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HeadTracker is a recruitment software that can be used to manage candidate database and the recruitment workflow. Being flexible, it fits into a variety of recruitment processes well. It can be …

HeadTracker is a recruitment software that can be used to manage candidate database and the recruitment workflow. Being flexible, it fits into a variety of recruitment processes well. It can be installed on the office intranet or over the internet.

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  • 1. HeadTrackerValue Proposition Recruiters “Friend in Need” Acism Software Private Limited Feb 2013
  • 2. Software for Recruitment Job Portal High volume Does not track Good starting Not a low quality feed recruitment point differentiator of candidates workflowA recruitment management software such as HeadTracker fills the needs that are notaddressed by job portals. Recruitment Management SoftwareLets you build your own candidate data Helps track the recruitment workflow. bank – high quality, unique to your This is important because 90% of company and hence a differentiator. recruiters’ time is spent in here.
  • 3. Who Need to Track Recruitment Workflow Need candidates from outside Students are the candidates Recruitment Staffing Recruiters Agencies Placement cells Agencies in Companies in InstitutesFulfill internal requirements Fulfill requirements of external clients All these can benefit from using HeadTracker.
  • 4. HeadTracker is Web-Installable It may be used in one of the two modes Intranet Internet HeadTracker isHeadTracker is installed on one installed with amachine on your office LAN (Linux / web hostWindows / Mac)Accessed from all other machines Accessed anywhere in the worldin the LAN, using a web browser over internet, using a web browser
  • 5. Benefits to Customers You can save huge on Your recruitment hardware (by using dumb data stays in one terminals / cheap machines), on place that is operating system (by using controlled by you. Linux which is free), on software This makes it easy to licenses (the base software – take backup and Java / Tomcat are all free) secure it. Benefits Setup and onboarding areRecruiting is not affected easy due to zero installationwhen your internet requirement on users’connectivity goes down machines.(Intranet mode) Recruitment data being centrally available means that there is no duplication of CVs on different machines, and up to the last minute status is available to all users.
  • 6. How HeadTracker Helps in Building Candidate Database One time setup 1 Generate job Ask your web 1 Use the job seeker form developer to seeker form on from AND put it up on OR headtracker.in HeadTracker your site. FREE of cost2 3 Candidate applies online Candidate profile is using the job seeker automatically imported into the form. Optional field database, without spending a JobCode indicates the minute on the part of your job to be applied for. recruitment team.Case Study: A leading placement agency customer of HeadTracker got first 1000candidate applications through the Job seeker form in the first 2.5 months.Other mechanisms like resume parser, excel import, import email are also available withHeadTracker.
  • 7. How HeadTracker Helps inProposing Candidates to Requirements 1 Powerful search on almost every field. Feed in the client and the Searches can be saved & reused. requirement details. Auto-update of experience: If a candidate had 2 4 yrs experience 1 yr ago, then her experience is considered 5 yrs in today’s searches. Search candidates and create proposals Flagging functionality may help. It lets you mark candidates for future reference. 3 Communication logs / comments maintained at Email CVs of proposed client/ requirement/ candidate level may help. candidates / a spreadsheet of proposed candidates to the client The email ids that are used for client for shortlisting. communication are configured in HeadTracker. Any replies come to them.
  • 8. How HeadTracker Helps in The Recruitment Workflow 1 Candidates can be emailed the interviewCreate Interviews / Tests details and any updates to them. They canfor a requirement also be sent an Outlook invite from within HeadTracker. 2 Manual alerts can be set againstAssign to them the interviews, so that a recruiter may getcandidates proposed alerted and may call up the candidates.for the requirement. Candidates are automatically emailed their result. 3Log the results The latest status of all candidates proposed for a(shortlist / reject / requirement is available on the requirement page, andaccept) along with as a CSV download (useful to the interview panel.)reason. The status of all requirements to which a candidate is proposed is available on the candidate page (useful if a candidate calls up).
  • 9. How HeadTracker Helps in InvoicingInvoicing is relevant to third party placement / staffing agencies. Auto-alerts in HeadTracker are linked to the change of state, and they can be set to fire after a few days. Thus, an auto-alert may be configured to fire one month after a candidate joined a company – so that an invoice be sent.
  • 10. How HeadTracker Helps in Decision MakingSource efficiency report Proposal pipeline reportindicates how different shows the pipeline (proposalsources of candidates have statuses) against variousperformed. clients / requirement. Reports Team report shows how different teams (led by their respective team leads) are performing. Many other reports can be configured depending on individual needs.
  • 11. How HeadTracker Helps in Recruiter’s Daily Activities All recruitment data is available to all recruiters. One gets benefited from the candidate database added by others / jobseeker form. Alerts can be created for candidates, clients, requirements and interviews. They help a recruiter plan her day. Alerts for a recruiter may be seen by another Candidates, recruiter. This enables one to stand in forRequirements someone who is absent and may be working on etc a hot requirement.
  • 12. @ http://headtracker.in  sales@headtracker.in  support@headtracker.in HeadTracker is owned by Acism Software Private Limited, Pune, India.