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  • Presenter: Principal Share name and position at the school. Welcome families to school. Main message: Our school is a safe and fun place to learn. We will take care of your child. We are glad your family is joining our school.
  • Presenter: Principal Introduce staff. Children leave with kindergarten staff Kindergarten staff member stays to present information to parents
  • Presenter: PTA president Share name and position at the school. Keep message short: Welcome to our school, get involved. *This is especially beneficial because the PTA president is another parent, rather than a school staff member, which lends credibility and shows a climate of parent involvement.
  • Presenter: Nurse or another administrative staff member (secretary, AP) Share name and position at the school Offer copies of health assessment and form to allow medication on campus Nurse’s phone number may be shared
  • Presenter: Assistant Principal Share name and position at the school Remember how nervous people are about this and emphasize safety. Give a brief explanation of: 30 minute window for drop off Process for carpool How children move from buses to rooms Offer: Hours and prices for before/after care at school Names of places who pick up in the afternoon (YMCA etc.)
  • Presenter: Cafeteria Manager Share name and position at the school Explain payment system (lunch options handout) Cost of breakfast, lunch, milk
  • Presenter: Kindergarten staff member Share name and position at the school *Parents are overwhelmed with information – consider holding individual classroom supply lists / wish lists until staggered entry.
  • Presenter: Counselor Share name and position at the school (note that bullets will appear one per mouse click) Remember, first and foremost, staggered entry is a transition activity aimed at easing a child into the new kindergarten setting. Do not call it “Assessment Day” - the focus of this slide should be transition and NOT assessment.
  • Presenter: Kindergarten staff member Tell parents how/when they will be notified of their staggered entry day, as they may need to plan for childcare for the remainder of the week. Give a description of what the staggered entry day will look like. This will help parents prepare themselves and their children for what they will encounter, easing the transition for all involved. Will children be with one teacher or several? Will they change rooms? Will parents walk the children to classrooms or a central drop off?) Consider letting families sign up for a staggered entry day at the end of this meeting.
  • Presenter: Counselor / Kindergarten staff member
  • Presenter: Counselor / Kindergarten staff member Mention any transition activities for parents that you offer (ex. Tea and Tissues, Coffee and Kleenex) or availability of school counselor to talk through any issues parents may have
  • Presenter: Kindergarten staff member Address lunch time, nap time, and explain what specials are available
  • Presenter: any staff member Share name and position at the school Add information on any events families can attend in the spring or summer
  • Presenter: Principal or Assistant Principal
  • Elementary toolkit

    1. 1. Welcome toRolesville Elementary School 307 S. Main Street (919) 554-8686 8:45-3:45 www.rolesvillees.wcpss.net
    2. 2. Our StaffPrincipal: Craig Matthew Matthews(Interim)Assistant Principal: Dana PrimianoKindergarten Staff:LouAnn BradsherJulie CowlesJennifer NimelliMegan PalumboAshley Webster
    3. 3. Help your child. Get involved. Get connected.Join the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA)!
    4. 4. Before School Starts...•Health Assessment (withup to date immunizations)•Medication•Allergies, chronic healthconditions or other specialneeds
    5. 5. Ways to travel...•Carpool•Buses•Walkers•Before and afterschool care options
    6. 6. Time to Eat...•What is a lunch number?•Options: •Breakfast •Lunch •Milk only•Free and Reduced Lunch
    7. 7. What your child needs for school...•Bookbag•Snack•Lunch or lunch money•Change of clothes•Rest mat or towel
    8. 8. Staggered entry...What is it? Why do it?•Staggered entry is a transition activity aimed at helping toease your child’s (and your!) transition into kindergarten•Each kindergarten child will come for one full day during thefirst week of school•Smaller group sizes allow the staff to offer individualattention and support as children try new things•An informal assessment is integrated into the day throughplay activities•This assessment, along with observations over the first fewweeks of school will allow the staff to plan your child’sinstruction.
    9. 9. Staggered entry... How does it work?•How will you know yourstaggered entry day?•What will the day belike?•Helpful Hint: Attach an indexcard to your child’s bookbagwith lunch and transportationinformation for staggeredentry day
    10. 10. On the way to the first day... •How will you know who your child’s teacher is? •When is meet the teacher? •What is the “official” first day of school?
    11. 11. On the way to the first day...•Focus on the positive – your attitude determinesyour child’s attitude!•Communicate: turn in important papers, pin notesto the teacher on the outside of your child’sbookbag (lunch, transportation information)•Get plenty of rest, and expect tired children in theafternoon•Give your child a chance to relax before askingquestions about their day
    12. 12. A Typical Day...•Our schedule•Specials•Other items to considerNote: The first few weeks ofschool are designed to helpchildren feel comfortable withbeing at school / schoolprocedures
    13. 13. Upcoming Events...Welcome to our school community! We invite you to...•Attend the school carnivalor other events•Visit the playground overthe summer•Visit the library over thesummer
    14. 14. Whom to call...•Registration Questions•Kindergarten Program Questions•Transportation QuestionsFor other questions, please call our main office(phone number) and the secretary will direct you tothe appropriate person.
    15. 15. Thank you for comingand welcome to our school!