6th International Congress Automotive Doors 2012


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6th International Congress Automotive Doors 2012

  1. 1. the only event that covers both lightweight door solutions and customer comfort 6th International Congress Automotive Doors 2012 © Jenson - FOTOLIA Lightweight Design and Interior Concepts for OEMs & Partners visit our download center for free white papers, articles and much more! 19 – 21 March 2011 | Hilton Hotel Mainz, Germany www.doors-congress.com/MM Key topics discussed: Chairman: • Promising lightweight door materials and their potential for serial Prof. Ralf Kolleck, production Institute Tools & Forming, Technical University Graz • Innovative door concepts and ways to integrate new components • Natural fiber composites and other new materials for Don’t miss presentations from door interiors our expert speakers of the • Improving side zone and doors for efficient noise reduction following companies: • Vehicle access systems and the best ways to integrate them • Daimler AG • Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd. • Bentley Motors Ltd. Learn from these experts amongst others: • Brose Fahrzeugteile Adrian Jenkins, Andy Watson, GmbH & Co. KG Manager Body Exterior Senior Manager Whole Hardware and Closures, Vehicle Acoustics, • Brose China Co., Ltd. Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd, UK Bentley Motors Ltd, UK • Continental Automotive France Dr. Jochen Bisinger, Peter Helmke, S.A.S. Manager Exterieur-/ Process Engineer Business Interieursystems GR&AE, Unit Plastics, • Delphi Deutschland GmbH Daimler AG, Germany Volkswagen AG, Germany • Fraunhofer-Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology • ThyssenKrupp Tailored Blanks GmbH Benefit from our interactive workshops: • Automotive Insulations Ltd. A: Future steel applications in automotive doors • Inteva Products Europe GmbH • Technical University Graz B: Challenges for the integration of new closure systems • Witte Automotive C: lightweight door materials and their future potential GmbH & Co. KG D: Innovative door interior concepts and materials 12 ok r by 20 bo ou • Volvo Truck Corporation e ar yo ith V nu if - w Researched and developed by SA • Volkswagen AG ! y u Ja s 0, 6 ird 30 B € rly to Ea upTo Register | T +49 (0)30 20 91 33 30 | F +49 (0)30 20 91 33 12 | E info@iqpc.de | www.doors-congress.com/MM
  2. 2. 6th International Congress Automotive Doors 2012 19 – 21 March 2011 | Hilton Hotel Mainz, Germany Dear colleague, Sponsorship The present challenge for the production of automotive doors can be summed up in two keywords: lightweight We have a variety of packages available to suit your requirements. design and customer comfort. Improved steel doors, CFRP, magnesium and aluminium are already in use – For all Sponsorship and Exhibition but which combination of materials will allow for a cost-efficient high volume production? At the same time, opportunities call Joel Fecht: innovative door interior concepts and new materials allow to reinvent the interior and improve customer +49 (0)30 20 91 32 75 or email comfort. joel.fecht@iqpc.de Find out about new door concepts and materials from companies such as Daimler, Aston Martin, Bentley Motors and Volkswagen, and speak to the experts who developed them! For further information Register by 6 January 2012 and save up to € 300,–! please visit our website www.doors-congress.com/MM I’m looking forward to welcoming you in Mainz! or contact us on +49 (0)30 20 91 32 74 or email eq@iqpc.de Best regards Michael Steimel Team Discounts We offer attractive Team Project Manager Discounts, please contact us! Automotive IQ Team Who will you meet? Job Function Industry Sales OEMs Production Suppliers Management Universities R+D Chemistry Doors Material Electric Electric Material Media Partners just-auto.com is the leading online resource for the global automotive industry. With daily breaking news, in-depth analysis and comment from expert analysts, just-auto helps over 90,000 executives and decision