Question 5 - How did you attract/address your audience?

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My AS Media Studies Evaluation Question response.

My AS Media Studies Evaluation Question response.

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  • 1. Question 5: How did you attract/address your audience?
  • 2. Research & Planning:When writing my proposal I thought about how my magazine could reflect the genre in a more traditional way. I wanted to focus on the artists themselves and how they are more than ‘just music’ they are about style and presentation. This I think was important to look at my research in a way that was influenced by lifestyle and self reflection (in the mindset of my target audience) of the person who listens to music.When I found my research I made sure I stuck to interesting points I found to show the use of genre and target audience conventions.
  • 3. Photography:When looking back at my research into shot types and mise- en-scene (costume mostly) I had kept to the information I had discovered for my audience representation. I started targeting both genders by featuring a male and female within my target demographic.My images were how I was overall representing my target audience and genre, so it was curtail I got them perfect. I uploaded my images to facebook and asked people for feedback. My most constructive commenter was my friend Georgia who is obsessed with indie bands and photos. I used her opinions to make sure I had selected the photographs that would work best for an indie/acoustic magazine.
  • 4. I asked my target audience and people who were fans of the genre what they thought when they randomly saw the composition of my design work. Here is a bullet point list of comments I received throughout my collection of•so perfect photographs. •really intense, effective •so cute (x3)•this ones amazing •really cute •mysterious•love it (x2) •this ones just amazing •beautiful•this one is really intense •really sweet love this one •just perfect•this ones really sweet •dark atmosphere •so dramatic•just gorgeous •advert - so sweet •model... right now...•really elegant •this ones just so amazing -•love this one (x3) love it so much•this ones really cute (x2) •love this one - so dramatic•this ones beautiful •really cute - quirky•this ones so dramatic •dramatic lighting•dramatic •so amazing•this ones great •perfect (x2)•intense •just beautiful
  • 5. This comment I took This comment I took into consideration and into consideration and made sure that I only made sure that I used used photos with a this ‘dramatic’ effect blank background to for the cover to grab make the artists stand my target audience’s out more. attention. This comment I took This comment I took into consideration into consideration and however this photo made sure that didn’t make the final included some more DPS because I two shot on my DPS. I thought others fitted didn’t choose this one the target audience because of how better. different it was to the others and would THESE COMMENTS ARE have affected theSMALL SO PLEASE MAKE consistency of my design.THIS PRESENTATION FULL SCREEN!
  • 6. This comment I took This comment I took into consideration into consideration used the different eye however I felt there focuses in another were better shot of two shot to add this Kiera that met the element into my DPS. genre conventions. This comment I took into consideration and made sure that I used some shots with the hat in to incorporate the ‘quirky’ prop to show costume conventions. This comment I took into consideration and made sure THESE COMMENTS ARE that I used photos with this lighting, as it picked up theSMALL SO PLEASE MAKE shadows on her face reallyTHIS PRESENTATION FULL well and looked like a professional magazine shoot. SCREEN!
  • 7. This comment I took into consideration and made sure that I had some shots This comment I took into of Kiera that looked feisty consideration and made like this one. I’m not sure sure that I had some why I didn’t use this shot, vertical shots alongside but it was mostly likely due horizontal shots. I wanted to issues with enough a two shot to have this space. casual element, so I chose a variation of the cover image with this relaxed feel. This comment I took into consideration and made sure that I used a photo like This comment I this on my DPS took into (which I did). consideration and made sure that I THESE COMMENTS ARE kept Kiera mostly in the foreground.SMALL SO PLEASE MAKETHIS PRESENTATION FULL SCREEN!
  • 8. This comment I took This comment I took into consideration and into consideration and made sure that I had tried to recreate this included light and mood without dark in my photos to disrupting the create this visually consistency in design. appealing blend. This comment I took into This comment I took consideration and into consideration and because I had received made sure that I used similar feedback of light this pose and mise- and dark, I chose this two en-scene. I think the shot to bring comments shot distance works together to fulfil target well here, and shows audience and off the centre framing. conventions. THESE COMMENTS ARESMALL SO PLEASE MAKETHIS PRESENTATION FULL SCREEN!
  • 9. This comment I This comment I took took into into consideration and consideration and made sure that I only used a similar used photos with a shot distance for blank background to one of the photos make the artists stand on my contents out more. and DPS. This comment I took into consideration and made sure that I used this dark intensity for my front cover to give the same reaction. This comment I took into consideration and made sure that I used photos that THESE COMMENTS ARE captured Kiera in the same way that makes her hairSMALL SO PLEASE MAKE look this way and makes herTHIS PRESENTATION FULL eyes look brighter. SCREEN!
