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Work samples from my last two years of life at ad school.

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Ashleigh's Portfolio

  2. 2. ASHLEIGH EDWARDS FIND ME AT BRAND STRATEGIST // PROBLEM SOLVER VOLUNTEER 434.466.3239 WORK Development Assistant Crew Captain, Paramedic VCU Brandcenter - Richmond, VA Charlottesville-Albemarle Rescue Squad - Charlottesville, VA August 2009-current August 2001 - August 2008 Assist Development Director in creating and updating Managed crew of 12+ EMTs plus other resources to respond to 911 development materials and donor response calls providing emergency medical care and special events communications. coverage to the University of Virginia, City of Charlottesville, and most of Albemarle County ~13 hours/week. Program Manager Spent 5,040+ hours over 7 years responding to 911 calls Univ. of Virginia, Travel & Learn Programs - Charlottesville, VA through nights, weekends, holidays, hurricanes, snowstorms, February 2006-August 2008 etc. Managed all customer service, logistics, and on-site Learned how to use the “Jaws of Life” and other cool things management for adult educational travel programs. you see on tv. Learned the importance of always carrying a Sharpie. Lived by the motto “Eat, sleep, and pee when you can” Program Assistant Development Coordinator, Director Univ. of Virginia, School of Continuing Ed. - Charlottesville, VA Charlottesville-Albemarle Rescue Squad - Charlottesville, VA August 2003-February 2006 2003 - 2007 Provided support to program and school directors by providing Responsible for annual fundraising and major gift campaigns. customer service, processing registration materials, Coordinated and helped design of print brochure, newspaper maintaining databases, and compiling mailings for and radio ads, public relations, and kickoff event. conference and program participants. There is power in being a jack of all trades. Director, Secretary - Board of Directors Charlottesville-Albemarle Rescue Squad - Charlottesville, VA May 2005-May 2007 EDUCATION Helped manage long-term as well as day to day business and VCU Brandcenter - Richmond, VA operation decisions for an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit Master’s Candidate - Mass Communications/ corporation with oversight of budget exceeding $1mm Communications Strategy Lowered the average age of the BOD by at least 10 years. August 2008 - Present Recipient of Donna Spurrier Media Scholarship for 2009-2010 TECHNOLOGY: University of Virginia - Charlottesville, VA Final Cut Pro, iWork, Microsoft Office Suite, Photoshop, B.A. - English Literature InDesign, and in case of power failure, I know how to August 2000 - May 2004 use a manual typewriter.
  3. 3. Expedia Product ideation and development + launch Noxzema Case study + brand experience plan Wonka Product development + integrated campaign Wheat Thins Social media platform
  4. 4. Ashleigh the _________. I think that “planner” isn’t a sufficient enough word for what we have been prepared to do at the Brandcenter. Not by far. I think that the term strategist has more oomph. Anyone can plan, but not anyone can strategize. For that matter, I don’t even feel that strategist adequately expresses who I am. I am a problem solver. As a problem solver, I believe: In asking even the silliest of questions. You don’t know what you don’t know. In making lives better and the world a better place to live. You can both educate and entertain, entertain and educate. You shouldn’t underestimate the power of your gut instincts. That the easy way often isn’t the best way.
  5. 5. Expedia is the world’s most visited With travel costs on the rise, online travel agent. What does it who is hurt most by these changes? need to do in order to maintain that position? The frequency of young global travelers is on the rise. High school & college volunteer trips, gap years, study abroad. Honeymoons. Currently, the biggest online travel brands are differentiated not by the services that they offer, Yet these are the travelers most in need of help but by their tone and brand ambassadors. financing this important step, and often depend on the financial assistance of family and friends to get them where they’re going. Expedia is known In an increasingly global-minded society, by the twangy Dot coooooooooom traveling has become a rite of passage, an ending in each of almost necessary step towards becoming a its commercials. successful global citizen. How can we help these future The lack of differentiation between the top sites global citizens overcome these is being leveraged by other travel aggregator new obstacles to traveling? sites like Kayak, which are rapidly gaining Expedia popularity and loyalty at a faster rate than traditional travel sites. Challenge: The online travel industry is considered mature, and little profit comes from plane ticket sales alone. In order to maintain its position as a leader in the category Expedia must differentiate itself from other travel sites by the services that it offers and increase profits by selling more than just plane tickets.