makers each month. SupplierBusiness is a business research company focused on automotive supply base issues. We provide the most comprehensive coverage of the global automotive supplier community, adding between twenty and thirty original sto- ries to our archives on developments every week. All editorial coverage is originally researched by SupplierBusiness, and most appears exclusively in SupplierBusiness weekly Insight or monthly Analysis newsletters, both of which are published both on this website and in PDF format. In addition to these subscription products, we also publish and compile reports and databases on the global automotive supply base. www.supplierbusiness.comTo Register | T +49 (0)30 20 91 33 30 | F +49 (0)30 20 91 33 12 | E info@iqpc.de | www.doors-congress.com/MM
  3. 3. 6th International Congress Automotive Doors 2012 Congress Day One | Monday, 19 March 2012 09:00 Registration & coffee 12:50 networking luncheon 09:30 Chairman’s welcome & opening address 14:20 Optimising steel doors in material and structure by use Prof. Ralf Kolleck, of tailored blanks Institute Tools & Forming, • Application of tailored blanks in steel doors Technical University Graz, Austria • Optimising material usage and structural performance with tailored blanks Automotive doors today – trends and developments • new technologies for the use of tailored blanks in door design 09:40 Doors – state of the art and future developments Jörg Maas, • Requirements / function Head of Sales and Engineering, • Design of serial car doors ThyssenKrupp Tailored Blanks GmbH, Germany • Studies of steel- / aluminum-manufacturers • Outlook 15:00 Steel doors in truck application Prof. Ralf Kolleck, • Holistic view of the volvo global truck applications Institute Tools & Forming, • Feature requirements posed on steel doors and Technical University Graz, Austria components in trucks • Future demands faced by truck OEMs Errol Michaud, Lightweight door solutions – materials and concepts in practice Global Component Leader for Door Components, Volvo Truck Corporation, Sweden 10:20 A demonstrator for magnesium-based lightweight design in automotive doors 15:40 Refreshment break & networking • Overview of joining methods • Investigation results of various joining methods • Welding of the demonstrator Renewable materials for the door interior • Comparison of welding processes cross-section Dr. Frank Riedel, 16:10 Bioplastics and natural fibre reinforced composites for Fraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and door interior applications Forming Technology IWU, Germany • Renewable materials • Current serial applications 11:00 Refreshment break & networking • Experiences with bioplastics for injection moulding • natural fibre reinforced PP for injection moulding 11:30 Lightweight GT door system at Aston Martin Peter Helmke, • Evolution of door structure at Aston Martin Material Development, • Material and process Volkswagen AG, Germany • ‘Glass to glass’ four door frameless regulator system • Door sealing and nvH improvements 16:50 Research in wood fibre composites for door modules Adrian Jenkins, • new fields of application for bio fibres in doors Manager Body Exterior Hardware and Closures, • Current research and material development Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd, UK • Renewable materials and the advantage in cost stability Norbert Sommer, 12:10 The door concept of the research vehicle F125! Vice President, • Approach and design concept Brose Fahrzeugteile GmbH & Co. KG, Germany • Components of the door system • Realization of the CFRP door concept in the F125! 