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How does it help our business, and what can you do to best utilize it?

How does it help our business, and what can you do to best utilize it?

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  • There are certain goals that Anchin, (and just about every other company) would like to achieve: increasing credibility within our industry; gaining exposure to potential new clients; and building brand awareness., to name a few. We are going to tell you how we can use social media to facilitate these goals.This presentation will be available to you afterwards. I will gladly take questions about it at that time, or if you’d prefer to set up a brief meeting, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. The goal is to cover all 3 mediums that Anchin focuses on, but spend the bulk of our efforts today on LinkedIn. For this reason, if you have questions bout facebook or twitter, you can ask me after or set up a meeting.
  • There is a longstanding stigma against social media. Many see it as frivolous, useless, an outlet for cute kittens and pictures of babies. I hope to combat that viewpoint today, and help you all understand why and how you can use social media to help Anchin.
  • When you log into facebook, your “home” screen is the newsfeed, which is essentially a collection of ”news” about your friends, interests, or companies you’ve subscribed to. Have you ever noticed on facebook that your newsfeed is not exactly chronological? You will see posts from minutes ago, hours ago, and then a few intermingled from 6 days ago. If you look at the posts from 6 days ago, they are lingering there, getting maximum exposure because of high interaction. Comments- Spark conversation, weighted heavilyShares- Increases # of viewers, weighted heavilyLikes- Sends a good social signalIf you post something that achieves high levels of interaction, your next post will start off with more viewers. Think of posting on facebook as the Indy 500. Just as the driver with the best lap in the time trials gets the pole position for the start of the race, the user that has achieved high levels of interactivity will have a prime position and a similar placement advantage for their next post.Home Depot undoubtedly capitalized on this concept in the example above.1- The high number of likes, comments, and shares will put their next post in a prime position.2- They essentially attached a link to a cute picture that they know would generate a lot of interactivity. These social signals are giving credibility to the link, which associates Home Depot with items that they sell and words like “gift” “present” etc.
  • This quote is referring to search engine optimization, so not only will content that generates high interactivity label us as credible to users who are viewing our content, it will also give us credibility with the search engines themselves (google, yahoo, bing, etc.). So if we write an article about hedge funds that goes viral, search engines will note the social signals and consider Anchin a credible source on hedge funds.If we post original content, (hosted on Retweets/Favorites will associate Anchin with being credible on the topics/keywords mentioned within the article.
  • Retweets expose our content to non-followersFavorites help with social signals as well.Replies help keep the conversation moving, however in Harry Styles’ case, only people who follow him AND Bill Gates will see that post.So not only did the young man from One Direction write a shamefully superficial response to Bill Gates’ profound post, but by starting his post with the @ sign, and the twitter handle he limited the audience to only twitter users who are following BOTH him and Bill Gates.I think that most of you are familiar with how twitter works, but if not, please ask me, or schedule a few minutes with me at another time.
  • In accordance with our company policy, Anchin employees are to post a disclaimer (above taken from Kristen Dinicola’s LinkedIn) to clarify that our views are not also Anchin’s company views.However, people will inevitably make this connection, and look at any negative activity as a reflection of our employer. To illustrate that: (See example)
  • After Labels:If every so often you like or post an article that is relevant to your work, your connections will be reminded that you are up-to-date and ever aware of developments in your industry. They will ideally associate your name with the topics you discuss.
  • Photos- Just you! No family members, dogs, cats, babies or beer bottles. Just you giving off a professional and perhaps approachable impression
  • This is my profile in the “edit” view, showing how you can edit the components we just discussed.You will also notice there is a sort of “personal tagline” under my title. The tagline/headline is visible in searches., allowing you to tell users that you are not even connected to how you can help them. This makes it prime real estate that you should be taking advantage of. While the tone of mine is probably not ideal for most of your needs, myself, we could certainly help each of you come up with custom taglines.Some suggestions for a custom URL could be Anchin’s webpage, social media sites, or a link directing viewers to subscribe to our newsletters.
  • Let’s say there is a prospect that you have asked to be introduced to. When that prospect clicks on your profile for the very first time, they will only take a few moments before they decide whether or not they would like to pursue a professional relationship with you. Your summary is a great opportunity to grab their attention from the get-go and convince them that they desperately need you in their life.Try to aim for “professional and likeable.”
  • Use media. We are a very visual society.Slideshare is a linkedin equivalent of a powerpoint. Many of you have already existing powerpoints that you could add to your profiles.Many of our partners were featured in videos that tackle relevant questions regarding Anchin. These could be placed on LinkedIn profiles as well.Update your previous employment. New prospective clients may be interested in your background, and this is a great opportunity to enhance your profile with even more keywords.
  • There are many fields that you can use to display your accomplishments on LinkedIn. Try to select the ones that compliment you best without completely overcrowding and overwhelming your viewers.You never know what might resonate with a prospect. They may know someone who graduated from your alma mater, or may be passionate about the same charitable organizations that you are involved with. It’s very likely that in those first few minutes, they are skimming your profile for something that they can relate to, and you never know what that might be.(See my profile for examples.)
  • It’s a small world, and you never know who from Anchin might know someone connected to a company that we would like to do business with. Take a few minutes to follow Anchin and connect with our employees.
  • Narrowing it down to 2nd and 3rd connections saves time.
