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Contents & double page spread

  1. 1. CONTENTS IMN MAGAZINE - DECEMBER 201212 CONCERTS COMING UPWhat will you have themchance to see this month?15 YOUR SAYGive your own opinion or hearwhat other people have to say.16 LETTER FROM THEEDITOR 08 RECOMMEND & REVIEW 58 GUESS WHO’S IPOD? 60 THE UK’S NEXT BIG STAR?17 MUSIC NEWSkeep up to date with the latestmusic, band and artists.31 LANA DEL REYVIEWThe singer takes a look at thismonth’s events.48 PULL OUT POSTERSPull out and put up!62 CAPTURE THIS!See this month in pictures. 25 INTERVIEW: 5432185 MONTHLY CONTESTWin concert tickets right here!06 THE AWARDSHas your favourite band won?Find out here!19 SNOW PATROLBackstage their full-force tour! 40 EXCLUSIVE: JAMES CASEY 35 MUSIC CHARTS20 BEHIND THE MUSIC 33 THE SECRET DIARY OF THE 51 MUSESee what goes on behind the KILLERS! On how they’re facing theirscenes! All their secrets are unleashed! biggest challange yet!21 MUSIC VIDEOS 37 THE MAKING OF A BAND 57 ALL ABOUT FANSThe good and the bad See here how it can be simple! What type of fan are you?23 THE TOP 10 INDIE SONGS 42 Old BANDS COMING BACK! 65 FLORENCE + THE MACHINEThe download musts! Who are making a comeback? On being in the spotlight.29 THE SCRIPT! 44 MUMFORD & SONS 73 NOAH + THE WHALEWhat it’s like being back on tour! Up close and personal. See them back in the studio!27 THE NEW & UPCOMING 45 COLDPLAY 80 THE PRODUCERS SECRETSWho do you need to look out for? Insider reveals all on new album! Find out what you didn’t know!01 DEC 2012
  2. 2. 5 4321 is more than just a How did the band come together? Ashleigh Ravenscroft goes name, it is a countdown to something about to hap- The band is a family band really so there’s me, my 3 brothers and my man Rory Taylor on how pen and its happening cousin Liam who plays the bass. changednow and will continue to happen! We’ve been playing together for With their new original EP years really and in all sorts of carna- Did you always want to be in a‘Motion Picture Scenery’ the band tions of bands with various other peo- band growing up?has successfully combined their two ple as well but finally now we’ve Err, I always wanted to perform I did-favourite genres; classic American settled on the family, we’ve had vari- n’t really care how it came about. Ifilm soundtracks and 70s British ous friends come and go and join the was kind of an attention seeker as aRock! The band insists that the EP band but we get on really well. It’s child and I think this is how’s it mani-must be listened to in full to be ap- quite sickening really but we do get fested itself later into a job, which ispreciated. I met up and sat down with on really well. So yeah we’ve been quite nice!their very own frontman, Rory Taylor playing together as this band forat the popular and iconic Cavern in about 2 years but before that we Who are your idols in the music in-Liverpool whilst they were getting were playing as a similar line doing dustry and why?ready to perform for the first time covers, corporate events, weddings Well, my biggest idol of all time, ohsince Rory’s appearance on ITV and all sorts of stuff like that. This is actually I can’t say that. My twoshow Jesus Christ Superstar. more fun though! biggest idols of all time are Freddie25 DEC 2012
  3. 3. BELOW: (Left to Right) Callum Taylor, Olly Taylor, Rory Taylor, Liam Capleton, Barnaby Taylor backstage with 54321 front they did ‘cus you just think we’re not knew on the day of the final I wasn’tw nearly being Jesus has even close. I wish we were but we’re going to win; I just had a feeling I not, just to that energy and to that knew Ben was going to win and I’m their life... magic that they put out! genuinely happy for him! I’ve been to see the show and I think it’s ab- Mercury and Michael Jackson; How did if feel being part of the TV solutely fantastic! they’re my biggest inspirations. Fred- show Jesus Christ Super Star? die for his sheer vocals and his It was quite strange really; it was a Has being on Jesus Christ Super showmanship was just something very odd experience because from Star affected you and your band? else. Again with Michael Jackson he the beginning from the very first audi- Yeah, you can’t underestimate the was just an entertainer just like Fred- tion to the final of the show was six power of Twitter and the power of the die was. The pair of them were really months on my life. internet. Being on a high profile unique; they had no limits, no bound- I was standing there on the final show like Superstar got me a lot of aries to their performances. Anything knowing that if I didn’t win it that was Twitter followers and I’m not really anyone else could do they could do it the end of it and that was six months very technically minded with those a million times better and that trans- of commitment all come to an end. things I’ve got my legs and voice so lates to record and other various live But knowing if I won it, it was going I’ve kind of just used that. I’ve had to DVDs they did. It’s just amazing just to change my life for a long time in learn how to communicate with this performing now and watching what such a big role. It’s strange I think I fan base no matter how small it might DEC 2012 26
