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Taliban part 2
Taliban part 2
Taliban part 2
Taliban part 2
Taliban part 2
Taliban part 2
Taliban part 2
Taliban part 2
Taliban part 2
Taliban part 2
Taliban part 2
Taliban part 2
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Taliban part 2


Published on

April 19th

April 19th

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  • 1.
    • Who Are Our Troops Struggling Against in Our Efforts to Help Afghanistan?
    • Is this a fight
    • worth fighting?
    • Key Questions:
    • What is an insurgency?
    • Who are the Taliban?
    Part 2: Canada in Afghanistan – What Should Our Role Be? Ashleigh Duffy’s
  • 2. Who Are the Taliban?
    • Read the first paragraph on the Wikipedia page about the Taliban and then answer the following questions.
    • 1. What does the word Taliban actually mean?
    • - Students
    • 2. When did they form the government of Afghanistan and who forced them from power?
    • - 1996 and were overthrown by Operation Enduring Freedom.
    • 3. Click on the links for the following concepts and then define them in your own words:
      • Insurgency: a rebellion against an established authority.
      • Guerilla Warfare: when individual or semi individual groups carry out militarized irregular actions.
    • 4. The Taliban as a social and political “movement” (group) is made up of “volunteers” from which Afghan tribe and people of what neighboring countries to Afghanistan?
    • - Pushtun tribes
    • - Pakistani army
    • - Arab
    • - Central Asia
    • 5. Where does the US government believe that the Taliban’s headquarters is (city and country).
    • - Quetta, Pakistan
  • 3. Taliban Leadership and Organization
    • 1. Who is considered by many as the current “leader” of the Taliban?
    • - Mullah Mohammed Omar
    • 2. Follow the link to his page and then answer the following questions:
    • Why is he on the USA’s most wanted list?
      • Sheltering Osama bin Laden
      • Sheltering Al-Qaeda militants
      • Directing the Taliban insurgency
      • What is one of the only physical details really known about this man?
      • He’s missing one eye
      • How did he get this physical feature?
      • - shrapnel
    • They are not sure what he looks like, this is possibly not even him.
  • 4. Origins of the Taliban
    • Scroll down the main Taliban Wikipedia page until you find the heading Origins in order to answer the following questions:
    • What are the two competing stories about the creation of the Taliban?
    • 1.) Mullah Omar and 30 Taliban saved two teenage girls from the local governor.
    • 2.) couldn’t find another one.
      • Of the 2 stories a supporter would choose to believe which one?
        • The first
      • Of the 2 stories an opponent would probably choose to believe which one?
        • the one I couldn’t find.
  • 5. Taliban Treatment of Women
    • For the following slides please follow this link
      • Read the very first paragraph and then summarize the Taliban’s quotation about its reasons for harsh treatment of women below:
      • Men don’t want any other guys goggling their women who have nearly no rights and are a sort of property.
    • Under the Gender Policies heading, summarize the 8 points about the treatment of women by the Taliban provided:
    • - Women can’t be in the streets without a Burqa on and a blood relative.
    • - Women can’t wear high-heeled shoes incase they attract a guy’s attention.
    • - Women can’t talk loud in public because no stranger should hear a women’s voice.
    • - Ground and first floor windows must be painted so nobody can see a woman in the house.
    • - No photography or filming or displaying of pictures of women in the home or stores.
    • - No place can have the word ‘women’ in it.
    • - Women can’t go on the balconies
    • - No women presence on TV, radio, or at any public gatherings.
  • 6. Dress Code and Mobility
    • 1. Scroll back up the page to find the definition of “mahram”.
      • An unmarriageable kin with who sex is forbidden and punishable.
    • What are some other restrictions that women faced regarding moving around the cities and countryside in Afghanistan under the Taliban? (3)
    • - Women can’t ride bicycles or motorcycles.
    • - Women can’t ride a taxi without a mahram
    • - Guys and Girls can’t ride the same bus.
    • Why would an all girls’ orphanage be practically a prison under this system?
      • They don’t have anyone who can take them anywhere.
    • Dress code stuff:
      • What is the name for the traditional outfit that women had to wear in Taliban Afghanistan?
      • - The Burqa
      • What was the main reason for this strict control of women's’ dress?
      • - So that no man is attracted to a women that is not his wife.
  • 7. Employment and Education
    • Were women allowed to work at all under the Taliban rules (tricky question)?
    • - No women were allowed to work with men, but it seems that females in the health system were allowed to keep working but it was really difficult because of the bus structure and other limiting rules.