  6. 6. What are travelers looking Opportunity: for when planning a trip? Convenience. The purpose of planning travel ahead of + time is to make the most of your time. Make being convenient more convenient by putting as many resources as possible in one spot. Combine the concept of an online gift registry with the aggregating capacity of Expedia’s existing Suggestions. resources to create a tool for travelers who need People trust suggestions from other people help getting to where they want to go. more than they do companies. Allow travelers to get suggestions for their trip by looking at the trips of others and then leaving feedback, tips, and suggestions on Solution: their own trips. The Expedia Registry Expedia Stories. Half the fun in traveling is telling the story of your trip. The Expedia Registry allows travelers to The internet provides a great storytelling create a detailed itinerary with all the costs medium. Give the travelers different ways involved broken down - from flight and hotel to tell their story before, during, and after to activities and souvenirs - and then get the trip. help from family and friends to help finance the costs.
  7. 7. The Expedia Registry The traveler creates a detailed trip itinerary, listing all costs that they want help financing, as well as tell any story behind the trip. Through a partnership with Paypal, items that Expedia doesn’t offer for purchase, such as dinner at a nice restaurant, can be given. There, you can see how the trip will unfold. More expensive items, such as flights, can be divided Travelers can peruse itineraries that other into multiple, more affordable sections. travelers have created and reviewed for suggestions, tips, and tricks. Once the registry is created, Expedia emails are sent to potential gift givers through Expedia. By clicking on the links in the email, the gifter is directed to the traveler’s personal registry on Expedia. Facebook and Twitter plugins allow the traveler to share their registry as they go, as well as the gift When an item is purchased, a message can be giver to share news of the left for the traveler that they will receive when traveler’s trip. they are notified of the gift.
  8. 8. The traveler keeps track of Under everything from notifications, all one interface. It of the lists the people contributions are that the traveler listed. Thank you has notified, total letters can be gifts given, and composed from those who have this section. contributed to the trip. Once the traveler departs on their journey, the Expedia registry goes mobile. The postcard app allows the traveler to stay in touch with everyone who contributed to their registry as they travel. Expedia They simply take a photo, write a message, and email it off. The next time the gifter opens their email, they’ll receive a postcard from The Expedia app allows the traveler the traveler. to view their itinerary and trip progress, eliminating the need to A connection between the gifter and carry paper itineraries with directions the traveler throughout the travel and details. process.
  9. 9. Creative Campaign The concept of a gift registry is to guide the gift giver in purchasing something that they want or need instead of something that will go unused or immediately returned to the store. The Expedia Registry is ideal for the growing number of students, recent graduates, and newlyweds who have the desire, but not the means, to travel the world. During these times, young people are often inundated with “thoughtful” gifts - such as “Class of 2010” picture frames - that ultimately take up residence on a shelf in the bedroom and then sit, gathering dust. Strategy The Expedia Registry provides bad gift insurance. You Shouldn’t Have! “You Shouldn’t Have” is a fictional show a la Antiques Roadshow, that Expedia follows fictional character, Jeremy Schwartzwalder, around the country as he appraises bad gifts that people have received. It will be hosted on the microsite, which will allow users to upload pictures and descriptions of bad gifts that they have received to be rated as well as to rate other people’s bad gifts. Those with the worst gifts can win gift certificates that can be used towards their travel registry. Banner ads featuring Jeremy will be placed on the Expedia website as well as on Flickr and other travel appropriate websites.
