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The Network At Work


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Ashoka’s network exists to grow the impact of social entrepreneurs and get us closer to an Everyone a Changemaker world. Ashoka Fellows highlight the following as the most significant benefits they get from the network.

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The Network At Work

  2. 2. ASHOKA’S NETWORK EXISTS TO GROW THE IMPACT OF SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS AND GET US CLOSERTO AN EVERYONE A CHANGEMAKERTM WORLD. ASHOKA FELLOWS HIGHLIGHT THE FOLLOWING AS THEMOST SIGNIFICANT BENEFITS THEY GET FROM THE NETWORK: IDENTITY EXPANDED PEER-TO-PEER VISIBILITY NETWORK STIPEND COLLABORATIVE VISION COMMUNITY EFFECT ENTREPRENEURSHIP Fellows see themselves Fellows now fully grasp Fellows belong to a Fellows gain visibility Ashoka curates Ashoka provides some Ashoka identifies trends as leading social the transformative trusted community through Ashoka’s introductions across Fellows with a modest based on a critical mass entrepreneurs. potential of their idea that shares resources brand and partnerships fields to thought leaders, stipend during the first of Fellows’ work and and seek to change and gives them with news outlets and funders, business three years of their engages entrepreneurs Ashoka is a homecoming norms in their field, unconditional high profile national entrepreneurs, pro-bono fellowship, based on in shaping the next at a national or acceptance. convenings. partners and others to need, to ensure they can paradigm for their fields. for social entrepreneurs continental level. help Fellows scale their focus full-time on their who have been The engaged global impact. work. The only thing more homeless. There is no Certainly as a positive While I had been thinking community of social outcome of Ashoka’s powerful than an innovative better community that broadly about exploring entrepreneurs that Ashoka Ashoka has been an When Ashoka elected me a idea in the hands of an understands and celebrates support, I was fortunate to scale prior to becoming has fostered helps each one unparalleled connector. Fellow in November 2006, entrepreneur aiming to their commitment to do an interview with Poppy an Ashoka Fellow, it was of them to have more impact For example, Ashokas I had been working part- change the world, is a cause, or the loneliness of Harlow of CNNMoney about through the induction than would have been Twin Cities team was time to implement my group of innovators coming leadership. our MicroConsignment process that I came to really possible individually. instrumental in helping me vision for five years. Ashoka together and collaborating. Mary Gordon, Canada, Model. understand, and be able to Pierre Omidyar, scale my work in Minnesota gave me a stipend that Bill Drayton, CEO, Ashoka elected in 2002 Greg Van Kirk, Guatemala/ articulate, a vision for my eBay founder by introducing me to allowed me to reduce the USA, elected in 2008 organization - the vision partners such as Twin Cities burden of my own student that one day every child in Healthy Start and a number loans, cover my basic America would get to play of other local changemaking expenses, and fully dedicate every day. I think the very organizations. myself to scaling Lumni. simplicity of the statement Kathryn Hall-Trujillo, USA, Felipe Vergara, belies an extraordinarily elected in 2007. Colombia/USA, elected in complex understanding of 2006 the world of changemaking that Ashoka uniquely brings to bear in its dealings with Fellows all around the world. Jill Vialet, USA, elected in 2004
  3. 3. RAFAEL ALVAREZ - GENESYS WORKS graduates go on to organizations honored the launch of the White Houston. Innovation in the Forbes list, GW growth in number of achieves first million- to get GW per year Minneapolis/St-Paul Chicago students served dollar gift from a started and go back to corporation and starts corporate - integrates into New discussion of multi- career in 5 years partners in Houston al attention students per year Profit, Inc. portfolio students since 2002 million dollar grants with national funders YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR 2002 2006 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012IMPACTASHOKA TRAJECTORY Identity Jim McCorkell plays organization is robust; McKechnie Clark, also Ashoka’s Change Nation instrumental role in a member of the New nominated by Ashoka in Ireland; connects with expansion, facilitates return to corporate job Profit portfolio, provides Visibility several partners to continue leading GW introductions to key Expanded vision clear growth guidance Network effect past his original "5-year stakeholders plan" Stipend Peer-to-peer Peer-to-peer community continues to fund community organization directly and a full-page article in the becomes involved on GW Changemakers board Visibility Competition sponsored Network effect global relationship with Network effect to New Profit through AccentureRafael Alvarez is reimagining vocational education for our post- Ashoka Network effectindustrial society. He recognizes that for disadvantaged high school Network effectstudents having a successful first professional job in the corporate GW to law firm whichworld can change the trajectory of their life. Through Genesys Works redesigns their legal structure for nationalhe provides students intensive training and meaningful internships in expansiontechnical positions at leading corporations. Network effect
  4. 4. JILL VIALET - PLAYWORKS part of First Ladys Lets Move initiative expansion Times the first-ever San Francisco and further expansion national conference Clinton Global Initiative national partnerships expands to San on play, in San with Mattel and New Francisco Americorps contract Washinton DC Francisco YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR 1999- 2004 2005 2007-08 2009 2010 2011 2012IMPACT 2003ASHOKA TRAJECTORY Fellow - Aim shifts to Ashoka Changemakers Sports for Play global acts as an entry point partner of Start Change Nation in ensuring every child in Network effect Sports for a Better World initiative where she for Jills growth in the Ireland where she America plays every day competition meets Fellows from India US: Fellows from Detroit expertise in play to begins to explore Expanded vision Visibility + to Uganda to Mexico and to Houston help her contribute to Ashokas the implications Network effect feels part of a global with introductions to global effort to help and feasibility community of kindred local foundations, by children master empathy of international spirits that enrich her finding local staff, and Collaborative expansion work and her life by joining the Playworks Entrepreneurship Network effect + Identity + board Expanded vision Peer-to-peer Peer-to-peer community community nominated by Ashoka Ashoka to Mattel, Visibility which becomes an early supporter ofJill Vialet wants to ensure every child in America gets to play every day. Drayton at the SkollShe founded Playworks to remake play in schools across the country World Forum Network Effect Visibilityby providing them with a full-time "coach" who organizes games andother structured activities during recess and after school programs.Playworks increases physical activity, reduces bullying, and improvesthe school and learning environment.