17:30 Closing remarks of the chairman Dr. Jochen Bisinger, Manager Exterieur-/ Interieursystems GR&AE, 17:40 End of congress day one Daimler AG, Germany Join us for an informal evening get-togehter This is an excellent opportunity to meet the other attendees and make new business contacts. What’s in your download center? The purpose of the download center is to provide you with relevant content to enhance your knowledge of current trends and industry news. All content is 100% complimentary, easy to download, and current. Featuring live podcast interviews which you can stream on your computer or portable device, up-to-date news from local and international sources, industry whitepapers, and other relevant content – the download center is your online portal to expand your knowledge and add value to your business. We encourage your feedback and participation, for all comments or enquiries please contact us on +49 (0)30 20 91 32 74 or eq@iqpc.de. Get free white papers, articles and much more! www.doors-congress.com/MMTo Register | T +49 (0)30 20 91 33 30 | F +49 (0)30 20 91 33 12 | E info@iqpc.de | www.doors-congress.com/MM
  4. 4. 6th International Congress Automotive Doors 2012 Congress Day Two | Tuesday, 20 March 2012 09:00 Registration & coffee 12:10 Power closure and electric opening of vehicle doors • State of the art 09:30 Chairman’s welcome & opening address • Market situation Prof. Ralf Kolleck, • Outlook and future trends Institute Tools & Forming, Gavriel Shafry, Technical University Graz, Austria Engineering Manager Latches, INTEVA Products Europe GmbH, Germany Challenges for noise reduction 12:50 networking luncheon 09:40 E–Class luxury closure system for car side zone NVH performance 14:20 Weight saving potential of handle systems with and • Bentley Mulsanne class leading levels of occupant without electronic modules refinement & comfort requirements • new lED soft touch module for tailgate handles • Reduction of external noise through the side zone and • Weight saving potential of outer door handles ultimately through the door Overmolding process of electronic modules • Design, development and delivery of the parts & Physical foaming process systems to deliver the required attribute performance Plastic material instead of zamac Andy Watson, • Integration of electronic modules Senior Engineer Whole Vehicle Acoustics, Capacitive sensors modules Bentley Motors Ltd, UK near field communication modules Ralf Hoehn, Aaron Hankinson, Director Product Center Handle Systems, Functional Manager Whole Vehicle Acoustics & Witte Automotive GmbH & Co. KG, Germany Aerodynamics, Bentley Motors Ltd, UK 15:00 Afternoon coffee break & networking 10:20 Noise reduction in electric vehicle doors Future vehicle access systems • Challenges for noise reduction in Ev • new sound absorbing and sealing materials 15:30 Near field communication for vehicle access? • Weight reduction • vehicle access systems – overview • lower cost with no loss of performance • vehicle integration challenges Jim Griffin, • nFC, the future of vehicle access? Managing Director, Dr. Rainer Denkelmann, Automotive Insulations Ltd, UK Global Forward Engineering and Start Center Manager, Delphi Deutschland GmbH, Germany 11:00 Refreshment break & networking 16:10 Virtual key with NFC enabled car Integrating new functions • Mobile phone as new ECU in the car • Phone interfaces for virtual key (access and start) 11:30 Door modules – new ways to integrate functions • Inside and outside nFC reader concepts • Modules and their effect on the door production process • Trusted services • Advantages and challenges for integration through • Car sharing pilot projects modularization of door components Luc Jansseune, • new door structures and the need to adapt modules Project Leader NFC, Johannes Schulz, Continental Automotive France S.A.S., France Director Development Door Systems, Brose China Corporation Ltd, China 16:50 Closing remarks of the chairman 17:00 End of congress day two “Important networking opportunity – meeting all kinds of experts from different areas, enabling a better overview on important trends” Markus Ebner, Manager Business Development, Magna Closures GmbH "The best chance to share and understand the current challenges & future strategies for door systems" Kyoungtaek Kwak, Senior Research Engineer, Hyundai Motor CompanyTo Register | T +49 (0)30 20 91 33 30 | F +49 (0)30 20 91 33 12 | E info@iqpc.de | www.doors-congress.com/MM
