Social Media Marketing for the VIP Team


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Short overview of social media networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube and how business owners can use these networks for effective marketing.

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  • Customers expect to find you there and you need to be there to be found. Sm is where people are turning to, TV ads decreasing and SM spending is UP!If you are going to put your brand online, you have to know who to share it with and who your audience is.Customer relations and service:
  • Increase in job seekers creating social resumes and increase in employers who use SM to recruit.
  • Find a voice for your brand and be that personality.Even without ads, you can plan to spend dedicated time and resources.Be consistent! How do your personal relationships function? SM is to refer people BACK to your site. Use that as a “base” for content and keep bringing them there. Makes Google happy too!
  • Why do we post?Network with others.Keep the conversation two-way.Give fans tools to become advocates.
  • Defining what your audience wants takes planning, time and trial-and-error. I recommend having a basic plan so you can follow-up with what worked/didn’t. Don’t be afraid to go for it!- Great for content, networking, shows client you are connected.Content from all over about whatever topics you search for. It’s like an automatic, constant Google searchExcellent way to get traffic back to your site and increase SEOOthers: collect, curate, report on a conference you attended, share opinion, just start writing!
  • Topical: already relevant news worth sharing that fits your market. Nice cuz it’s like double exposure. Curate: bring together resources your fans will find interesting. 1) you are generating and creating your content by borrowing from othersShareable: you want to give fans something they WANT to share. Oreo did this amazingly well in their “Daily Twist” campaign by incorporating topical content into images of their product (The Mars Rover Landing is shown below).
  • Visual: pictures really are worth 1,000 words in SM. Poll picture/design options. Ask them to caption a picture. Caption a picture 5.5XExpressive/personal: show your humanity and personality. Welcome new fans. Wish happy holidays. Things they experience, you experience with them.Target-specific: Look at Insights to see who your fans are and post to themFill in the blank gets 4X more comments than average. Also let’s you hear what people are saying. Get their feedback.
  • Offer: they share with friends, get more fans. When polled, FB users said offers was a top reason they follow a brand. Visual: show your products and in actionTarget-specific: Look at Insights to see who your fans are and post to them
  • LinkedIn is the social media B2B platform. YOU as a professional should be here and your business.
  • Not generic website titlesLink to your profilePost updated with #Nice picture
  • Keywords also importantYour online business cardWebsites listed in summary for more coverage
  • Demonstrate expertise by joining the convo.Great way to find other pros to connect with.Check if the group has “your kind of people”Subgroup: Medical devices, but focus on ventilators. Suggest the subgroup to the manager of the group
  • Even if not a member, you can see stats before joining.DEMOGRAPHICS: Seniority, function, location, industry,
  • Follower and page analytics similar to Group StatsAs an indie you can follow businesses you are interested in.
  • B2B or personal networking
  • Start date is important for timed posts within FB.More in page settings: About, description, basic info, contact info, category, address, map, mission, awards, etc….
  • Give your brand a faceNetwork with other pages you want your brand to be associated with
  • Other targeting options:Relationships statusEducationInterested inAge
  • Pinterest is an online pin board that allows you to share photos and post them to your own pin board.How has Pinterest?
  •’s not a lot, but complete all the info in About. Appears in Google search, so use the 200 characters to explain you and use keywordsImage: logo or headshot?
  • More than just pictures. SM tool to help customer find you. mix of boards. Not just about your business.
  • More than just pictures. SM tool to help customer find you. mix of boards. Not just about your business.
  • # of followers cuz most who follow contributors will end up following this board too!Do this after you are following a lot so you have people to invite. who follow your boards contributors will then automatically follow your board. Follower doesn’t equal contributor
  • we learn: who is pinning my content? Which content is being pinned right now? What’s most popular?
  • Boticca online, worldwide jewelry traced sales, averages sales, conversions and engagement of 50,000 FB/Pin visitors.
  • Pinterest is an online pin board that allows you to share photos and post them to your own pin board.How has Pinterest?
  • are the best storytelling medium and are 53 times more likely to appear on first page search results
  • Social Media Marketing for the VIP Team