  10. 10. Print ads will be placed in both travel magazines as well as lifestyle magazines targeted to this 18-34 year old traveler. (Print ad shown as it would appear to the reader) Expedia
  11. 11. “So....where exactly are you from?” I get the question frequently. Not in a casual “I’m asking you this question because it’s part of the getting to know you process” way. No, the question is often asked with a very specific purpose in mind. To pinpoint my accent. Most of the time, I’m perceived as being “Southern.” Sometimes “country,” which is somewhat closer to the truth. My amusement at this line of questioning usually leads me to ask the person where they think I’m from. “Georgia?” “Alabama?” sometimes, even “Texas?” None of the above. I was born and raised in Virginia. *GASP* “Really?” “Yes, really.” “WHERE in Virginia??” Southwestern Virginia to be exact. Coal country. In the heart of the Appalachian mountains, and surrounded by language that is uniquely our own and is officially recognized as Appalachian English. “But isn’t that just a Southern accent?” “No” 3 hallmarks of the Appalachian English dialect Vowels are extended for The hallmark of a Southern longer lengths: “Y’all,” “Ain’t,” “is you,” “I accent is the dropping of ‘Red’ sounds like ‘rey-uhd’ done” and “you was” are hard “r.” The Appalachian commonly utilized and dialect is known for its EXCEPT: The standard two accepted. intrusive R’s: syllable long I is shortened to ‘Wash’ sounds like ‘Warsh’ a single syllable: ‘Wire’ sounds like ‘war’
  12. 12. Alberto Culver acquired the Noxzema brand in 2007. The brand has been in a sales decline with minimal advertising since then. Alberto Culver wants to ready the Noxzema brand for re-launch. Our Challenge: Make women fall in love with Noxzema again. Brand equity: Noxzema has a powerful 89% To get at the root of the brand awareness problem, in addition to secondary research, we Noxzema It’s distinctive blue color and conducted: scent - menthol, eucalyptus and camphor - have become iconic. Ethnographies Quantitative surveys Refreshing, tingly and cooling And challenged 6 women at experience. different stages of life the task of keeping a face-care journal Despite moving towards more for a week. image based advertising recently, the Noxzema girl advertising is still strongly associated with the Noxzema brand.
  13. 13. Who is and isn’t using Noxzema? There are two types of current users: What about non-users? “Help me with my acne.” “I just like the refreshing tingle” “I don’t need help with acne anymore” Teens and adults seeking acne Noxzema lovers who crave the Non-users have the perception that prevention and treatment. cooling, tingling sensorial Noxzema’s promise is acne control - Teens are often introduced to experience that Noxzema which often loses relevance. Many the brand by someone who provides. The smell and tingle previous users feel that they have used it in their youth who sees it creates a perception of an outgrown Noxzema because of this, as an entry into the facewash associated functional benefit. and that Noxzema is specifically for category because of its acne a young, highly acne-prone clearing association. demographic. Noxzema A huge divide exists between consumers’ perceptions of Noxzema. Loyalists see Noxzema as a brand that stands for CLEAN. Non-Noxzema users perceive Noxzema as standing for CLEAR, which some consumers may feel isn’t Noxzema needs to re-position relevant to them. itself in consumers’ minds: Likewise, loyalists perceive the Noxzema scent as natural and refreshing. Non-users perceive CLEAR CLEAN the scent as being associated with clearing products and deem it being chemical-like.
  14. 14. Who can Noxzema talk to about Clean? The Practical Princess is in a constant experiment in the quest for balance. Her practical side tells her that the “holy grail” claims are bogus, but her princess side enjoys the experimentation of trying new things - just in case the holy grail promise holds true this time. Throughout that quest, products are determined to become a part of her beauty arsenal or go into her beauty graveyard under the sink. Even though she has a few brands to fall back on if she has a particularly bad experience with a product, she’s adventurous and tries new things in her ongoing quest. How are other brands talking? “takes Products make “holy grail” Having clear skin is more than something you can off my claims in the face care “right find in a bottle. It’s getting enough sleep, not makeup” intensity for smoking, eating right, amongst a myriad of other category in attempts to morning” things. stand out from the clutter. Solution: Noxzema is part of a Noxzema Some of the “holy grail” holistic approach to skincare. claims might catch her eye at the shelf and sway Positioning: her, but when she runs out Consumer: From Clear to Clean . of a product, she’s just as Category level: There is no holy grail, at least not in the face wash category. “gets rid of likely to put “facewash” on “doesn’t make blackheads” her shopping list as she is a me break out” Strategy: specific product. Noxzema is just one part of a well-balanced face care diet. Opportunity: “I’m not sure if it’s making a positive difference but at least it’s not making it worse.”
