Evolution Of The Infantry Rifle(1)


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Evolution Of The Infantry Rifle(1)

  1. 1. Evolution of the Infantry Rifle.
  2. 2. Introduction • The U.S. Infantry, wether it be Marine or Army has waged war with rifle in hand since the American Civil War, if you have ever seen a portrait or statue of a military infantry man, he is always seen with rifle in hand. The army personnel used flintlock rifle back in American Civil War and use bolt action now. This leaves you to wonder, when was the rifle first used and what rifle was it? How have they evolved?
  3. 3. How I became interested in this topic? • As an infantryman myself who uses the Automatic Rifle M-4, one of the latest rifles the military has to offer infantrymen I’ve wondered what my ancestors were using and how hard it was for them to shoot.
  4. 4. Genres • Flintlock vs. Bolt Action • Rifles used in Wars • Rifles used in video games • Cleaning a Rifle • Future Weapon
  5. 5. Flintlock vs Bolt Action
  6. 6. Rifles used in Wars • These rifles have been used in past wars up until the present war in Iraq. During these times they’ve evolved or modified for military strategies and equip our soldiers with the best technology to protect and defend our country and fight against any enemy attack, foreign or domestic.
  7. 7. Infantry rifles of World War I M1903 M1917 Enfield The M1918A2 BAR
  8. 8. Infantry rifles of World War II Johnson M1941 M1 Carbine Winchester Model 1912
  9. 9. Infantry rifles of Vietnam War M16 A-1 M16 A-2
  10. 10. Infantry rifles of Iraq War M-4 M-249
  11. 11. Present Rifle FN SCAR –Special Operations Combat Assault Rifle May 11,2009- 600 members of 75th Ranger Bn. Sent.
  12. 12. Rifle used in video games • Some projects in the Army have been cancelled and some videogames such as Rainbow Six use them like the rifle XM8.
  13. 13. Cleaning the rifle • Keep oil away from the openings into the firing pin housing (oil is a collector of dirt and powder buildup, and buildup around your firing pin can prevent it from firing). • Be sure the solvent is safe for your gun, and preferably, safe for continual contact with your hands. • Wash your hands after handling the gun and cleaning supplies. • Always clean your gun in a well ventilated area, as fumes from solvents or oils can be unhealthy if inhaled.
  14. 14. Cleaning the rifle
  15. 15. Future Weapon • Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) is a crowd-control and hailing device. The device was originally intended to be used by American warships to warn incoming vessels approaching without permission, and some reports claim that this is now a quot;non-lethal weaponquot;. Its output up to 155 db, focused at a distance, is sufficient to produce permanent ear damage and temporarily disrupt vision. It may also be used simply as a very effective megaphone prior to any use as a weapon. A way to calm the masses without the use of lethal weapons would be the best way to go.
  16. 16. Future Weapon Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD)
  17. 17. The Rifleman's Creed • This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My rifle is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I master my life. My rifle, without me, is useless. Without my rifle, I am useless. I must fire my rifle true. I must shoot straighter than any enemy who is trying to kill me. I must shoot him before he shoots me. I will.... • My rifle and myself know that what counts in this war is not the rounds we fire, the noise of our burst, nor the smoke we make. We know that it is the hits that count. We will hit... • My rifle is human, even as I, because it is my life. Thus, I will learn it as a brother. I will learn its weakness, its strength, its parts, its accessories, its sights and its barrel. I will keep my rifle clean and ready, even as I am clean and ready. We will become part of each other. We will... • Before God I swear this creed. My rifle and myself are the defenders of my country. We are the masters of our enemy. We are the saviors of my life. So be it, until victory is America's and there is no enemy, but Peace.
  18. 18. Thanks for your attention