Copy of 15th january 2014 meeting minutes


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Copy of 15th january 2014 meeting minutes

  1. 1. Production Arts Planning Meeting Minutes 14/01/14 ATTENDEES Paul Pope (Chair) Anna Brown Ashleigh Gow Mark Edgington Nicky Davis Matthew Elliot Jordan Potsig Simpson Jordan Simpson Sophie Brown Lucy Andrew John McDermott Jordi Williams Joel Murray Rachel Windle SCRIBE Ashleigh Gow MINUTES Paul suggested that as appose to the drop box, if the team use the Priestley Drive, this would be quicker and easier as everyone is already signed up to this and no new accounts need be made. This way it is also easier for staff to access should they need to. The team agreed to this. With regards to the name of the event, she doesn’t mind an ‘arty’ word as long as the tagline reads ‘a celebration of Contemporary dance’. Marketing stated that Karl from reprographics will be creating the posters/flyers etc. From a design that they will discuss with him Friday 17th will be the day they show us initial concepts for the team to choose from. This way Posters can be produced at the beginning of next week. Rachel suggested that the open evening on Monday 30th should be an opportunity to advertise. Paul will speak to Mike Southworth’s PA about adding that on the set list for his speech. Rachel also suggested that the marketing team work closely with Andrew Moores, the College’s pr officer. Anna suggested the name ‘Amalgamation’ for the event’s name. Translating this into different languages will provide more options.
  2. 2. Production Arts Planning Meeting Minutes 14/01/14 With regards to a colour scheme, Rachel says that the pieces are so varied, it isn’t worth matching colour schemes, so marketing do not need to compliment the lighting. However the colours for marketing should be consistent. Jordi suggested Black and White however the group unanimously agreed this was not eye catching. Paul suggested when Karl makes mock ups, if several be made with different colour schemes, this way the group can make a decision. It was stated that Anna will not have to purchase or source any costumes as the dancers will be responsible for this. Rachel stated that there is no set and props at this moment in time. If this changes, she will inform us ASAP but the changes will be minimal. We have been given 3 rooms so far. The Gallery, Drawing Room and Generals room. Possibly more upstairs for dressing rooms this has to be confirmed with Shelagh. There will also be a maximum of 50 audience in each of the performance spaces. Yet the seating orientation has not been arranged, but will most likely be end on in each room. Rachel confirms that the set list will be done by Friday for the Stage Management Team. Due to sound complications, it was suggested that from a technical point of view, have performers in one room facing one way, and opposite in the other so there isn’t a battle for volume on the night. Paul has a new calendar for deadlines to be put on, everyone was still in agreement for the deadlines set yesterday. With regards to programmes, Rachel informed Gemma what needs to be on them and what should be left out, however this can not be planned without the set list. Also it was confirmed everything will be ran through Arley with regards to ticket sales. The public must phone Arley if they wish to buy a ticket. Meeting adjourned.