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Communication is the heart of an organization. In most organizations, important communication is maintained over distributed and individually controlled email mailboxes. While these mailboxes come as …

Communication is the heart of an organization. In most organizations, important communication is maintained over distributed and individually controlled email mailboxes. While these mailboxes come as the default storage mechanism with the use of email, they are not ideally suited for the need. It is possible to increase efficiency by 20% and prevent opportunity loss through the use of our powerful yet very easy-to-use and highly flexible tool - Communication Tracker.

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  • 1. Because Communication Matters!August 2012 Acism Software Private Limited
  • 2. Mailbox Management ProblemImportant information gets stored inemail mailboxes.Managing them is a pain though! @◦ Growing noise – only 10% email relevant◦ Staying organized takes time and discipline◦ People who are not organized bother others for finding past emails◦ People get dropped out of conversation When someone leaves your ◦ Unintentionally when someone organization, mails in his presses Reply instead of Reply All mailbox are lost. ◦ Because messages go to their spam What if there were any important folder, or simply get lost in a crowded email that you could need later? Inbox
  • 3. Related Problems You are busy and someone is Task Management Issues: added to your team to help you. • You assign task to someone and Now, in addition to your already she forgets to report back pressing work, you need to find more time to find and share • Everyone in the team is not in relevant past emails with the loop over the progress or any newcomer. delays of a task.
  • 4. Root CauseIndividually controlled mailboxesis the wrong place to storeimportant communication.An organization needs a centralplace to which everyone concernedhas access and can search.Like discussions, tasks are alsoneeded to be available centrally, sothat everyone in the team can knowthe progress.
  • 5. The SolutionCommunication Tracker Central place to store discussions and tasks – project-wise  Accesses restricted at project level Simple to use  Zero learning curve Integrates with email Tracks important information
  • 6. Benefits Saves productive time  .. otherwise wasted in managing mailbox, searching and forwarding communication to others or following up for task progress Prevents opportunity loss  .. that could be caused by tasks getting dropped or misreported, important communication not found MIS and Reports for zero extra effort  Dashboard view to find out the top level status of projects  My tasks view to check on all tasks waiting on me or assigned by me  Daily / Weekly communication reports in email Saved bandwidth (reduction in spam)  Individual email ids are no more public  Emails one received are based on one’s notification settings Saved storage  No duplication in central repository  Individual mailboxes redundant and need not be backed up More Security  If used with SSL and no message forwarding
  • 7. Design PrinciplesGuidelines Used While Designing Communication Tracker: Zero Learning Curve  Simplicity upheld over feature-richness  Most users find it familiar and too easy Extended Team  Catering to the needs of the extended team comprising of people both internal and external to organization Organizational continuity  Communication preserved even if people change  Kept features like ‘private message’ out which could kill this Evolution over Revolution  Ease of use reduces chances of resistence  Capturing one’s inputs over email even if one does not want to log in to Communication Tracker Visualization  Using standard signal colors to capture health of discussions More Value for Less Effort  For the same effort that it takes to write email, Communication Tracker gives you a great MIS and consolidated reports.
  • 8. Thank you! Web: Sales: Support: Quick Links FREE Sign up Concept Paper Savings calculator