  15. 15. Re-engage Consideration Purchase Use Trust & Prefer Evangelize CONSUMER NEEDS “I don’t need an “I need face wash. “Noxzema can acne cream, I’ve “I’m looking for “Does it stay in my “This is a vital part I didn’t write a arsenal or head to play a role in grown out of the perfect thing of my face-care brand name on the graveyard?” almost anyone’s that” for my skin” routine” my shopping list” face care routine” CONTENT IMPLICATIONS Seed idea of holistic Help them Reposition Buy into holistic Help them talk determine what Understand holistic Noxzema as clean approach to put approach instead of about holistic role it should play in approach skin (vs. clear) Noxzema back on the gimmicks approach the radar their routine COMMUNICATIONS CONTEXT STRATEGY & BRAND BEHAVIOR Connect in environments when women focus on bettering themselves by being honest and humbly realistic. CONTENT CHOICE In Store Advertising Noxzema Site Noxzema branded items Packaging (ex. water bottles) Noxzema branded items Partnerships (like-minded brands/specialty stores Traditional (Print, TV, PR) (ex. water bottles) that embrace the holistic ethos) Online (Blogs, Radio, Search) Online (Blogs, Radio, Search) In-store: Packaging: Partnerships/Distribution: Women’s magazines run on a continuum Ads such as floor clings as well as Package Noxzema with Partnerships with brands or from Beautify self to Better self. shelf space in areas of the store a water bottle and a distribution through specialty Concentration of the ad placement on the related to holistic facecare such jumprope or other parts stores such as athletic stores better self end of the magazine spectrum. as bottled water and workout of a holistic routine. who contribute to the holistic Self and Shape v Cosmo and Vogue gear. approach.
  16. 16. Things I live by. Being nice will get you far in life. “Please” and “Thank you” can go a long way. Manners aren’t dead. Don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers. Simplicity and subtlety are powerful methods of seduction. Be generous. It will come back around. Never forget that there’s always someone who has it worse off than you do. Sometimes you have to turn off the screen. The path less travelled is often much more interesting. Whatever you do, don’t forget to have fun! Gardening Traveling to places on my bucket list DVD commentaries Volleyball & Tennis Medical shows: Bones, CSI, House, Grey’s Anatomy My cats Smokey and Bandit Home cooking Good bourbon Netflix
  17. 17. Most Americans know the Willy Wonka character. The 1971 Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory movie has an almost cult-like following with its vivid, fantastical images that transport you back to being a kid when your imagination could take you almost anywhere. The power of the original Wonka movie and story is so great that when someone is asked what they think of when they think of Wonka they’ll tell you “chocolate” - despite the fact that, other than a limited release surrounding the more recent Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie - the Wonka brand doesn’t actually produce a chocolate candy. Chocolate brands talking to adults are Challenge: positioning themselves as sensuous, sexy, Wonka and indulgent. But chocolate is fun, and The Wonka candy brand has been experiencing a should be an accessible experience every downturn in sales. With an adult audience that already day, not something that is put on a shelf sees the Wonka brand as meaning chocolate. and wrapped in a cloak of indulgence. And unlike other brands, adults already see Wonka as representing chocolate. Opportunity: The entire experience should be fun and imaginative, including the product name Re-vitalize the brand by re-visiting Wonka’s and packaging. core brand equity - chocolate.