    1. 1. VIP TeamSocial Media Marketing
    2. 2. Agenda• Overview of social media• Best practices and How-to training–Content sourcing–LinkedIn–Facebook–Pinterest–YouTube• Q & A
    3. 3. Social Media MarketingSocial meets MarketingHow businesses benefitThe reality of it
    4. 4. What is social media marketing?• Social media is interactions among people inwhich they create, share and exchange infoand ideas in virtual communities andnetworks.• Marketing is the action or business ofpromoting and selling products or services.• Social media marketing is interacting withpeople by creating, sharing and exchanginginfo to promote your business.
    5. 5. Social media’s role for business• Customer relations and service• Marketing• Networking• Maintaining relationships• Creating brand advocates• Modern day word-of-mouth• Establish a reputation for your brand• Online presentation affects buyers decisions
    6. 6. Helping you hire employees
    7. 7. Let’s be realistic• Social mediamarketing is social.• It’s not free.• This is a long-terminvestment of buildingtrust with youraudience.• Websites/blogs are still necessary!• You don’t need to be on every network.
    8. 8. Best practices: ContentSourcing contentTypes of content to postGeneral guidelines
    9. 9. Content Marketing• 70% of customers prefer getting to know acompany via an article rather than an ad• Websites with blogs receive 55% more visitors• 52% of consumers say that blogs have impactedpurchase decisions• Videos are the best storytelling medium and are53 times more likely to appear on first pagesearch resultsContent in context is king!
    10. 10. Goal of postingWe want what we post (owned media) to be playedforward and reposted by our audience (earnedmedia) so that the amplification continues andripples.Ripples move people to our website.
    11. 11. Sourcing contentFind content your audience wantswithout focusing on the sale.• Follow other thought leaders and repost whatthey post“Good artists borrow, great artists steal.” –Picasso• Set-up Google Alerts• Pictures and video!• Your blog• Your experiencesFollow the70 – 20 – 10 Rule
    12. 12. 70% of content is…Industry related or generally relevant• Topical• Curate news items• Shareable• “Newsjacking”
    13. 13. 20% of content is…Engaging with fans and being social withpersonality• Call to action: like, comment, read, share, click…• Visual• Expressive/personal• Target-specific• “Fill in the blank” posts
    14. 14. 10% of content is…Promoting your brand, making the sale• Offers, discounts• Visual• Target-specific• All about you
    15. 15. Best practices: LinkedInProfessional profileCompany pageLow-cost marketing methods
    16. 16. Network Profile• Complete all theinfo usingkeywords• Connect withotherprofessionals,comment,endorse skills• Followcompetitor’spages
    17. 17. Public ProfileCustomize yourprofile link withyour name:
    18. 18. Groups
    19. 19. Group Statistics
    20. 20. Company Page
    21. 21. Low-cost tips• Keep page updated with company news• Share general updates via profile• SEO and keywords• Links in email signature• “Follow” link on website• NEW: Add media content to enhance experience• Paid ads and company page upgrades
    22. 22. Best practices: FacebookStructure of accountPost timing and targetingInsights
    23. 23. Facebook Page Structure• Website in about section• Complete all necessary info in About tab
    24. 24. Facebook Page Structure• Featured page owner• Like other pages
    25. 25. Facebook Page Structure• Getting more tabs with apps• YouTube• Pinterest• Twitter• Newsletter• Welcome• Contentgate
    26. 26. Post TimingPost Targeting
    27. 27. See the results with Insights
    28. 28. Best practices: PinterestAccount structureOptimized pinningFacebook vs. Pinterest
    29. 29. Account Structure• Account -> Business account– TOS different (think FB profile v. page)– Add price• Verify account by linking website– Must do if you want analytics
    30. 30. Creating BoardsMore info = more visibility
    31. 31. Creating Pins• Pictures, videos, slides, products, infographics• Descriptions with keywords and #• URL to original source– Your website!• Interesting content for your market40% motivational/inspirational40% educational/informational20% service/product
    32. 32. Optimizing Pinning• Start with secret boards• Have fun naming them• Search terms and branch out• Use keywords and hashtags• 20-25 boards with 8-10 pins each• Get followers and follow back, like, repin• Add Pinterest “follow” and “pin” to website• Start a group board
    33. 33. Creating Group Boards
    34. 34. Group Boards• Organize ideas and bring people together• Boost your number of followers• More followers = more repins = more site traffic• Contributors create content for you• Engage and start aconversation• Group Boards offer:– Collaboration– Planning– Promotion– Networking– Authority
    35. 35. Latest news: Analytics1. Verify website2. Activate Pinterest’snew look3. Analytics option willappearMeasures: pins, repins,impressions and clicks foryour created content
    36. 36. Facebook vs. PinterestFacebook PinterestTotal spent $85 $180Influence on sale 7% 10%New users 57% 86%Engagement NA 65% less than FBConversion rates NA 51% lower than FBPinterest earns more money.Facebook earns more attention.
    37. 37. Best practices: YouTubeCurrent statsIdeas for using YouTubeGetting a Channel
    38. 38. YouTube• 8 years old with 800million monthlyvisitors.• Second largest searchengine after Google.• Every second 46,296YouTube videos arebeing viewed aroundthe world.
    39. 39. Ideas for using YouTube• Teach someone something.• Start a conversation or comment on a recentevent.• Expose a lesser known fact.• Get some face time, recognition or a bit offame.• Create interesting videos that are direct andefficient.
    40. 40. Getting a Channel1. Sign-up for a Google account to access YT• Watch, like and subscribe2. Create your own channel• Public presence to upload videos,comment and curate video playlists3. Upload a video4. Share it via other networks
    41. 41. Key TakeawaysHave a plan.Know how to measure success.Create a business personality.Speak your clients’ language.Be active and engaging.Create and contribute.Socialize.
    42. 42. Q & AGo ahead and ask me.