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This is a research presentation for my AS Media Studies Task 3. I do not own/claim any of the information to be my own - all internet sourcing. Rights go to the owners for the images.

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Task 3 presentation

  2. 2. RESEARCH: THE GENERAL MAGAZINE CONCEPTMy 5 magazines I have chosen are TeenVogue, CosmoGirl, Seventeen, ELLEGirl andDOLLY.For each magazine I shall analyse a specific cover feature(s) that answer the question: ‘Towhat extent should magazines be held responsible for the social ramifications of therepresntations they offer?’For TeenVogue I shall be looking at the largest cover line (body issue) and the number/puffdesign (male attarction)For CosmoGirl I shall be looking at the cover line theme and the main image.For Seventeen I shall be looking at the cover lines are worded to promote a girlie image.Linking to my previous cover examples.For ELLEGirl I shall be looking at how the cover lines and main image give an idea ofmoney and what we should spend our time doing/being.For DOLLY I shall be looking at how males are represented from the main image and coverlines, linking to the previous magazine examples.The 5 covers I have picked all have the ideology of how girls should look, spendtime/money and how they should behave (especially in make company).
  3. 3. ‘Teen Vogue’ is a US magazine versionof ‘Vogue’ for teenage girls. It mainlyfocuses on fashion and celebrities,however it does offer informationabout the latest entertainment andfeature stories on currentevents/issues.The magazine follows the basic tenetsof teen magazines, although with amore glossy view which fits with thetemplate of the Vogue style. Themagazine also features more serioustopics such as discussions about teenpregnancy. Sourced from: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teen_Vogue
  4. 4. ‘CosmoGirl’ was an American spin-off of ‘Cosmopolitan’magazine based in New York City, published from 1999until 2008. It targeted teenage girls featuring fashion andcelebrities.Each issue had: an interview & photo shoot with acurrent celebrity, a beauty section featuring hair, skin,and makeup tips and trends, a fashion sectionhighlighting various spreads of trends and clothes, andthe Stars section which included articles on celebritiesother than those featured on the cover. March 2008introduced a section named JSYK (Just So You Know),which had advice and stories of how readers fell in love,and a shocking real life story. There were alsoembarrassing stories, and a manga comic featuring acharacter called ‘CG’. The end Body & Soul sectioncovered sexual health, mental health, nutrition andfitness. Sourced from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cosmo_Girl
  5. 5. ‘Seventeen’ was the first teen magazine established inthe US for young girls and women from the ages of12–19. It began as a publication geared towardsinspiring teen girls to become role models in work andcitizenship. Soon after its debut, ‘Seventeen’ took amore fashion and romance-oriented approach inpresenting their material, while still maintaining theirmodel of promoting self-confidence in young women.It was first published in September 1944.The magazine is organized into the following sections:fashion, beauty, health, love, and life. There are alsoaspects of the magazine that appear in each issue, suchas the "Letter from the Editor" section, Horoscope,"Traumarama," "What You Think!" and a "Freebies"section. Sourced from: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seventeen_(magazine)
  6. 6. ‘Elle Girl’ was the largest older-teen fashion andbeauty magazine brand in the world with 12editions and supplements worldwide. Launched inAugust 2001, it was the younger sibling to ‘Elle’magazine, and similarly focused on beauty, health,entertainment and looked at daring fashion—itsslogan: "Dare to be different".Its staffers were informed in early April 2006 thatElle Girl (USA)s last issue would be its June/July2006 Summer Issue, while they were already in themiddle of working on the August 2006 issue, whichis traditionally the largest issue of the year—covering fall fashion and back-to-school topics. Thecompany intends to continue updating theellegirl.com website and create new media inconjunction with Alloy.com. The British edition ofElle Girl magazine had been closed for businessshortly before the American magazine was. Sourced from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elle_Girl
  7. 7. DOLLY is a monthly teen magazine started in1970 by Fairfax Ltd. in Australia and NewZealand, and purchased by ACP in 1988.Dolly was the basis and inspiration for SassyMagazine (1987-1996) in the US.The magazine is aimed at older teenage girls(13-17 years) and covers celebrity news andgossip, fashion & beauty and various featurearticles attractive to female teenagers anddealing with issues that are faced by this agegroup and gender.The magazine has now produced over 400issues and in as of 2007 has a readership of505,000. Sourced from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dolly_(magazine )
  8. 8. RESEARCH SOURCINGAll my research is sourced from the internet, I do not claimany of the information to be my own, I have slightly alteredsome of the wording/presentation layout for the keyinformation (that I think is relevant) and edited this forgrammar and cohesion.Images are all sourced from google images which lead toother external sites.