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  1. 1. BANNER SECTION Banner 1 Empowering sales teams to easily update, organize, sync and play non-linear presentations in the cloud. Banner 2 -Present a variety of visual materials (videos, images, powerpoints etc…) in a non-linear and flexible way. -Easily jump between content without exposing desktop -View all your images, videos, powerpoints and documents in one place: No need to waste time jumping between applications Banner 3 Share, organize, present: all with the same tool and all from your browser.
  2. 2. LOWER SECTION Want simplicity of sites like this: https://www.dropbox.com/ http://getpocket.com/?ep=1 1. Share Sales Teams: easily access the most recently updated presentation materials created by the marketing department, or shared with you by managers. Sales Managers: share what you need with whom you want. Create separate content playlists for your different teams and campaigns. Easily share assets that you want shown. 2. Organize Sales Teams: organize presentation materials (images, vids, docs) in the desired sequence/order according to best sales approach strategy for each client. Sales Managers: Enable (WHAT) 3. Present Sales Teams: present visual materials in a non-linear and flexible way as to engage prospect in a visually supported conversation. -Being able to jump between assets without exposing desktop. Sales Managers: Decreased down time looking for upcoming assets, and more productive presentations. -One centralized location for managing presentation materials.
  3. 3. Describe your product or service, why it is innovative, and why you think there is a need for it: Presentize empowers sales teams to easily update, organize, sync and play presentations in any order in the cloud. Teams can now share, organize and present visual materials using one user friendly tool from the browser, no downloads or installations. Presentize takes away the wasted time and hassle of pulling content from different computers and organizing files from various folders. PowerPoint's, videos and images from different users can be displayed seamlessly with no gaps using the flexible Presentize interface. • SHARE WHAT YOU NEED WITH WHOM YOU WANT Presentize makes it possible for sales managers to create multiple customized playlists to share with different sales teams. • ALWAYS HAVE THE LATEST COLLATERAL SALES AND MARKETING MATERIALS AT HAND Presentize enables sales professionals to easily access the most recently updated presentation materials created by the Marketing Department. • BE PREPARED: QUICKLY CUSTOMIZE YOUR PRESENTATION FOR EACH PROSPECT Presentize empowers sales professionals to organize and sequence presentation materials according to the best strategic sales approach for each client. • BE FLEXIBLE: USE YOUR VISUALS TO ENGAGE PROSPECTS IN A CONVERSATION Presentize creates an opportunity for sales professionals to easily jump from slides to other relevant visuals, videos or images, enhancing customer engagement with visually supported conversation. • CREATE PERSONALIZED ONLINE CATALOGUES FOR PROSPECTS Presentize facilitates the creation of personalized online catalogues that can be customized by sales professionals to maximize each sales visit using the most relevant information. Who are our customers? -Sales people or professionals that are regularly presenting visual materials -Sales managers that need to train and track the performance of their sales force -Conference or small meeting organizers