Risk assessment arley moldova 2


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Risk assessment arley moldova 2

  1. 1. STUDY VISIT RISK ASSESSMENT RECORD - Priestley College Study Visit Leader: At Risk (please indicate who is at risk) Rachael Leyland Arley Hall Study Visit Dates: 16th December 2013 Residential  Yes Additional risk assessment by external provider HAZARD CATEGORY TRANSPORT HEALTH/ MEDICAL  No (if yes, please attach hard copy) IDENTIFIED RISK (please add/remove as appropriate) • • LIKELIHOOD OF OCCURENCE: 1. Unlikely to occur 2. Likely to occur 3. Extremely likely to occur RISK LEVEL: Simply multiply severity by the likelihood to attain level of risk Low (L) = 1 – 2 • • • • Risk associated with specific activities – Falls/Slips/Injury Use of equipment Handling and Installation of equipment Medical conditions e.g. asthma or allergies Accident • •   High (H) = 6 (please add suitable precautions as appropriate) • Transport accident Transport breakdown Medium (M) = 3 – 4 –9 PRECAUTIONS AND CONTROLS By category NOT individual risk   • ACTIVITY  Yes No SEVERITY OF OUTCOME: 1. Minor injury, loss / damage 2. Moderate injury / damage 3. Death, major injury, damage, loss of property Staff Students Public Company Personnel Other Visit to: Judgement of Risk: • • • Overall Risk Level (L.M.H) With Production Arts Students will be provided transport, to and from Priestley College Details of times of pickup will be provided, and drop off times will be provided in the parent/guardian letter. Walk through of the performance space before a performance to ensure the students are aware of the performance space and can identify and sort out any hazards in advance. All students are competent using and handling equipment by ensuring they have participated in necessary health and safety training. Students include medical disclosure on their permission forms. Staff to carry any required care plans. precautions/cont rols in place Curriculum Area: By category NOT individual control L L L
  2. 2. STUDY VISIT RISK ASSESSMENT RECORD - Priestley College • Failure of first aid • • Lost/damaged property/equipment either personal or properties belonging to the college. • PERSONAL PROPERTY •   • FINANCIAL • • • •  Damage to Arley Hall LOCATION GROUP MANAGEMEN T  Lost/stolen money in unforeseen event (e.g. travel  delay) Appropriate insurance cover Late/Lost student Alcohol/drugs Emergency contact numbers not on file    • • • • • • • • • Review / Further Actions (complete after the study visit) First aid is available at the venue for all students. First Aid member of staff will be present at all times. Students are advised not to bring expensive items to the performance. Minimal personal equipment will be taken Additional set and props will be taken but will only be handled by staff and supervised students. Responsible students are involved in the activity. Students sign and follow code of conduct. Students given an appropriate tour of the space. Highly unlikely, staff will carry spare cash in the unlikely event of a financial emergency. The study visit will conclude at the end of the performance and students will be picked up from the venue. Students will read and sign a copy of the code of conduct and will be taken through the procedure for the technical rehearsal and subsequent performance. New mobile numbers collated and college mobile number distributed to students for emergency. L L L L
  3. 3. STUDY VISIT RISK ASSESSMENT RECORD - Priestley College Signature of Study Visit Leader__________________________________________________________ Date_____________________