  18. 18. Wonka introduces: Premium dark chocolate bars with natural and Positioning: exotic flavor pairings such The Wonka [dark] Bars as chili, lavender, and Adult flavored fun. miracle berry - which turns the sour and bitter into sweetness. Tone: Whimsical, imaginative, fun. Miraculous Berraculous Chocolate Tongue Strategy: Twister Wonka chocolate isn’t for just anyone, (Miracle Berry) only the Charlies of the world. Darknificent Chocolate Wondrous Wonka If this is a normal brain................then this is a brain on Wonka. Delight (60% Cacao with Chili) Three Tease Choco Surprisers (Dark chocolate with a variety of exotic fillings )
  19. 19. As fun and playful as Wonka is, At the end of the original Willy Wonka there’s a dark side that may not and the Chocolate Factory, it’s not clear have been readily apparent when what the fates of Willy, Charlie, and the you saw the movie as a kid. Not all other Golden Ticket winners are. of the Golden Ticket winners could Which leads one to wonder: keep up with Wonka, only Charlie. Whatever happened to the Wonka 5? Campaign The campaign tells the story of the decline Wonka objective: 5 after the factory lights went dark. Utilizing the Wonka Where they are now? storyline, recapture the sense of And why are the factory lights back on? wonder, imagination and possibility that Ultimately, none of the Wonka Wonka adults once had 5 could handle the power of as kids. Willy Wonka. Can you? New Wonka chocolates logo
  20. 20. The Dark Campaign. When the website is launched, videos will start appearing one by one, telling the individual stories of the Wonka 5. Each one building on the other, starting with Veruca and leading up to Charlie’s story, asking the viewer to return to see the next video. The appearance of Charlie’s video which will co-incide with the announcement of the new product and coincide with its launch. The videos will be interview-style, interspersed with the interviewer telling more details of the story. Shorter versions of the videos that tell the stories of the Wonka 5 will also be used as “For the past few decades she's been living ads on Hulu and YouTube. alone in a mansion filled up with expensive junk. She's a recluse, spending her days thinking of what other things she'd like to own...   Veruca is now capitalizing on the fame she garnered from both her Golden Ticket win and globally recognized scandal. She's licensed her name out to a rock band, cosmetics line, lawn Wonka ornament company, and chain of low-quality American diners, among other things...   She's come to speak only in the third person...  When Charlie stopped making Wonka Bars, she bought and hoarded every last one she could find...her once large stash has dwindled down to a single rotting bar. She's held onto it because it's the one thing in the world she can't buy or replace. Even though rumors have started to The stories of each Wonka Dark bar will circulate that Wonka's back, Veruca doesn't appear on the website when the products believe them.” are launched.
  21. 21. Before the product launches, a pre- campaign will occur, including billboards and wild postings, plus a takeover of the national enquirer homepage along with the launch of the Wonka Goes Dark website. Billboards that use solar panels to charge during the day will be Wonka purple during the day but at night will glow with the new Wonka logo and the tagline at night. MIKE TEAVEE CHECKS INTO REHAB (AGAIN!) WORLD Will he ever EXCLUSIVE learn? VIOLET & AUGUSTUS SITTING IN A TREE! VERUCA SALT LEAVES HOUSE WONKA WINNERS MORE THAN PALS! - Cellulite Alert! Wonka The front page of the Wild postings National Enquirer will be bought WONKA’S out to report The juicy MAN SEES WONKA IN DUI details! TORTILLA! IS HE BACK? the stories of the Wonka 5.
  22. 22. In major At the product metropolitan launch, Wonka areas, pop-up trucks will stores will appear at night appear in major following the metropolitan launch of the areas to give Wonka Dark out free Bars. samples. Candy is mostly an impulse purchase so we created reminders for people Wonka at point of purchase. Check-out line separators that look like large Wonka Dark bars will be used at point of purchase. Wonka Dark Bars candy machines will be placed in malls and movie theaters.
  23. 23. You may be eligible to receive free candy for a lifetime! Just fill out this form and mail it to 9601 Canoga Avenue, Chatsworth, CA 91311 Name First Name Middle Initial Last Name Patient Name Birthday MM / DD / YYYY Case No. Today’s Date MM / DD / YYYY Admittance To the Superintendent / Physician in Charge of the esteemed My grocery store of choice is Name of grocery store Located in City and State Psychiatric Hospital of Name of grocery store located in City and State I am currenty a resident of City and State In the county of County I am currenty a resident of City and State in the county of County My occupation currently is Occupation My occupation currently is Occupation . I deserve free Wonka chocolate because I’m a Adjective person. I am a Age year-old Gender . Statement of Admission: I am su ering from Disorder & have distinct identities. What kinds of chocolate would you like to receive? { Choose as many as you would like! } Milk Chocolate Dark Chocolate & Dragon Fruit Paranoid Delusions Lucid Dreams Belief That Others Are Conspiring Dark Chocolate Dark Chocolate & Butterscotch Against Me Manic Episodes Dark Chocolate & Chili Flakes Dark Chocolate & Potato Chips Anxiety Anti-social Behavior Dark Chocolate & Pear Dark Chocolate & Irish Cream Depression Impulsive Behaviors Dark Chocolate & Violet Dark Chocolate & Bacon Sleep Disorders Delusions of Grandeur Dark Chocolate & Miracle Berry Dark Chocolate & Ginger Substance Abuse Masochistic Tendencies Dark Chocolate & Cinnamon Mystery Mix Violent Tendencies Hallucinations I agree to be admitted to this institution on my own volition, and the below signature confirms I will reside I confirm that all of the above is true and that I have read and understand all contest rules and regulations. there permanently and show no physical or verbal resistance to the matter. Printed Name Printed Name / / / / Signature Date Signature Date Print ads that look like Tearing away or turning the page reveals that it actually filled submission forms for a free out a form for submission to a mental hospital with symptoms candy giveaway. listed such as “delusions of grandeur” Wonka Subway flipbook: Illuminated images on the walls of the subway create a flipbook effect outside the window that recreates the tunnel scene from the original Wonka movie.
