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  • First I wanted to look at where Lululemon was right now
  • Lululemon is an athletic apparel company based out of Vancouver, British Columbia. Their mission is to “create components for people to live longer, healthier, fun lives”.  Lululemon focuses their efforts on quality not only in their products but also in their customer service. Lululemon’s products are described as “technical athletic apparel for yoga, running, dancing, and most other sweaty pursuits. The digital marketing model Lululemon falls under is the digital brander. Lululemon is focused on a deep interactive connection with it’s customers. They want to interactive with loyal customers and recruit new ones using digital media to reach their customers in brand new ways.
  • Threats: Lululemon is a higher priced product. The product line includes leggings and jackets between $70-$300. Consumers may look for other athletic brands to get a cheaper price on apparel. The women department dominates the men clothing at Lululemon. The apparel line could be eliminated if not pursued frequently. Opportunities: Lululemon can be positioned as a high quality luxury product. The brand can outshine competitors as being top of the line apparel. The athletic apparel is so well made the products can be worn for athletic and normal wear. Lululemon is specific in the activities they attend to, especially with women. This could easily formulate a specific profile to describe their customer base. An opportunity is open for Lululemon to target their male consumers and increase their brand awareness specifically to men.
  • Technology Developments: As of now Lululemon has done a good job intimately communicating with their customers. They have a well developed website that includes tabs titled “blog” and  “communities” where customers can share pictures and posts. Lululemon currently has an app called “Om Finder” that allows users to locate yoga facilities and interactive with instructors and other yoga lovers. They are on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Recently, Lululemon did an Instagram challenge where they asked their viewers what they would be doing right now if they could do anything and told them to include the #ifnothing. Also Lululemon showed there humor by displaying a fake spray on yoga pants featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live! under their what’s new tab.
  • Where does Lululemon want to be?
  • Target Segments:  Our primary target market will focus on women ages 18+ who want to pursue a healthy, active lifestyle. Our woman consumer is confident. She is conscious of her health, mind, body, and soul. She is adventurous and is ready to take on the world.Our secondary target audience will focus on the male perspective, ages 18+. The male target is strong. He is, like the women target, adventurous, active, and willing to try new things.   
  • Goals to accomplish within a year:–      Increase men’s department sales by 20%–      Increase traffic to website by 10,000 visitors a day–      Increase app users by 15,000 people–      Increase overall sales by 10%
  • How will we get there?
  • Big Idea! Lululemon will start a new digital campaign centered around the primary target market of women. The campaign will be called Are You A LuluGirl? This campaign will identify what it means to be a women customer of Lululemon. As stated before, LuluGirls are women who practice a healthy, active lifestyle. They are confident, strong women ready for adventure.
  • This campaign will be addressed with a celebrity speaker presentation accompanied by a live online podcast. The women selected will be women in the spotlight who are users of Lululemon and who represent the image LuluGirls represent. A celebrity in mind is Snooki who recently committed herself to becoming a mom and advocate for a healthy lifestyle. Around this Lululemon will talk about the event on their blog, Facebook, and Twitter, while posting pictures on instagram.
  • Another campaign that will be ran for Lululemon will bounce of the previous Instragram campaign #ifnothing except this campaign will focus on the male customer of Lululemon. The campaign will include the #iflifegivesyoulemons where male customers of Lululemon will take pictures of them doing something adventurous wearing Lululemon.
  • Social Media:            Facebook- Promote new products and blog posts by buying ad space. We will use OCPM (Optimized cost per mille) and CPA (Cost per action) so we can track conversations and actions of our target            Twitter- Use the new picture and tag feature to tag events such asmarathons and yoga promotion in the area.            Instragram- Use for promoting LuluGirls and #iflifegivesyoulemons. Also form more content around the community and active events            Blog-increase blog awareness on Website, increase content on blog, invite bloggers to our site by creating a community.
  • Internet Marketing: increase awareness of update emails. Lululemon will have their email entry pop up on the website when you first open it where viewers would have to enter in their email to access the website. Email marketing will be very beneficial to Lululemon because they will be able to share their new campaigns and new products with all their customers. Mobile: Lululemon will enhance their “Om Finder” by letting people post pictures and chat among each other to share yoga and running experiences over the phone.
  • To Sum it up...Increasing our digital awareness will allow Lululemon to grow as a company and create a community. Lululemon is more than a product it is a lifestyle that we want to promote. Staying active, being adventurous, and looking at your inner and out beauty are all things we want Lululemon customers to embrace. By increasing our interaction with our customers we will connect on a deeper level and will hit our customer in different platforms of media. We are excited to get to know our customers.
  • The reality check
  • Facebook will have a $1 million lifetime budget for a year. The ads are projected to reach 38 million people and we will set $5 per click budget. Email marketing will cost around $40,000 a month totaling to $480,000. We will spend $100,000 toward ad-ons to to the “om finder.” We will spend $10,000 toward the development of a popular blog for customers to interact. Lastly we will spend $1.2 million on the new Lulugirl campaign. The total will be around 3M
  • Did we reach our goals?We will install Google Analytics to track our performance on our website. We will track our sales performance and app users for mobile devices to see if we reached our goals.
  • Lululemon Digital Media Campaign

    1. 1. Lululemon Digital Media Strategy By: Ashley James
    2. 2. Where are we?
    3. 3. Digital Brander Customer Service Quality Running Yoga Athletic Apparel Vancouver Healthier longer fun lives
    4. 4. Opportunities • Expand men’s department • Luxury item • Athletic/normal wear
    5. 5. Where do we want to be?
    6. 6. Goals Increase men’s department sales by 20% Increase traffic to website by 10,000 visitors a day Increase app users by 15,000 people Increase overall sales by 10%
    7. 7. How will we get there?
    8. 8. Social Media
    9. 9. To sum it up…
    10. 10. The Reality Check…
    11. 11. Facebook 36% Email Marketing 17% Mobile 4% Lulugirl Campaign 43% Digital Media Strategy Budget
    12. 12. Did we reach our goals?