Responses to the mumbai megaproject cm maharashtra_and_mumbai_first


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Responses From The Chief Minister Of Maharashtra and Bombay First to the Mumbai Megaproject

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Responses to the mumbai megaproject cm maharashtra_and_mumbai_first

  1. 1. Responses To The Mumbai Megaproject 1. From Chief Minister Of Maharashtra ---------- Forwarded message ---------From: "Chief Minister office" <> Date: 29 Jul 2013 19:26 Subject: FW: Mumbai Megaproject can bring in US $ 70 - 75 Billion ... In FDI To: "Manu Kumar Shrivastav" <> Cc: "Ashish Puntambekar" <> Respected Sir/Madam, Forwarding this email for neccessary action. Registry Section, Chief Minister's Office, Mantralaya, Mumbai. Email: 2. From Bombay First ---------- Forwarded message ---------From: Narinder Nayar <> Date: Fri, Jul 26, 2013 at 12:35 PM Subject: RE: Solving Mumbai's Flood Problem ... The Mumbai Megaproject Plan To: MumbaiMega P <>, Cc: Ashwini Thakar <> Dear Mr. Puntambekar, Thank you for your message. We will be interested to have details of what you can do to help flood problems in the city. If necessary, we can help to take it up to the higher Authorities. Narinder Nayar Chairman Bombay First
  2. 2. From: Ashish Puntambekar [] Sent: Monday, July 22, 2013 12:03 AM To:; Chief Minister office; Chief Minister office Cc:;;;;;;;;; Jayant Banthia; Manu Kumar Shrivastav; Jayant Banthia;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Subject: Mumbai Megaproject can bring in US $ 70 - 75 Billion ... In FDI Kind Attn : Shri. P Chidambaram / Shri. Prithviraj Chavan Sirs, As the Govt. is aware, India currently faces a grave financial crisis andserious material steps are necessary to bring the economy back on track. All major economic indicators are extremely bearish : 1. The Rupee is down nearly 9 % since May ' 13 ... against the USD 2. Current account deficit is at 4.8 % of GDP … at US $ 88 Billion 3. Total external debt is US $ 390 Billion ... and rising 4. Portfolio investment inflows are a high risk area ... and a reversal in flows could precipitate an immediate economic crisis While the above condition is serious , even more serious is the approaching Un-Employment Tsunami that threatens social stability across India. The numbers are as follows : - 112 Million already un-employed - Another150 Million + young people are forecast to enter the job going age group by 2018 according to the 2011 census and 2007 WHO / ILO data The numbers clearly are extremely grave. To restore market confidence and especially to address the un-employment problem, it is necessary for the Govt. of India to usher in an “Era of Megaprojects “ that can provide Millions of New Jobs , bring in large amounts of FDI , encourage domestic investment and create SKILLS that will help achieve and sustain an economy ofUS $ 4.5 Trillion that we have been projected to become by2025.
  3. 3. The Mumbai Megaproject ... As a Possible Large Scale Solution The Mumbai Megaproject is a plan that has been submitted to the Govt of Maharashtra in May ’ 2013. The scheme is designed to un-lock nearlyUS $ 300 Billion ( Rs 16.5 Lakh Crores + ) of value in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region ( MMR ) .This is a net cash generating project and requires mainly legislative and administrative support and very little financial support as the project re-pays all start up funds within 2 years. Please visit : The Megaproject consists of 22 different infrastructure projects, 21 of which will be executed in and around Mumbai and the last one ( the 22nd ) is for execution in rural Maharashtra where it will construct 60,000 check dams ( To restore water tables to150 ft from 1200 ft ), 2000 secondary schools and 300 medium sized hospitals in addition to a large transport network and 3 Eco – cities in tribal areas. An important aspect of the Megaproject is its ability to bring in huge amounts of Foreign Direct Investment ( FDI ). The following four projects ( among the 22 ) are expected to bring in US $ 70 – 75 Billion in terms of FDI ( conservative estimate ) within 2 – 3 years of project initiation. The projects are : 1. The New Archipelago & Marine National Park Project : 2. The Inner Harbour Re-Development Project : 3. The Mithi River Re-Juvenation Plan : 4. Mumbai’s Next Generation Transportation Backbone : seaSubwayRing.php Besides bringing in huge amounts of FDI , the Megaproject will also create nearly6 Million New Jobs in Maharashtra, which considerably reduces the stress on the state Government as by 2018 nearly15 Million young people are forecast to enter the job going age group in the state.
  4. 4. Given its huge advantages and its ability to simultaneously solve multiple macro problems and build massive SKILL sets, the Mumbai and Maharashtra Investment Megaproject deserves to get priority attention from both the Central Government and the Govt of Maharashtra. An essentialcondition precedent of the Megaproject is the passage by the Maharashtra Assembly of the74th amendment to the constitution ( This has already been passed by Parliament in the early 1990’s ).Today it is impossible to do anything in Mumbai as permission of in excess of 10 agencies is required to get anything done.Adoption of the 74th Amendment will reduce that to just one agency (The Mumbai Municipal Corporation) … once this is done the $ 300 Billion Mumbai Megaproject will immediately become possible bringingunprecedented prosperity to Maharashtra. Essentially therefore, all that is required is for the Govt. of Maharashtra to say “YES “. If there are any queries regarding the Megaproject, I will be very happy to answer them. If the Government is interested, I can also make a detailed presentation regarding the Megaproject and its various facets, either in New Delhi or in Mumbai to answer any questions senior people may have. Sincerely, Ashish Puntambekar Project Designer The Planning & Design Lab The Mumbai Megaproject &The Indian Education Megaproject … High quality Education to126 Million children … totally free of cost E Mail : About the Lab : The Planning & Design Lab is a specialist outfit which looks at high value Infrastructure project design with Capex in excess of US $ 300 Million. We are based in India, but can design large projects for Execution around the world. Clients can expect to save 5 – 10 % of Capex on large projects ... so if your project costs $3 Billion, we can help you save upwards of $ 150 Million. We can also change the way you look at your project by introducing entirely new ideas. Our areas of expertise areInfrastructure ( Airports, Ports, Roads, Power Plants and LNG, Pipeline Systems ),City Development projects, Education and ... most importantly Healthcare which is now a high priority area for the Lab as it can create 40 Million new Jobs in India.