  • Groups are great outlets to connect with like-minded professionals and establish credibility with prospects in areas they have indicated that they care about.Posting in groups could help demonstrate your industry knowledge, even with LinkedIn users that you are not otherwise connected to. If you periodically click on a group that you are a member of and reply to or post an interesting thought or question, it will help identify you, even to strangers, as knowledgeable about your industry.We can see that this, like facebook, shows posts based on popularity. Frequent posters of relevant content are rewarded with a “top contributor” status.Top contributors are group members who post the most interesting discussions and comments. The top contributors will have a text indicator under their headline any time they post a discussion in the group…The Top Contributor indicator will also appear on a member’s profile.Source:
  • How to share articles/post
  • How to share articles/postIf you aren’t sick of looking at me or my picture yet, I just want to go through how to post on LinkedIn. This is at the top of your “home” page, and allows you to type text, paste a link to an article, or attach files/pictures.
  • Thank you all very much for attending. Any and all questions and/or feedback are welcome and encouraged.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Social Media
    • 2. Social Media How does it help us? - Allows us to connect to new prospects - Gives us an outlet for branding that we can control - Gets free exposure that would not otherwise be available - Helps our credibility What should I do to best utilize it? - Create personal profiles that reflect your brand and Anchin’s brand - Share/Like relevant information (from Anchin &/or outside sources) - Be social. (Respond/reach out to people when appropriate.)
    • 3. Does Social Media REALLY help? Quick Stats: Facebook -1.15 billion active monthly users - Members tend to be “older and wealthier” than other platforms* -Includes 73% of people in the US whose annual incomes are more than $75,000, surpassing any other network by over 50% in the highest income bracket* - Since 2012, number of users in 45 – 54 age range increased by 45% *Sources: Going Global: Social media Marketing for Small Businesses The Demographics of Users of Social Media, Summarized, NPQ, September 2013
    • 4. Facebook- How it Works to Help Online Presence - Posts with high interaction get prime placement / linger on facebook newsfeed. 1- Comments 2- Shares 3- Likes -High interaction gives next post advantage. -Search engine optimization: Search engines factor in “social signals” to consider information and its sources relevant. *Image Source: The Home Depot
    • 5. Does Social Media REALLY help? Quick Stats: Twitter - Over 200 million users - “…More likely to be male, well-educated and higher paid than members of other social networks”* - 27% of all internet users ages 18 - 29 have an account *Source: -Going Global: Social media Marketing for Small Businesses
    • 6. Twitter - How it Works to Help Online Presence Twitter: How does it help us? - Directs traffic to our site - Gets Anchin more exposure - Establishes us as an “expert” in relevant topics “There have been numerous case studies where a tweeted link that goes “viral” gets redirected around Twitter, and the host site ends up ranking for anchor text keywords within the article.” Source:
    • 7. Twitter- How it Works to Help Online Presence Twitter social signals: 1- Retweets 2- Favorites 3- Replies -Search engine optimization: Search engines factor in “social signals” to consider information and its sources relevant. *Image Source: Twitter: Bill Gates
    • 8. Social Media Your Personal Profile If you are going to list Anchin as your place of employment on your profile, make sure that all of your posts reflect Anchin’s ideals. “NOTE: The views expressed here are my own and do not necessarily represent the views of Anchin, Block and Anchin LLP.”
    • 9. Does Social Media REALLY help? Quick Stats: LinkedIn - Over 259 million users* - 2+ new members every second - 1 in 5 internet-using adults are members - Demographic is 61% male, 39% female *Sources: Going Global: Social media Marketing for Small Businesses
    • 10. Does Social Media REALLY help? How social media increases credibility LinkedIn: - Highlight your professional skills - Establish credibility through people you know - Allows you to use keywords that clients are searching for - Labels you as an industry thought leader (if you share/post relevant information, post in groups, etc.)
    • 11. LinkedIn: Optimizing Your Profile The Basics: - Professional photo: Yields 7x better results - Custom URL: Easy to share/put on business cards; Example: - Contact Info: Post links to your blog, website, social media
    • 12. LinkedIn: Optimizing Your Profile The Basics: - Contact Info/Websites - Custom URL - Headline/Tagline
    • 13. LinkedIn: Optimizing Your Profile Summary Components: 1- Your passion 2- Your background 3- Your company 4- A call to action -Kay Allison; CEO and Founder at The Energy Infuser, Inc.; Marketing and Advertising - A great opportunity to use keywords - Demonstrate how you help clients solve their business problems Source: -Paul H. Simon; Web Content Curator, Editor, Webinar Host for Hire; Online Media
    • 14. LinkedIn: Optimizing Your Profile What else can I do? -Update previous employment: Great opportunity to use keywords Source: Netflix -Use media: -Slideshare (ex: ppt) -Video (ex: Youtube)
    • 15. LinkedIn: Optimizing Your Profile Ok… What else? - Honors/Awards - Certifications - Publications - Organizations - Education - Volunteering & Causes - Join Groups/Post relevant content - Demonstrates your industry knowledge to your connections
    • 16. LinkedIn: Optimizing Your Profile Connect with Anchin Employees - Follow Anchin
    • 17. LinkedIn: Optimizing Your Profile Connect with Anchin Employees
    • 18. Groups: Connecting with Prospects Top Contributors (post frequent interesting discussions) Label appears on their profile as well as in the group. Source: CFO Network on LinkedIn
    • 19. LinkedIn: Interacting With Content Like, Comment, & Share: Customize the post before sharing. Source: LinkedIn
    • 20. LinkedIn: Interacting With Content Posting: Customize the post before sharing. Source: LinkedIn
    • 21. Closing & Contact What you can do: - Create profiles that compliment you and Anchin - Interact with Anchin’s content (if relevant to you). - Help us create original content. - Be social. (Respond/reach out to people when appropriate.) Ashley Cohen Ext: 1521