  • 10. This comment I took into consideration and made sure that I used the same pose but a better facial This comment I expression. Apart from took into that change the photos consideration and were identical. made sure that I This comment I took into consideration and made sure that I used a shot that was taken straight after this one so only the pose altered. Apart from that change the This comment I took into photos were consideration because it identical. had such a strong reaction and it was so different from THESE COMMENTS ARE most of my other images I thought this one would be aSMALL SO PLEASE MAKE good shot to use enlarged on my contents page. I thinkTHIS PRESENTATION FULL the posing was strong SCREEN! enough to pull it off.
  • 11. This comment I took into This comment I took into consideration and made sure consideration and made that I used shots where Kiera sure that I had sense of had her eyes panning down the camera to make the magazine difference to my imagery personal/relevant to add a that doesn’t seem the sense of communication with same as other the reader. I think the way it magazines. I think this showed only her looking helped my magazine matched other positive stay original. feedback I had received. This comment I took into This comment I took consideration and made into consideration and sure that I used shots with made sure that I used active looking poses, I photographs that had didn’t want my sense of contrast so photographs to look static they stood out on the as if they just stood page. They weren’t as around. That’s why I used intense as this one, but the show of her hair did incorporate the flicking for my DPS. essence. THESE COMMENTS ARESMALL SO PLEASE MAKETHIS PRESENTATION FULL SCREEN!
  • 12. The weaving of the The hat was used as a convention of the Her hair is very natural, a convention in the representation of Indie masthead is unconventional (most representation of ‘Indies’ I discovered in my musicians, her long wavy hair shows the connotations and stereotype opt for behind or in Research & Planning which proved ‘quirky’ from fulfilled. It shows a down-to-earth tone about the magazine and how front) which gave my Target Audience feedback. this is about music not the perfection of an artists hair that might vertical mastheadoriginality. I think using occur for a pop magazine. * Pull out quote and lower case was more appropriate for the differences in font genre than capitals. I slightly show magazine think capitals would conventions. This have seemed too variation used for each aggressive for my laid cover line gives is aback style of magazine more professional and visually this quality. This was my appeals to my target only quote and slight audience. form of plug on my The mise-en-scene shows the genre and is cover. I decided to use relevant to music. It grey because it was a contrasts against the colour that worked welllighter black background in co-ordinating with the in a way that isn’t black and white distracting. photography which looked slightly grey- * scale. I helps the blue stand out between the Using the baby sky blue two greys . I didn’t use only once on the cover any additional puffs,highlights the significance plugs or stand out of the link to that colour colour choices because and looks visually I wanted to keep a interesting as a pattern simplicity that suited the amongst the cover lines. genre conventions and The use of column and lines is more noticeable show off the background with this between the mise-en-scene more. greys, This would have been The names of artists in the hidden if I had what magazine are underlined to looked like stickers highlight the genre and attract an slapped over my main indie music fan of bands that they Both their eyes are panning down the camera lens to give a sense image to make it look are likely to be interested in. The price is really Both their hands Highlighting significant people on important to show the are placed like a of direct address and personal relevance. This gives a sense of tacky.the cover follows some conventions class of the target school photo, this communication with the artist and the reader. This was important of addressing a target audience. I audience, £2.85 may link to education to set up from the start as it fulfils the point interview – to think this shows the representation seem expensive to a of fans as people who want to be and style of look communicate to a reader about the artist. This look was mentioned working class reader, informed of their favourite artists presents a preppy in my target audience feedback, so I thought it was important to however for employed not entertained. The black text middle class people, it edge to the artists bring it forward on my front cover. The darkness around their eyes boxes makes the cover lines isn’t far off £2.50, which that fulfils the also fulfils the ‘spooky’ comment about being dark and intense. standout and fulfils genre conventions of interesting design was the price fedback to genre and artist Using this allowed me to attract my target audience’s attentionand features that are unique to that me in my research & representation because it’s so different to brightly lit front covers that’s brand. Continuing this onto my planning. I think this stereotype. everywhere today.
  • 13. The repetition The repetition of black text boxes to highlight headings The repetition of mise-en-scene as the photography set to show it’s a music of masthead matches the design on the front cover to keep the magazine, fulfilling the conventions of the genre as well. The use of black and white for the consistency, The use of the blue font colour uses the key photography throughout matches the front cover and represents the conventions ofcontents page colour of the issue and looks visual. It connotates to the attracting target audience I looked at during my research and planning. Thetitle shows the indie genre to attract and appeal to the target audience. consistency of design adds professionalism and the look of a real media product.consistency in design by relating to the front cover, I’ve used the same technique of overlappingthe image withthe text to give the brand a significant look. This fulfilment of convention makes themagazine look more professionalbut also sticks to the convention of a quirky indie magazine. The repetition of blue font and colour with black text The repetition of The use of social The layout of text matches the caption on thebox shows a consistency in design and relates to the background colour media represents the photograph, showing a consistency in design layout. It same person highlighted on the cover. It works as a throughout keeps the target audience shows the conventions of a music magazine whichcaption to the photograph well because of the strong consistency of design and through age. It attracts should appeal to a music fan. The contents include theimage has a feisty pull quote alongside it. I used this colour scheme. It attracts them through interest cover lines on the front cover linking with what’s to relate to my feedback given from my target the target audience by and lifestyle, this advertised on the front cover to what’s actually inside. audience to show how I was attracting them. The keeping a constant theme matches my research The descriptions appeal to the target audience by giving them a hint into what they want to read about and use bold font with the description underneath matches and showing the and planning. It forms of features that they would expect to see (article, the style of font layout on the adjacent page. Having conventions of the genre appeals to their other interview, biography etc.) in a music magazine. Not the caption as a pull quote looks more interesting through connotations of past times, so by labelling every page shows the conventions of a real and appealing to the target audience because it colour. Grey can be seen combining both music magazine, I have used short amounts of text appeal to a works similar to a plug without looking obvious or as thoughtful, something and other ways to young demographic and represent an image focusedtacky. I think the positioning isn’t too dominating over that reflects the indie spend time it conveys target audience (links to instagram/twitter/tumblr) who the rest of the page but it highlighted enough to music and artists. and link and feel of use social media sites that focus on using images rather
  • 14. The youthful and This is an image that was well received amongst my target audience, The repetition mise-en-scene shows the genre and is The repetition of blue energetic image the red edit over it adds a moodiness and attitude to the image and relevant to music. It contrasts against the lighter colour scheme and black shows my inclusion of uses the conventions of how youths are seen in today’s media. I have black background to stand out and show the text box highlights the feedback and how I kept my male artist in a hat throughout because it shows the quirky representation of a modern music scene. It keeps subtitle and design have used movement conventions of the style of artists and their representations, target the consistency of design throughout the front consistency that is keptto represent the young audience and genre. cover, contents and DPS. throughout my three target audience and elements. It stands outappealed to what they because it has only been find stimulating to find used once. It uses chatty in a music magazine. language to give the style It adds a sense of life of the feature and relates to the stereotyped to the young target indie music which audience, which should conventionally is very attract and appeal to thoughtful. I have them. It’s an informal included this to blend address that adds a with the stereotype relevant sense of and not seem two communication. The dimensional. vocabulary is fairly basic, but guides the audienceThe use of a two shot * into the feature with ease. in a casual manner The one column of text was something that looks really obviouslywas positively fedback placed and adds a sense to me, I wanted to of importance to what isinclude the thoughts I said. The consistent usewas given and having of one grey backgrounda similar image to the keeps the genre colour cover keeps design conventions throughout. Itconsistency and style. co-ordinates well with the It features the mise- black and white en-scene to attract photographs. and appeal to the The use of age brackets target audience and fulfils the conventions of a shows off the genre real media product but conventions. *The turquoise edit also points out the target adds visual appeal to audience is young. Being this well received in the middle (roughly) ofimage that I wanted to the 16-26 bracket shows include because of it’s not just for teenagers audience response. it’s for early adults. The The image’s style font choice is like a looks professional. newspaper, or a novel The repetition of including an internet association keeps the target This look and pose was The use of blog style of writing with catchy sounds and which stereotypically fits audience in mind and shows the representation of the younger commented on in my play on words is presented in an intellectual way to the ideology of theirgeneration of today’s western culture. It relates back to the contents target audience attract and appeal to the target audience’s interest in lifestyle choice. This linkpage, with the representation fulfilling the stereotype that connotates feedback and I think this education and internet use (communication and relaxing to other lifestyle aspects to how indie music is seen and communicated with it’s target shot was the best one to past time). It gives the article an upbeat tone which should attract and appealaudience. It communicates the ideology that indie musicians promote attract and appeal to would relate to the style young adults would want to to them because it shows online and get their word of mouth through videos and web that. The purple edit is read and keeps it fresh and modern, The language isn’t a connection and association. It also matches the youtube nation and how the 16-26 calming, which contrasts too colloquial that it couldn’t be appreciated by other understanding of them demographic use and consume the media. The idea of exclusivity to the harsh tone this audiences but it keeps it middle class and entertaining. which gives the magazine and content only they will know about is something that will attract image could portray but The description and factual information keeps to the a sense of personal the target audience and appeal to their want to be individual and now looks soft and conventions of a magazine and homes in on the genre communication. Which adds another appeal.