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Understanding Kommbox
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Understanding Kommbox


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Kommbox is for managing the communication asset of organizations centrally.

Kommbox is for managing the communication asset of organizations centrally.

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  • 1. Understanding Kommbox© Acism Software Private Limited, All rights reserved
  • 2. What is a kommboxKommbox stands for communication box or common box.It holds the communication pertaining to a context. Name of the kommbox DiscussionsOpen tasks within within a kommbox the kommbox Users who have access to the kommbox
  • 3. Internally Shared Kommbox● A special type of kommbox to which all the internal users get automatically assigned.● Such a kommbox is used to store internal communication – such as HR / accounting processes
  • 4. User Takes part in communication Could be internal or externalAdmin User● Admin user is a special kind of user which can create users, kommboxes and give kommbox accesses to users.● Admin user can also delete tasks, discussions, attachments or move messages within a kommbox.● A special role ”Project Manager” has admin privileges within a kommbox.
  • 5. Messages & Discussions● Users engage in discussions. Discussion threads are maintained.● Email notifications are sent out (and sms, if configured). All is well I am upset Potential problemFamiliar signal colors The mood of the last messageare used to indicate in a discussion indicatesmessage mood. current mood of the discussion.
  • 6. Tasks● Like discussions, tasks are also maintained within the kommbox and are visible to all its members.● Task notifications are also sent out by email (and sms). Work can be logged by task assignees.
  • 7. Thanking One Another Click to thank others Thanking contributes to for their generatingtask / discussion update a positive environment. Dont you feel good when others thank you?
  • 8. Email Integration Task notifications Create discussionDiscussion notifications Reply to a discussion Daily digest Create task Weekly digest Update task ● Your notification settings (My Profile page) control which emails come to your mailbox. ● The emails go out from Kommbox Mailman email id and your email id is never exposed to other users. ● Kommbox Mailman can also create / update tasks or discussions based on email received (in a specific format).
  • 9. Important StuffDashboard My Tasks● Health of communications ● Tasks waiting on me & tasks across kommboxes assigned by me● Updates ● Task issuesCommunication Report Search● Communications happened ● Find communication based within specified period on keyword ● Within a kommbox or across kommboxes
  • 10. Thank you Sales: Support: