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Finnaaaaaaallllllllllll presentation

  1. 1. In what ways does your media product use,develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
  2. 2. How does my trailer develop or challenge forms and conventions of an existing trailer?
  3. 3. Production Logos/Preview Card/Credits I have followed the codes and conventions as when making our trailer, we inserted a preview card, production logo and the end credits. We did this because when researching other trailers I noticed that all of them had one, so in order for our one to follow the codes and conventions we figured that we needed to add one.
  4. 4. Prop/Weapon ParadigmsWhen creating our trailer we thought of all the prop paradigms we could use, in orderto follow the codes and conventions. We used a mask. A mask is used in order to hidethe villains identity, thus making him mysterious, which creates a fear as it could beanyone anywhere. We also used a knife a the murder weapon, we did this as a knife ismore personal and when a body is penetrated by a knife is has the same sort of effectas being raped.
  5. 5. Setting Paradigms When creating our horror movie trailer we had to research in all the setting paradigms, in order to follow the codes and conventions. The setting paradigms consists of, isolated places like houses, woods/parks. That way when the victims scream no one can hear them. Other places consist of houses,bathrooms and schools. Most of the films are set during the dark, this is because the darkcreates a fear in itself. We followed the codes and conventions of a real horror trailer, aswe set our trailer within the setting paradigms, we had our dace studio which is within aschool, we also had a dark isolated field/park, an isolated house and even a bath scene. When using the school, we first set it during the day to establish the equilibrium, then when one of the dancers decided to stay behind to continue her rehearsal, it got darker and the villain attacked. We did this as most attacks in horror films occur during the night.
  6. 6. Character Paradigms When creating out main task (the trailer) we had to make sure we had the right character types I n order to follow the codes and conventions of a horror trailer. We decided to have only 6 characters shown in our trailer, the 4 girls, the boyfriend and the villain. The 4 girls were each given a label. We have the sporty one, which was dressed in a football shirt to emphasise this.We then had a geeky girl who was dressed in casually clothes but wearing glasses to highlightthis. We then had a promiscuous girl who was dressed in revealing clothes. And finally we hadthe virgin, who was also our final girl. She was dressed in an over sized t-shirt and a shirt. Wehad the boyfriend dressed in normal casual clothing, in this movie he is in a relationship with the‘final girl’. And finally we had the villain in a mask, and dark clothing. We followed the codes andconventions as we had the different characters and highlighted their importance and into whatcategory they fit into, giving the audience an idea of who will die first.
  7. 7. Here we have the promiscuous girl, shehas been shown to be taking a bath. Wedecided to show her in the bath as like Ipsycho the promiscuous girl was killed inthe shower, and she was killed naked, likea way of punishing her, doesnt deserveto die wearing clothes. We named herTatum to link in with the promiscuous girlin scream. As we used scream as one offilms we were basing our trailer on. We have the geek, she has been shown to be wearing a blazer, and glasses to highlight her character type. She was killed on her way home from her dance practise. We named her Kirby like the geek in scream 4. As we used scream as one of films we were basing our trailer on.
  8. 8. This character is the sporty one,we decided to name her Buffy.The name is from the AmericanT.V series Buffy the vampirekiller, we decided to name herBuffy as it links in with hersporty character as Buffy was asporty character. In order tohighlight her character type wedressed her in a sporty footballt-shirt, to show that she is intosport. These characters are the couple – The boyfriend and the ‘virgin’. We named the characters Thomas and Nina based on the film ‘Black Swan’ who are the couple in that film.
  9. 9. Propp’s Character theory Propp was a folklorist, who worked out that in tales, there were 31 separate storylines only that kept representing themselves. We can see that in horror there are a limited number of storylines, that keep repeating. Also, Propp worked out that in texts there are a limited number of character types. We can transpose these to film. When creating our character types for our film we used Propp’s character theory to go about choosing our character types. We have the hero which is also our final girl and the ‘virgin’, we have the false hero which is the boyfriend. We then have the villain. Also the victims.
  10. 10. Todorov – Theory of NarrativeTodorov came up with the idea that every story has a certain type of structure.Equilibrium: At the start of every story; everything is balanced; harmony accord.Moment of disequilibrium: Something has happened; someone bad turns up,equilibrium is shattered.Disequilibrium: The ‘hero’ struggles to fix the wrong, that beset them and returnsto a place of equilibrium.New Equilibrium: Villain is defeated and peace is restored but at a cost. Somethingor someone has always been lost and the new equilibrium is tainted by thisexperience. This shot represent the equilibrium state of the trailer, it’s set In the dance studio, the non – diegetic sound links in with this. It represents a calm state, there’s nothing to worry about. It is set during the day.