    • What work places were particularly hit hard by the Taliban’s work policies for women? Pick 2.
    • - Education system
    • - The government
    • Were women allowed to be educated under Taliban law? What age did they have to stop going to school?
    • - Yes, but at the age of eight, all girls were taken out of school.
    • Find the quote that illustrates that the Taliban actually thought that they had increased women’s rights in Afghanistan.
      • "The Taliban’s act of giving monthly salaries to 30,000 job-free women, now sitting comfortably at home, is a whiplash in the face of those who are defaming Taliban with reference to the rights of women. These people through baseless propaganda are trying to incite the women of Kabul against the Taliban"
  • 8. Health Care and Forced Confinement
    • Give 2 reasons it was really tough for women to receive health care when the Taliban ruled Afghanistan.
      • The rules were that no male would touch a female patient, and with so few women working in the healthcare system , treatment wasn’t easy to find.
      • This problem is only expanded upon by the education limitations on women.
    • A study done in 1991 concluded that roughly what percentage of Afghan women they surveyed were showing signs of mental distress and depression?
    • - 97% in depression and 71% felt a lower level of health.
    • Describe 3 other cultural prohibitions that were imposed on women or about women if Taliban ruled Afghanistan
    • - A taxi driver who picked up a women without her faced covered or a mahram could be imprisoned and the husband would be punished.
    • - A women found washing clothes in a river would be escorted home and her husband would be punished.
    • - Tailors taking female measurements could be imprisoned.
  • 9. Punishments for Breaking Taliban Laws
    • Read the information about the types of punishments women (and men) were subjected to in Afghanistan during the Taliban’s rule and summarize 2 extreme examples below:
    • - An afghan girl who was to go to a new family, ran away from the abuse of it, was found, and had her nose and ears cut off then was left to die in the mountains.
    • - Schools (students women and teachers) continue to be assaulted with acid attacks and poison gas.
    • Who is the woman in the photo on this part of the web-page?
    • - Zarmina
    • What is happening to her?
    • - Being executed
    • Where is it happening?
    • - Kabul’s Ghazi Sport Stadium
    • What crime is she accused of?
    • - She said she killed her abusive husband
    • What happened to her for 3 years before this event?
    • - imprisonment and torture
    • What organization took the film this photo is a screenshot from?
    • - RAWA (Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan)
  • 10. Women’s Resistance to the Taliban
    • Explain what the Golden Needle Sewing School was.
    • - A guise for a secretly run school in someone’s home
    • How did women “sneak in” 2 details.
    • - They pretended it was a sewing class
    • Why was the area that this school was in one of the most oppressed by the Taliban? 2 reasons.
    • - It was a cultured city and mostly Shi'a which the Taliban were ‘enemies’ of.
    • What is RAWA?
    • - Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan
    • Who was the founder of RAWA and what happened to her?
    • - Meena Keshwar Kamal, she was assassinated in 1987.
    • What does RAWA work for? 3 main things.
    • Get women into politics and social activities
    • Getting human rights for women
    • Continuing to oppose the government of Afghanistan by democratic and secular principals.
  • 11. Now that you know …
    • Write a personal reaction on this slide (3-4 sentences) in which you express your opinion about the treatment of women in Afghanistan by the Taliban. How does it make you feel? Why?
        • I have, and still do feel both infuriation and a little despair at the treatment of women by the Taliban. It reminds me of what can happen when the wrong person claims power. It does though, give me an incredibly slight amount of satisfaction that all these actions show an insurmountable fear of women. Perhaps it is because we stand against most of what the Taliban support and threaten it’s very preposterous foundations.
  • 12. Do we …
    • As citizens of a country in which we are relatively free, safe, and equal do we have the responsibility to help places like Afghanistan become more like us? Why or why not? Explain your answer in 3 – 4 sentences.
    • Yes, I think we do have a moral obligation to help. With the Taliban’s extreme views. It could take centuries for gender equality to reach this part of the world, and it makes me sick when I think of how many more women and children have to die before something happens. We have the ability to give aid and if we don’t it will show first hand why humanity has failed to move forward with so many issues.