Metro-SEO | Web Presence for Realtors


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There is a lot to be done to increase and manage your Web Presence, even if you only have a corporate controlled (agent page) or no website at all. Definitely applies to career minded professionals as well...

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Metro-SEO | Web Presence for Realtors

  1. 1. SEO For REALTORS® Exploring Options for Marketing on the Web
  2. 2. Why you should care! The Internet is now the primary research tool for Americans making real estate decisions. 55% of consumers find Realtors and mortgage providers online. 75% of purchasing and refinance decisions are being researched and evaluated online. Do those customers see your website? Why not?
  3. 3. Prime Google Real Estate
  4. 4. Spelled Out SEO: Search Engine Optimization Organic – democratic nature of the web Work and effort Self-sustaining Initial expense PPC: Pay Per Click Paid ad placement Less work Ads not shown when $ runs out Ongoing expense
  5. 5. How Search Rankings Work Code Content Links Whitehat vs. Blackhat Everything is related... even the search engines! (Source:
  6. 6. Code How do they know Who's Who? Each website's unique Code. Keywords Title Description
  7. 7. Links How do they decide Who's Best? Each Link into the website is considered a 'vote'. Popularity Authority Geolocation
  8. 8. Realty Links Where can I find some of these magical, authoritative links? ...and many more!
  9. 9. Social Networking Links Where else can I generate links? Your own industry and community affiliations ...and don't forget to check for 'missed opportunities'.
  10. 10. LinkedIn: for Profressionals Is your Company Website linked? From your profile. No? Do it now! From other employee's profiles. Great for: Lead generation. Finding the decision-makers. Reputation and referrals. Become an Expert. Enhance Search Engine results.
  11. 11. Facebook for Business Create a Page for your business Enhanced Wall (dynamic content). Info tab (static information). Discussion Boards. Photos, Videos. Events. Reviews. LINKS!
  12. 12. Buying In Pay-Per-Click (PPC) What it is Why we love it Why we hate it
  13. 13. Help Your Neighbors Stand out from the crowd online by working with these local providers: – Simplify your PPC campaigns; $75 free account to start. – add video to your listings/website. – write for and/or advertise with local online newspaper.
  14. 14. Watch out for... Anyone who “guarantees #1”. Trying to “trick” the search engines. Losing site of your goals. Poor keyword choice. Competitive intelligence. Paying for placement without optimizing.
  15. 15. Thank You! For additional information: (916) 716-8361 •