  11. 11. This shot establishes the moment ofdisequilibrium. The first victim is facedwith the villain. She is alone in thedance studio after hours. By now thenon-diegetic sound has changed to amore of a dramatic sound, the senseof realisation, that not everything is asit seems. This shot establishes the disequilibrium, our first victim has been shown dead. The Non-diegetic sound crescendos and speeds up, the shots also get quicker and shorter, to create tension.We do not show the new equilibrium aswhen researching horror movie trailersthey do not show the new equilibrium,also by not showing the new equilibrium,the audience will want to watch it to seeif there even is one at the end.
  12. 12. Carol Clover – Final Girl TheoryCarol Clover stated that in horror films the girl always survives. If a girl dies it isbecause she Is promiscuous. The final girl in our movie trailer was Nina, she is thevirgin, innocent and naïve girl of the group. She survives till the end and defeats thevillain. When shooting we decided to try and make her look as pure as possible, thisincluded making her hair natural and having no make-up on. As some people classputting make up on as being promiscuous, so we avoided that. We decided to have afinal girl in our trailer in order to follow the codes and conventions, also wheninterviewing people, we found out that they liked the idea of it, and wanted a girl asa survivor.
  13. 13. Levi Straus – Binary Opposites Claude Levi Strauss stated that constant creation of conflict/opposition propels narrative. Narrative can only end on a resolution of conflict. Oppositions can be used (light/darkness, movement/stillness) or conceptual (love/hate, control/panic.) and to do with the soundtrack.In our trailer the binary opposites are the obvious, good verses evil,control/panic and light verses dark. This follows the codes and conventions asin every film not just horror there is always a conflict of some kind.
  14. 14. SoundWhen choosing the right sound we had to make sure that it fitted in withour trailer. After doing a lot of research into soundtracks using YouTubeand Google, we decided to create our own soundtrack. In the end we had 2final soundtracks. In order to figure out which one to use, we decided toshow our focus group both of them with the trailer, they liked aspects fromboth of them, so we attempted to fuse them together. However as theywere both in different keys we could not fuse them together effectively, soin the end we decided to go with the one that our focus group liked thebest.Our soundtrack follows the codes and conventions of a real horror trailersoundtrack, as during the equilibrium state the non-diegetic sound if asmooth melancholy to fit in with the equilibrium state, when the momentof disequilibrium occurs, the non-diegetic sound changes to a more of atense sound, as soon as the disequilibrium state happens the non-diegetic sound crescendos and gets quicker and more tense.
  15. 15. LightingWhen creating our trailer we followed the codes and conventions of lighting,we kept it light to fit in with the equilibrium state. We gradually made thesettings darker as the trailer went along, to fit in with the disequilibriumstates.
  16. 16. How does my magazine cover develop or challenge forms and conventions of existing magazine covers?
  17. 17. Research Into Existing Magazine
  18. 18. Issue date and month, establishes when Gives the readers anThe Mast head- Its in red it was made, and gives the reader an insight of what else is inwith a white stroke, and a opportunity to research on other issues. the magazine. – Followsblack drop shadow. The ‘ – Follow codes and conventions of codes and conventions asF’ and ‘A’ are extended at existing media products as like in other by highlighting thethe bottom, and are magazine covers it establishes the issue importance of this film, itpointing inwards, like number and month. lures people in.fangs which link in with The image is of one of thethe name of the magazine. characters dead. With redThe colour red is a blood stains on her face,traditional colour of the colour of the blood onhorror, as it links to blood her face links in with theand gore. – This follows colour of the ‘Fangoria’.the codes and conventions She is very pale almostof an existing Fangoria blending in with the whitemagazine, due to the font, background, highlights thewhich is used in other fact that she’s dead. Theexisting Fangoria covers, I image is a close up, thishave also used the iconic follows the codes andcolour red to link into conventions of an existingblood and gore. Information about media product as close ups other articles, gives the are mainly used in order reader a teaser of what for the audience to they’re going to read if empathise with the they buy the magazine. character. The film title, is placed Like a film role with below the image. It is in images from other the same font as it is in films. Gives the the poster, with gives reader an insight of the sense of synergy, what’s inside the linking the two together. magazine, and as It follows the codes and it’s a movie conventions as it magazine- using a establishes who the film role links in cover stars are. with that.
  19. 19. How does my film poster develop or challengeforms and conventions of existing film posters?
  20. 20. Research Into Film Posters