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The Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA), Microsoft, Cisco andEdge of Arabia /Off screen have agreed to a strategic partnership designed to create a new competitive platform for developing, recognizing, and nurturing the most competitive youth in Saudi Arabia.

The Most Competitive Youth Awards is a strategic initiative that will engage youth in Saudi Arabia (Saudi nationals and Saudi residents) in applying 21st Century skill sets to improving their communities, inspiring creativity, promoting innovation, and bringing Saudi Arabia’s economy to the forefront of competitiveness.

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  • I am --- and will tell you today how to be apply for MCY and be from the winners!!Objective: to inform students about MCY; focus on Technology Competitiveness.Key Message: it is really easy to apply and win in Technology category
  • Note: use if Microsoft Representative is the first one to speak. Otherwise, other speakers would have covered this and you can skip this section.--------------------------------------------The Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA) in collaboration with global partners (Microsoft, Cisco & Edge of Arabia) have developed the Most Competitive Youth competition. MCY is a strategic initiative that will engage youth to improving their communities and bringing Saudi Arabia’s economy to the forefront of competitiveness. The competition has been started and is open for applications. All Saudi nationals and non-Saudi residents between the ages of 15-24, different majors, are most welcome to apply to this competition.There are 3 categories that you can apply for: (you can apply to all)Art and Creativity:you can submit: Artwork (painting, drawing, Film, animation, Photography)your work should inspire others to make a positive difference in their community, or raise awareness of a social issuethat has a negative impact on society.Technology:Montage website: a social impact competition, use Montage or other tools to build accurate genuine content to create awareness among the public about social problems or new ideas for improvements.Does NOT require any technical experience and yet Microsoft will provide training for applicantsInnovation:Applicantspresent their ideas to improve and impact their schools, universities or communities.
  • Do you want to … Be recognized nationally in the Global Competitiveness Forum attended by HM King Abdulla Bin Abdulaziz, top businessmen and international leaders in January. Their work will be showed in GCF and on SAGIA site.Winners will get the chance to attend the 3-days Global Competitiveness ForumWin a Leadership trip to United Kingdom for 10 days, organized by The Institute of Civic Leadership
  • The technology category does not require any technical skills or previous knowledge. It is so easy to participate. Anyone can apply and win.
  • Now we will be talking about the technology category in more detailsEven though it is called technology, you don’t need to have any technical experience.((OPTIONAL))Montage is a shareable album on the webFree web application online, no installation neededFor more info visit: http://getmontage.netDoes NOT require any technical experience and yet Microsoft will provide training for applicants
  • Montage website:Briefly montage is a flexible web-based service that makes it fun and easy to create and share a visual album of the web on the topics you care about.You can design your montage around any topic you can imagine by adding content that pulls information from a variety of sources.TwitterYouTubeBingNewsOn this slide you can see some samples
  • Now we will go through a short demo to see how easy Montage isDemonstration as showed in the video:!1058&authkey=!o1TOjUOFEc%24
  • Demo – play video if not possible to have a live demo, video can be muted and explained by presenter or not.
  • first you have to fill an application form at for the technology categorythen you will receive a confirmation email from mcy@ms2b.comthen whenever you are ready send your montage site link and presentation to before 1st Dec 2011 you will receive a confirmation email of accepting your application (up to 72 hours)Student entries take the form of a Montage website hosted at Microsoft Montage service and a brief written description of the website idea concept, structure, content sources, website mission and the inspiration behind it. The written entry must be submitted as a PowerPoint presentation. More details can be found on the website:
  • For more information visit these links. The second link is the MCY Tech channel, where you can find the videos.
  • How to apply for the technology category:Visit www.mcyonline.comChoose Technology.. No need to fill the subject from the beginning, you can add any text
  • Winners form Last year MCY 2010
  • Conclude: join MCY today it is really easy and interesting..FAQ:Students Entry can be in Arabic or EnglishThey can participate in more than one category
  • Optional if time permits
  • The Most Competitive Youth Awards ( MCY) Montage

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    18. 18. Riyadh - 12th Dec, 2011http://wp7workshopriyadh.eventbrite.comJeddah - 22nd Dec, 2011 Fauzan Khan