Hvc internship program presentation 2010


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Hvc internship program presentation 2010

  2. 2. what ?
  3. 3. A program launched in 2007:  MBA & graduate students with strong business experience Interest in working with Ashoka Fellows or Ashoka Staff to advance HVC around the world Business plans, financing, research, marketing, and fundraising strategies to scale social business innovations
  4. 4. How do I get started ?
  5. 5. Commitment Full-time for a minimum of 10 weeks from June - August Requirements• Graduate and Business School students who have completed at least one year of studies • Proficiency in the language of the host country • Applicants encouraged to apply before end of February Current Opportunities Work with an Ashoka Fellow or with Ashoka FEC staff in scaling HVCs. Locations available in Colombia, Brazil, Mexico and India
  6. 6. who ?
  7. 7. Interns from the following business/graduate schools: Stanford, Yale, Harvard University, Wharton, University of Chicago Booth, Dartmouth, University of California at Berkeley Haas and several others
  8. 8. In previous years, HVC interns have:Location Overview Scope StudentColombia • In 2006, Colombian Fellow • Designed replication Wharton Haidy Duque entered in a strategy to expand partnership with leading tile distribution of low cost manufacturing company high quality tiles to new Colceramica to develop low- cities price, high quality tiles for • Searched for innovations to low-income markets. improve the communities Together, they created a new quality of life model for sales and • Designed strategy for promotion that brought a search and selection of multi-million dollar business new CSOs acting as sales and generated over 256 new agents jobs for women who provided better quality of life for consumers living in low- income communities. [ Placement: Worked with Ashoka Fellow ]
  9. 9. In previous years, HVC interns have:Location Overview Scope StudentIndia • Muthu Velayutham a • Review business plans from Cornell serial entrepreneur, BP on distribution channel entered a partnership and biomass plants to RE- with British Petroleum to NEGOTIATE the agreement distribute biomass stoves terms. This required strong to rural populations in financial/business planning Tamul Nadu, and to and negotiation skills develop a new market. [ Placement: Worked with Ashoka Fellow ]
  10. 10. In previous years, HVC interns have:Location Overview Scope StudentBrazil • In 2007 Ashoka launched • Expand our Housing pilot Darmouth a one-stop shop housing work in Brazil by catalyzing /Tuck service center in Brazil. a partnership between a As part of its new housing microfinance bank & a local model re-design in 2009 CSO the team required support • Wrote a case study of “how- for engaging new tos” for implementing this financial institutions and type of partnership other relevant partners for the scaling up stage. [ Placement: Worked with Ashoka Staff ]
  11. 11. Why is Ashoka Doing this ?
  12. 12. Brokering services Adding value to our Fellows and future world business leadersAdvancing Hybrid Value Chains (HVC) Increasing students knowledge and application of hands-on HVCsAshoka Recruiting Supports our global recruiting efforts for FT positions
  13. 13. What they say ?
  14. 14. “The summer program definitely helped me decide to be a membeAshoka. Creating change side-by-side with another socialentrepreneur propels your change-making spirit in a matter of dayLinda Peia, 2007 intern and now FEC Staff member in Brazil
  15. 15. Appendix
  16. 16. “I had an amazing summer in India. Seriously, it was thebest time at work Ive had ever. Thank you for yourpatience and for your help in setting this up”. John S. Kim, Harvard Business School 2008
  17. 17. Sample of 2009 intern experiencesAaron Mihaly, Brazil•Launched a Housing pilot in Brazil by catalyzing a partnership between a microfinance bank & a local CSO•Wrote a case study of “how-tos” for implementing this type of partnershipShijie (SJ) Lu, India•Worked with local CSO (Saath) to create a proposal for an Incremental Housing Hybrid Value Chain in Ahmedabad•Developed a Cleanliness Campaign to launch partnership in 5 slums
  18. 18. Sample of 2009 intern experiences• Egypt: Analyzed the low income housing market in Eygpt in preparation for Ashokas launch of a Hybrid Value Chain pilot project.