  4. 4. be. You have to keep communicating ing of home here. I like performing was our first or second day in the TVand engaging them with what you’re anywhere that’s got a crowd that studios and Dawn French walked indoing and what’s going on so I’m wants to hear us and I think a lot of to our meeting and was like “Hidoing my best to do that over Twitter performers would say that. But any- boys!” And she’s tiny and sheand Facebook. So regarding the where were people will come and lis- walked right in and gave us all a hugbands profile yeah it’s got a few peo- ten is great. and that’s weird! Seeing these peo-ple interested and opened some nice ple who you admire and you watchdoors and opportunities. Do you have a ritual before you on TV and you absolutely love, it’s perform? just unbelievable! So I think meetingDid you have a lot of support in It depends where I am. If I’m in the all those people makes the experi-your hometown? Cavern its usually to have a pint, but ences so surreal. Singing with GaryYeah it seemed so! Again it was quite err no I don’t I’m not one of those Barlow as well was pretty cool andstrange because being down in Lon- people who has to turn on and off the was quite surreal. The whole Super-don and being away from everything light switch a thousand times, al- star thing was just odd from start towas a strange experience for me. though I do have to put my left shoe finish it was very strange.I’m used to being in the centre of all on first, that’s a really strange one I’llof it. With other people being on the throw that one in. If I put my right What do you guys have plannedother side of the camera it’s not like shoe on first it throws me for the for the future?having your audience directly in front whole day so I always put my left Well my plans in general for the fu-of you all the time, where you can get shoe on first. There’s a fact about ture are to just keep pushing thethat feedback. You can hear the ap- me, so yeah I do. Oh, god! There I band and doing as much as we can.plause you can hear people booing was thinking I wasn’t a weirdo but ac- But I suppose alongside that I needmaybe or you can hear whatever tually am. So there you go, left shoe to be doing things that further me asthat’s your direct feedback on stage, first. a performer as well so I’m touringso to be on TV is a very different next year in a production ‘Rent’ whichthing. It appears back here I had a lot What has been your craziest expe- is a musical based in New York, it’sof support when I came home a lot of rience? the 20th anniversary this next yearrandom people I never met before I think some of the experiences coming and we’re doing a concertcame up to me saying that they had through Superstar where you would tour with on with Kerry Ellis who’svoted and everything. Its cool all the meet people or you would be in the from Wicked, We Will Rock You andlocal papers have been great, the same room as someone, for instance all those things. So me and her arelocal radios have been really good I was in the studio one day and Tim staring in it and we’re doing two orwith us as well, so yeah I really ap- Minchin came up to me and said “Hi three weeks of it, so it’s going to bepreciate it! Rory, how’s it going?” and I’d never good. I’m looking forward to that and met him before and I was like how we’ve got some cool gigs coming upWhere’s your favourite place does he know my name but clearly and a supporting gig with Mel C andyou’ve ever performed? he’d been watching the show be- hopefully we’ve got a few other niceErr, I dunno I know it’s really boring cause he’s got an invested interest in things coming up next year that Ianswer but I don’t know if I have one. it. So that’s kind of strange to know don’t want to jinx by saying anything.Obviously I love preforming here in that people know who you are. We So we’ll see what happens.the Cavern, but there’s almost a feel- were in a meeting one day, I think it Interview & Photographs by Ashleigh Ravenscroft27 DEC 2012