  24. 24. Bringing Wonka to life. To embrace the spirit of the project, The Wonka Team created a special experience for the presentation. In February 2010, Brandweek interviewed Wonka’s brand manager and innovation Presenting at the beginning of the class period, manager about their new high end the students entered into the lecture hall with the chocolate line. lights dimmed and low music playing (“I Cut Like a Buffalo” by The Dead Weather”). Nestle Hopes to Spread Wonka Magic to High End. The large, purple “Yahoo! Big Ideas Chair” which “Playing on the movie’s magical/fantastical resides in the student lounge was utilized as the element, the candy maker this month launches “psychologist chair.” Wonka Exceptionals..We realized this is a story that people experience in life and that stays with Each team member presented “in character” in them for their entire life...” voice, manners, and dress: Jarrod Higgins, CT as Mr. Alton Higgins – It’s thrilling when you complete a project technological whiz kid that you not only have a tremendous Grace Harris, CW as Ms. Gracie Harris – word-smith amount of fun creating as well as & beat poet presenting presenting, but then discover months later that the brand independently Lauren Perlow, AD as Ms. Perlow Lawrence – thought it was a great idea too. international type designer & lover of chocolate Ashleigh Edwards, CS as Dr. Edwards – uncertified psychologist Lauren Kostesko, CBM as Ms. Heidi Heidelberg - chocolate expert
  25. 25. I’m a take no prisoners nurturer. I never set out to be the nurturer. If someone had told me growing up that I was going to be the one who often turned into the “Mom” then I wouldn’t have believed them. I’m not the Suzie sunshine warm and fuzzy 24/7 type. I’m not even sure how it happened. I simply find that I am the one to make sure that everyone’s general well-being is taken care of in the midst of chaos. I’m the one with all the basics covered. Perhaps this all comes from genetics. My Mom is a classic nurturer, overzealously wanting to make sure that everyone is happy and comfortable. And it drives me bonkers. Which is probably why I wear this mantle somewhat reluctantly at times. Or maybe it comes from the time that I spent on the rescue squad managing 12+ people to respond to 911 calls that never stop while making sure that we’re all safe, too. It’s kind of like herding cats. Don’t get me wrong. I have little sympathy for martyrs or whining and complaining. I actually have little tolerance for such behaviors . But don’t mess with anybody I take under my wing. It won’t be pretty.
  26. 26. Wheat Thins wants to increase the instances that How is Wheat Thins different from the the consumer might want to reach for the Wheat rest of the cracker category? Thins box. At the same time, Wheat Thins wants to keep up with the times and is exploring what social media can do to bring Wheat Thins closer to its fans. Assignment: Create a social media platform for the Wheat Thins brand - in a way that doesn’t revolve around recipes - driving top of mind awareness and increasing purchase Wheat Thins frequency. Assigned Obective: Increase snackable occasions through Stands alone vs. needs a companion use of social media. Cracker for adults vs. cracker for kids But if we want to increase snackable occasions, we can’t just look at crackers. What other foods are competing for the consumer’s mind when they’re thinking about a quick snack? Sandy Duncan -- Rachel Ray -- 90’s Jazzercise Wheat Thins brand story = Whatever or whoever is on the box.