  5. 5. 6th International Congress Automotive Doors 2012 Interactive Workshop Day | Wednesday, 21 March 2012 09:00 Registration & coffee 11:00 Refreshment break & networking A: 09:30 –12:30 B: 09:30 – 12:30 Future steel applications in automotive doors Challenges for the integration of new closure systems Closure systems are extremely important for customer safety and Improved steel parts remain essential to door structures, especially comfort, with trends leading towards e-latches and keyless go. for their safety performance. The first part of the workshop will More and different electric components need to be integrated into present innovative steel applications for automotive doors and automotive doors. The workshop will present trends in closure give room for questions. The second part will discuss the use of systems and discuss innovative solutions for integration. tailored blanks with steel and with new materials, and their potential for weight reduction and cost-efficiency. • The trend to keyless closure and power cinching systems and the market today • Steel parts for safety reinforcement • Additional components and the challenge they • Future materials for automotive doors – trends pose for integration and developments • Current solutions and their future potential • Improving the production process for cost-efficient lightweight structures Gavriel Shafry, Engineering Manager Latches, Erik Hilfrich, Inteva Products Europe GmbH, Germany Head of Application Concepts, ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe, Germany Jörg Maas, Head of Sales and Engineering, ThyssenKrupp Tailored Blanks GmbH, Germany 12:30 networking luncheon C: 13:30 – 16:30 D: 13:30 – 16:30 Lightweight door materials and their future Innovative door interior concepts and materials potential The ongoing challenge for lightweight door constructions has new materials and interior concepts for automotive doors are produced a variety of material solutions. Future door production essential for customer retention. The workshop will focus on will include magnesium, aluminium and CFRP. The workshop customer demand concerning interior design and its impact on presents an overview of new materials, followed by a discussion the door production. Which ways exist to improve customer com- of their potential for high volume production. fort and which new materials are most promising? • Lightweight doors today – current solutions and future • Improvements for customer comfort developments • Materials for door interiors • Improving the production process – ways to • Trends and developments in interior design and material cost-efficient lightweight doors • Which of today’s solutions are most promising for the Speaker to be announced future? For more information please visit our website: Dr. Frank Riedel, www.doors-congress.com/MM Fraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology IWU, Germany 15:00 Refreshment break & networking 16:30 End of workshop dayTo Register | T +49 (0)30 20 91 33 30 | F +49 (0)30 20 91 33 12 | E info@iqpc.de | www.doors-congress.com/MM
  6. 6. 4 Ways to Register 6th International Congress Automotive Doors 2012 Fax: +49 (0)30 20 91 32 10 Post: IQPC Gesellschaft für Management Konferenzen mbH 19 – 21 March 2011 | Hilton Hotel Mainz, Germany Friedrichstraße 94 10117 Berlin, Germany Online: www.doors-congress.com/MM If undeliverable, please return to: IQPC GmbH | Friedrichstraße 94 | D-10117 Berlin, Germany Email: info@iqpc.de For further information Phone: +49 (0)30 20 91 33 30 BOOKInGCODE PDFW Venue and Accommodation Hilton Mainz Hotel Rheinstraße 68 55116 Mainz, Germany Tel.: +49 (0)6131 245 0 Fax: +49 (0)6131 245 3299 E-Mail: info.mainz@hilton.com yOUR DETAILS: PlEASE COnTACT OUR DATABASE MAnAGER (vERTEIlER@IQPC.DE) AnD InFORM THEM OF Any InCORRECT www.hilton.de/mainz DETAIlS WHICH WIll BE AMEnDED ACCORDInGly Congress Packages Early Bird Standard Price Accommodation: A limited number of reduced rate rooms (Book and pay by 6 January 2012) are available at the Congress hotel. Accommodation can Platinum Package 2 day congress plus 2 workshops Save € 300,- € 2.699,- +vAT € 2.999,- + vAT be booked by calling the central reservation number. Gold Package Please always quote the booking reference IQPC-Berlin. 