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Covers and posters

  1. 1. Film magazine covers EMPIRE & FANGORIA
  2. 2. Strapline with small images of Masthead is at the top somain actors in the film; people can see it wheninforms readers what’s inside displayed in shops; as it is aand is placed at the top so well known magazine, thethat it can be easily seen when main image is able to coverdisplayed in shops. part of the masthead. Empire’s masthead is often red as it is a prominent colour The sell line for Empire is “The that will stand out in shops; UK’s no.1 Movie Magazine” it they also have their own invites the readers to pick up specific font. the magazine as it is written under the masthead and easily seen. Cover lines inform readers of other articles included in the issue. Main cover line is placed on the left-side third so it will be seen if it’s displayed horizontally in shops. It informs readers who and what the main article is about. Features written on a banner so that the text stands out. The text is bold so it’s easy to read and informs readers what Barcode is placed at the else is included. bottom of the page so it doesn’t interfere with the main image and text.
  3. 3. Issue number is placed near Strapline informs readers the masthead to inform what’s inside and is placed at readers it’s the latest issue. the top so that it can be easily seen if displayed in shops though Fangoria is only available online for the UK.Masthead is at the top so peoplecan see it when displayed inshops. Similar to Empire’smasthead, Fangoria’s is often redtoo, as it is a prominent colour Cover lines are in athat will stand out in shops and as different colour to theFangoria is specifically a horror background to make themagazine, the red links with the text easy to read but linksidea of blood and gore; they also with the masthead andhave their own specific font. main image. Cover lines are placed on the left-side third so they The main image is a will be seen if displayed medium close up which horizontally in shops and attracts readers’ attention; inform readers what else is it stands out against the included in the issue. black background. The main cover line is placed atBarcode is placed at the bottom the bottom of the page so thatso it doesn’t cover parts of the the main image dominates themain image; the price and cover – again, the colours linkwebsite are written on it to with the image and masthead.inform readers.
  4. 4. Masthead is at the top so people can see it when displayed inStrapline informs readers shops; as it is a well knownwhat’s inside and is placed at magazine, the main image is ablethe top so that it can be easily to cover part of the masthead.seen when displayed in shops. The masthead links with the main cover line and background image which attracts attentions. Issue number and price written above the masthead; Cover lines inform readers of this is characteristic of Empire other articles in this issue; the magazine as the text it easy to lighter colour of the text see and informs the readers stands out against the dark that it’s a new issue. background. The main image is a long shot which makes the actor look Button attracts readers’ powerful – Empire often use attention as it is a different long and mid shots and rarely colour to the background use extreme close ups. image and the text is easy to read. It informs readers of a feature in the magazine. Main cover line is placed in the centre so it attracts readers attentions; the font and colour stand out Extra cover lines places at the against the background bottom to inform readers image. what else is included and the light coloured texts stands out Barcode is placed at the against the dark background. bottom so it doesn’t cover parts of the main image.
  6. 6. The tag line is at the top of theposter to lure the audience – thefirst thing the audience notice The genre of the film is horrorare the eyes which leads them to but as it would be displayedread the tagline above. publicly, the image isn’t explicit; however, the genre is still obvious to the audience.The main image is an extremeclose up of a woman’s face; sheis looking directly at theaudience which attractsattention. Also, the fact that theeyes are in colour and the rest ofthe image has been desaturatedemphasises her fear. The film title is near the bottom of the poster so it doesn’t cover the black space The cast and crew are below and not the image. The text is the title so the audience will visible and clear to read. see who is in the film and the production information which will attract them more The USP is placed at the very – especially as the actors bottom and attracts and production companies attention as the white colour are well known. The font is stands out against the black simple and different to other background and the font is text on the poster. different to the other text on the page.
  7. 7. The top half of the imageestablishes the setting; thisisn’t common as most Instead of a tagline, thisposters focus on the main poster has a short prologueprotagonists and usually and gives some backgroundshow the main setting as the information about the filmbackground image. which intrigues the audience.The main image is an extremeclose up of a womans eyeslooking directly at the The film title is near theaudience to attract attention. bottom of the page so, like the Scream poster, it fills up some empty black space.The cast and crew are underthe film title in white so thatthe text can be seen against Production and distributionthe black background; the logos at the bottom appealfont is different to other to the audience as theytext on the poster and easy show that well knownto read. companies have worked on the film.
  8. 8. The top half of the imageestablishes the setting likethe Blair Witch poster butthe focus is on the mainimage. However, the flamessuggest that the setting willbe destroyed and that it isimportant. The main image is of the protagonists; they are all female and so the audience assume they are the victims. They are looking towards the camera to attract attention from the audience.The tag line is placedabove the film title andprovides informationabout the film butwithout unravelling the The cast and crew areplot.. under the film title in a lighter colour so the text stands out against theThe film title is near black background; againthe bottom of the the font is different toposter so it doesn’t other text. The distributioncover the main image. logos are also at the bottom with a website for the film.