  27. 27. Snacker Segments Healthy: In-Between: Unhealthy: “I made a good decision “I didn’t make a bad “I think of a snack break as and I can feel good about decision. Not necesssarily a time to indulge. It’s a myself” a good one either. My lie break, after all.” is relatively unchaneged. Positive, inspiring. Honest, candid, straight-forward. Bold, tempting Wheat Thins Assigned Target: The primary grocery shopper and So...are these women social media junkies? current buyer. Yes. can Wheat Thins live in this arena? 70% are women. Most have children. They are seeking simplicity in the midst of chaos.
  28. 28. We know that social media platforms are not suited for Interacting, let alone having a each brand. Consumers have certain ways that they are conversation with Wheat Thins, willing to engage with brands online. And they are more was a concept that was confusing than willing to badmouth or ignore failed attempts. to these women. While they might become a fan of Wheat Thins on Facebook, interacting with a brand that’s all about CRACKERS isn’t something they’re open to. “Possibly for snacking recipes, but These women have two primary who looks up recipes for snacks?” online activities: Addressing the issue head on, we talked to Entertainment and fun. Wheat Thins some women within our target about Wheat Searching for advice/tips/tricks Thins and possible and reviews on issues and interactions in the social products that have to do with her media space. This is family. Direct interaction with what we heard. CPGs is minimal. “You mean for the CRACKERS?” Assignment Realignment: “I love them, but they’re just Utilizing digital media, drive top of crackers. Unless they were offering mind awareness and increase free crackers, I would never...” snackable occasions for Wheat Thins.
  29. 29. Strategy: Aware: Consider: Purchase: Use: Love: “When I take “I need “I need Wheat Thins “I need an “I need a something Consumer a break and something provides just excuse or “go-to” Need grab a snack satisfying, yummy and permission snack” enough of a to take a I need but not simple” break that you something TOO (simplicity) (versatility) break” easy” unhealthy” don’t feel guilty. Tone: Straddle Implication Give them Wheat Thins As simple of There’s a Content is the easy health- Complementary, the break aware and a delicious Wheat Thin they desire snack of treat as one for every simple, and guilty- breaks will find possibility versatile, just like pleasure Wheat Thins. Opportunities Digital Media Wheat Thins Digital Digital Recommendations and tactics: Revamp YouTube page to Remove the Wheat Website takeover and become the ultimate break site Thins Facebook and video ads on sites such that aggregates the most popular MySpace pages or as Hulu - “It’s break time” viral videos. The same kind of discontinue - ads designed to give videos that we like to watch on attempts to engage people permission to get YouTube when we have 10 in conversation in up and go grab a snack. minutes to kill - babies doing these mediums, funny things, flash mobs, horrible because currently, Website takeover - karaoke - all in one YouTube these attempts are “It’s break time” - page. being ignored. take a break from all ads.
  30. 30. It’s always a challenge to do research on no budget and few existing resources. Often, existing research requires expensive, inaccessible subscriptions. I have a “go-to” list of friends, family, and former classmates and colleagues compiled from Facebook and my email address book who were willing to be resources to take surveys, have video chats, connect me with people who knew what I needed to know, and disperse surveys as appropriate to their friends (Moms, sports fanatics, thrift store shoppers, etc). Here are my 10 go-to websites And some other online resources that have (other than the brand’s and its proven to be helpful in various ways: competitors’ websites) to do quick BBC and dirty <free!> research for a Center for Disease Control project: Facebook - fan pages and groups PSFK YouTube eBay Twitter Craigslist Tumblr University research papers Wikipedia Chatroulette New York Times Vimeo Wall Street Journal Blogs // personal and corporate BrandTags Topical forums Flickr NotCot NPR FFFFound The Cool Hunter Gizmodo C/Net reviews Product reviews on Amazon (or other retail sites) Wired, Good magazine, Fast Company blogs
  31. 31. Credits Expedia Noxzema CBM: Jennie Anderson CS: Ryan Gallagher CW: Chris Trumbull CS: Pankaj Rawat AD: Maggie McClurken CS: Rachel Stallworth AD: Lauren Perlow CT: Colin Eagan Wonka Wheat Thins CBM: Lauren Kosteski CS: Kelly Foss CW: Grace Harris CS: Christina Herrmann AD: Lauren Perlow CS: Michael Whitten CT: Jarrod Higgins CS: Layne Wilson