, dare to complement. Shoot them with anappropriate bullet. It is obvious that vice versa will happen.Here are some ways to show your inner beauty i) Be yourself:
  3. 3. People try to hide their true character pretending to be someone else.Everybody is an actor inreal life. Mostly in front of others or if others around you. Others may be friends orcolleagues,mentors and mangers etc. You have no reason to hide your problems or short comings. Don’tfeel shy. Love yourself; you will definitely love by others. Never share your sorrows to anybodyunless he is a good friend of you. ii) Be straightforward:Speak to the point and don’t nag at others. Never nag in meeting! Don’t talk for the sake oftalking. Speak attractively and straight. It will give power to your words. Don’t speak if there isnothing. Don’t assume anything unless if you are asked to do. It is more of wasting your timethan the others! iii) Give a Smile:Smile is the easiest way of being attractive. Smile can attract anybody. The most successfulpersons are constantly smiled. So smile a lot. iv) LOL:Laugh out loud. It is a real and happy exercise to your body. You know, any person becomeattractive when laughing. Try to laugh often but not very often. Read lot of humor books andshare the stories from the book and give an opportunity to others to laugh. Everyone likes aperson with a sense of humor. Research says that Laughter is the best medicine! You won’t feelstress v) Open to other people:Be open and honest. Honesty is the best impression. Don’t try to lie to anybody at any cost.Don’t be rigid and nobody likes closed.
  4. 4. vi) Listen to others: Listening is a good skill and it will make you more attractive. People love who love to listen to them. So,listen to others truly. You need to look at the speaker while others person is speaking. It makes more comfortable talk both the speaker and you as well. Don’t ask questions in between. Never ask a negative question. Always praise the talk before asking a question. You can also take the attention of other people by listening. vii) Give the same importance (personally): Everybody is equal in the organization. Nobody is big or small. Everybody has their own creativity feels different from others. Leadership is how you are behaving with low level employees in your team/out of your team. Everybody is equal and contributing to the organization at their best. No bias with colleagues. viii) Be wise: Being intelligent is not enough, you have to be wise. Do you know the difference between being intelligent and wise? In precise intelligent guys create an opportunity (based on situations) and wise guys takes every situation as an opportunity.4) Manage your time:Once you decide to change your life, better to learn how to manage your time. Timemanagement is a capability to find out the difference between the primary tasks and secondarytasks. Primary task is the one which you need to do it first of all and the secondary can wait abit. Learn how to optimize your works such a way that they can be finished in lesser time. To doall these you should first get rid of laziness and try to do things on you own. Depending onothers for your make outs will obviously lose your time. There are some ways to manage yourtime.
  5. 5. i) Make a list of tasks every day morning/before going to bed. Plan your day (tomorrow) beforegoing to bed. List out the tasks based on priority. People have a bad habit of starting long workfirst even though it got less importance.ii) Concentrate on only one taskiii) Try not to postpone things. It is better to close/skip a task instead of postponing. If you skipat least you save time by not thinking about that task.iv) Keep a deadline. Sometimes keeping a deadline makes you anxious. Keep a deadline if youfeel you are consistent.v) Make a Note on your dairy. Use Google’s calendar if you cannot write a (hard) dairy. It is easyto use and it will always fire (shoot) you with a mail to your inbox. It has colorful user interfaceto differentiate your tasks based on priority. Keep a red color for postponed/skipped tasks.Monitor these tasks every weekend or month and make list of completed versus incomplete.This will obviously give your efficiency to improve.5) Give up bad habits:Habit is an action that we do without thinking as it is already have back up in your mind. If youdo an action repeatedly will become a habit. At first you do it something consciously andcontrolling all your deeds. But later it is easier for you to do it.There are different types ofhabits. Some of them are simple and don’t influence us much. Some of them are very difficult togive up and ruin your health. You want to get rid of them but you cannot because bad habitsare influence a lot that you cannot control yourself.Try to give up those bad habits which willruin your health.So what to do?i) Find out what are your bad habits if you have any.ii) Take a decision on giving up a bad habit (one at time) and inform to all your friends andrelatives.Tell them that you are going to quit a bad habit (Telling it to others is more of thinkingto control)
  6. 6. iii) Go for alternate habit which is good for you.iv) If you could not find an alternative, ask your friends, colleagues and mentors.I wish you all the best guys!!Sources:People sources: All my colleagues, friends and mentorsWeb Source: AcademiaBook source: 4 Hours work week by Timothy Ferris and Attitude by John MaxwellFor suggestions please e-mail me at