2 day congress plus 1 workshop Save € 270,- € 2.429,- +vAT € 2.699,- + vAT Hotel accommodation and travel costs are not included Bronze Package 2 day congress € 2.299,- + vAT in the registration fee. Workshop Day € 1.499,- + vAT Please indicate your choice of workshop on 21 March 2012 Workshop A I Workshop B I Workshop C I Workshop D A: Future steel applications in automotive doors Sponsorship B: Challenges for the integration of new closure systems C: Lightweight door materials and their future potential We have a variety of packages available to suit your D: Innovative door interior concepts and materials requirements. For all sponsorship and exhibition opportunities call Joel Fecht +49 (0)30 20 91 32 75 Only one discount applicable per person. or email joel.fecht@iqpc.de. CANT MAKE IT TO THE CONGRESS? PURCHASE THE 2-DAy CONGRESS DOCUMENTATION FOR € 595,- +vAT. Delegate Details Please fill out in Capitals! DELEGATE Mr Mrs Ms Dr Family name First name Payment Terms Position Email Telephone Fax Payment is due on receipt of the invoice. Organisation Address Cancellations and Substitutions CANCELLATIONS AND SUBSTITUTIONS DElEGATES MAy BE SUBSTITUTED AT Any TIME. IQPC GESEllSCHAFT FüR Postcode/Town MAnAGEMEnT KOnFEREnzEn MBH DOES nOT PROvIDE REFUnDS FOR CAnCEllATIOnS. HOWEvER, SAvE WHERE WRITTEn nOTICE OF CAnCEllATIOn Approving Manager: IS RECEIvED MORE THAn SEvEn (7) DAyS PRIOR TO THE COnGRESS, A CREDIT TO THE vAlUE PAID AT THAT DATE WIll BE ISSUED, WHICH MAy BE USED Signature AGAInST AnOTHER IQPC GMBH COnGRESS FOR UP TO OnE yEAR FROM ITS DATE OF ISSUE. FOR CAnCEllATIOnS RECEIvED SEvEn (7) DAyS OR lESS I agree to IQPC Gesellschaft für Management Konferenzen mbH payment terms. PRIOR TO An EvEnT (InClUDInG DAy SEvEn), nO CREDIT WIll BE ISSUED. In THE EvEnT THAT IQPC GMBH CAnCElS An EvEnT, PAyMEnTS RECEIvED AT yes, I would like to receive information about products and services via email. THE CAnCEllATIOn DATE WIll BE CREDITED TOWARDS ATTEnDAnCE AT A FUTURE IQPC GMBH COnGRESS OR, In THE EvEnT OF A POSTPOnEMEnT By Payment Methods IQPC GMBH, A RESCHEDUlED DATE. IF THE DElEGATE IS UnABlE TO ATTEnD THE RESCHEDUlED EvEnT, THE DElEGATE WIll RECEIvE A CREDIT In lIEU PAy By BANK TRANSFER qUOTING REFERENCE DE12292.004: OF PAyMEnTS MADE TOWARDS A FUTURE IQPC GMBH EvEnT, vAlID FOR IQPC Gesellschaft für Management Konferenzen mbH, OnE yEAR FROM THE DATE OF ISSUE. IQPC GMBH IS nOT RESPOnSIBlE FOR Any lOSS OR DAMAGE AS A RESUlT OF A SUBSTITUTIOn, AlTERA- HSBC Trinkaus & Burkhardt AG, Blz 300 308 80, Konto-nr. 430076019 TIOn, POSTPOnEMEnT OR CAnCEllATIOn OF An EvEnT DUE TO CAUSES IBAn: DE32 30030880 0430076019, SWIFT-BIC: TUBDDEDD BEyOnD ITS COnTROl InClUDInG, WITHOUT lIMITATIOn, nATURAl DISAS- TERS, SABOTAGE, ACCIDEnT, TRADE OR InDUSTRIAl DISPUTES OR HOSTIlITIES. By CREDIT CARD: Please debit my credit card yOUR DETAILS PlEASE COnTACT OUR CUSTOMER SERvICE MAnAGER (TEl: +49 (0)30 20913330 OR vERTEIlER@IQPC.DE) AnD InFORM THEM OF Any InCORRECT DETAIlS Card No WHICH WIll BE AMEnDED ACCORDInGly OR IF yOU PREFER nOT TO GET / InFORMATIOn PER FAx EMAIl OR PHOnE AnyMORE.Congress code DE12292.004 SPEAKER CHANGES Expiry date Security code OCCASIOnAlly IT IS nECESSARy FOR REASOnS BEyOnD OUR COnTROl TO AlTER THE COnTEnTS AnD TIMInG OF THE PROGRAMME OR THE IDEnTITy OF Cardholder’s name THE SPEAKERS. DATA PROTECTION Signature PERSOnAl DATA IS GATHERED In ACCORDAnCE WITH THE DATA PROTECTIOn ACT 1998. yOUR DETAIlS MAy BE PASSED TO OTHER COMPAnIES WHO WISH TO COMMUnICATE WITH yOU OFFERS RElATED TO yOUR BUSInESS ACTIvITIES. IF yOU DO nOT WISH TO RECEIvE THESE OFFERS, PlEASE TICK THE BOx BElOW. Card billing address (if different from Company address) PlEASE DO nOT PASS My InFORMATIOn TO Any THIRD PARTy. By CHEqUE: Made payable to IQPC Gesellschaft für Management Konferenzen mbH © IQPC GESEllSCHAFT FüR MAnAGEMEnT KOnFEREnzEn MBH