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  1. 1. Shape, Form, Space es/05_ron-figure-drawing.htm Ashleigh Benn
  2. 2. Geometric form• This image has abstract/ geometric shapes creating the form. The space surrounding the image is faceted in a very ‘cubist’ way. Ashleigh Benn
  3. 3. Organic form• Peter Randall drew this organic shape with reference to a sculpture he did. Here, the line accentuates the actual form and volume.Its symmetrical nature also reinforces the form and spatial use. Ashleigh Benn
  4. 4. Flat shape• In this image the the frontal area is comprised of form and outline but there is no depth to the form, it is merely a flat shape (silhouette). Ashleigh Benn
  5. 5. Space making form• The surrounding space here makes this drawing its own, the mouth area becomes a separate shape. Ashleigh Benn
  6. 6. Stylized Form• Here the form is exaggerated and simplified. a549fd8913199848d1d06e91a97487f Ashleigh Benn
  7. 7. Relationship Between line makes space• Love this piece, the emotion evoked here is mostly because of the relationship between the lines and the space. which-moves-and-shakes/ Ashleigh Benn
  8. 8. Shadow giving illusion of form• I thought this was a great example when discussing the illusion of form. The sculpture has been configured to give the ‘shadow’ the visual appearance of a motorbike. Ashleigh Benn
  9. 9. Space making form• Mia Pearlman makes installations out of paper cut. In this specific piece the form is accentuated because of the spatial awareness and placement of the piece. Ashleigh Benn
  10. 10. Spaces giving form and emotion• Here the relationship between spaces create an intensity in the forms and at the same time give us a whirl wind of emotion, it almost makes one dizzy. Ashleigh Benn
  11. 11. Movement in Form• Thought this image was really beautiful, one can almost feel the strength in the form, and the intensity of the movement created. Ashleigh Benn
  12. 12. Flat shapes playing with space• The piece is made up of flat shapes. Artist Lizzie Thomas uses 2D images and creates 3D. Here, she has explores form and volume while using cut-outs that have neither. Ashleigh Benn
  13. 13. Scale of form• Here, Netherlands based artist Bauke Knottnerus take’s objects that one only finds on a micro level and creates pieces on a huge scale, changing the meaning of the object completely. Ashleigh Benn
  14. 14. Relationship between line making space• This installation is full of only flat shapes, but the artist has created a relationship between the line work as well as the context of the images. The illusion of form is seen in the shadow. Ashleigh Benn
  15. 15. Irregular form creating space• This piece I found really amazing, the artist has created a spectacle by toying with a mundane object and distorting it in a way that the space surrounding it becomes an arena for viewing. Ashleigh Benn
  16. 16. Emotional form• This is really breath taking, the line work intensifies the level of the emotion. The interesting thing here is that the form is also almost exaggerated because of its lack of ‘fullness’. Ashleigh Benn
  17. 17. Interesting shape in space• I thought this was a great example how space with the addition of flat shapes can create an interesting take on volume and form Ashleigh Benn
  18. 18. Thank you Ashleigh Benn