Ascenergy - Responsibly Turning Energy into Investors Monthly Returns
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Ascenergy - Responsibly Turning Energy into Investors Monthly Returns



Why We Started This Company ...

Why We Started This Company

In case you haven't seen the headlines - Oil and Gas is booming & just getting started. We joined to demonstrate unlimited monthly residual income can exist for investors too, not just owners. Our disruptive method replaces the old, traditional "profit sharing" with our new, innovative gross revenue sharing. Why split unknown profits, after expenses, when you can get a % of direct gross revenues? We've produced over $1mil with 40 million in reserves & are 2 for 2 (100% accurate at finding oil).

What Sets Us Apart?

Diversified with over 20 top tier oil fields versus the "one oil well/field" others. Share our top gross revenues, not the leftovers aka "profit" like the others. We insure your downside, others don't. Earn monthly residual income throughout your oil well(s) entire lifespans and rest assured through our written minimum well performance guarantees or else we duplicate your interest(s) complimentary, the others don't. Unlimited upside. We operate consciously prioritizing your freedom, mutual prosperity & our planet.

Our Keys To Success?

Our unique Ascenergy Method. Our highly seasoned team with career accomplishments working for giants like Shell and Texaco, and successful small companies like Arena Resources, which was bought by Sandridge for $1.6Bil in 2010. We've spent extensive resources over the past 6 years filtering over 200 top tier properties to form our top 20. We are now leasing these properties for production. The heavy lifting is done! Share our mutual prosperity while there is time, before production commences.



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Ascenergy - Responsibly Turning Energy into Investors Monthly Returns Ascenergy - Responsibly Turning Energy into Investors Monthly Returns Presentation Transcript

  • ascenergy PRESENTATION Responsibly Turning Oil Into Investors Monthly Returns
  • due to recent technological advances in drilling, us based oil production is skyrocketing 0 1991 - 2007 1961 - 1990 1931 - 1960 1900 - 1930 8.000 6.000 2.000 10.000 4.000 2008 - 2012 2013 - 2014 Mb/d
  • namely, texas is really a standout….. thousand of barrels alaska north dakota california texas 2.000 1.600 800 1.200 400 0 2002 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2003 2006 2005 2007 2004 source : EIA carpe diem blog daily oil production in the top 4 u.s. oil-producing states, 2002-2012
  • which is where we are developing most of our oil fields : 2014 securing leases 2015 drilling & producing the top 10 2015 expanding the top 5 oil fields ascenergy = diversification
  • we already have a revenue producing test field: with $40 million usd in reserves discovered 0 100,000 200,000 300,000 400,000 500,000 600,000 Crude Oil Natural Gas 2011 2013 2012 figures are year-totals (not total accumulated) Revenue is from our “test field” in Oklahoma with Low-Cost Vertical wells
  • revenue forecasts 2014 2015 $5,720,000 $45,625,000 250 BOPE is the average production of horizontally drilled wells in Texas 2014 forecast is based on current revenue trend plus capital influx from potential JV with Sandridge 2015 forecast is based on 5 completed wells producing 250 BOPE (Barrels of Oil Price Equivalent) per day for 365 days
  • which validates and proves our model works : filter Ascenergy filtered 200+ properties from Private collections of industry experts., yielding 20 signature properties expand Finally we expand the top 5 prodicers. Starting with the higer first, and flip the remaining 5 aqcuire In this phase we secure the top 20 by executing signed lease contracts produce the top 10 from, then flip the remaining 10 for profit The Ascenergy Method is applied to determine which properties will we drill and produce the ascenergy method is a unique approach to minimizing risk and increase probability of by finding high appreciation properties through a stringent refinement process using extensive filtration and diversification in our locations, revenue streams, regional expertise and geology. We enhance our valuable properties even further by adding and applying our full spectrum data analysis (including but not limited to satellite hydrocarbon density mapping, aerial gradiometry, 3rd party real estate appraisals, well log data, 3D seismic, multiple 3rd party geological reports, new and emerging hydrocarbon technologies). 1 2 3 4
  • the problem No well performance guarantees One oil well/field (“boom or bust” approach) Shale plays predominantly needing “fracking” Steep oil decline rates Traditional technology: proven but limited Executives paid first from gross revenues Remaining profits, if any, left for investors investors are paid last, after company pays expenses and executives “ ”
  • the solution : ascenergy “One small step for Ascenergy, one giant leap for our financial world.” Written well performance guarantees Diversified, multi-well/ field approach Sandstone Plays. No Fracking Needed Prolific Wells. Slow Oil Decline Rates Traditional AND newer emerging technologies Investors paid FIRST from gross revenues Remaining profits, if any, left for company 1 3 7 6 5 4 2
  • our ongoing success and soon yours... Ascenergy executes 2 leases from the Ascenergy signature 20. Nearby field is 65 years young and still prolific. july 2014 Sandridge (SD), a public company, offers an unsolicited JV offer for Ascenergy’s Oklahoma oil field that is declined. SD drills horizontal well adjacent to Ascenergy’s lease. may 2014 Adjacent Sandridge Well Produces 1.3 Mill in 21 days. Ascenergy ascends from no views to top 5 “Most Viewed” on Ascenergy’s first company, SSO, Produces over $1 Million in revenue to date. july 2014 $925K raised in this offering so far, $1.735 Million Total raised to date july 2014 june 2014 may 2014 april 2014 Ascenergy raises enough funds to initiate securing their Top 20 Signature Line, a top tier collection of oil bearing properties.
  • our partners
  • the opportunity : monthly residual income aka : “Mailbox Money” Each $100,000 acquires a 1% ORRI (a direct percentage) from Gross Revenue of well(s) invested in All purchaser’s oil well(s) come insured with Ascenergy’s minimum well performance guarantees protecting your downside while retaining unlimited monthly upside $10,000 Min. $1,000,000 Max per well Diversify up to 5 wells
  • our conservative forecasts low oil reserves high oil reserves Daily Well Production 150 1,000 First Year Well Gross Revenue $5,475,000 $36,500,000 Year 1 ORRI Passive Income $54,750 $365,000 Year 2 ORRI Passive Income $49,275 $328,500 Year 3 ORRI Passive Income $44,348 $295,650 Year 4 ORRI Passive Income $39,913 $266,085 *OPTIONAL* Year 5 Sell ORRI (Income) $239,477 $7,982,550 Total : Five Years of Income $427,762 $9,237,785 Purchase Amount $100,000 $100,000 5 Years Money Multiple 4.3 92.4 INPUT : Purchase Amount: $ 100,000 ORRI Purchase Equivalent 1.00% Oil Well’s Annual Decline Rate 10%
  • the earlier you invest, the higher your minimum well performance guarantee is date nov 2013 dec 2013 “ “ “ “ jul 2014 aug 2014 sep 2014 oct 2014 nov 2014 dec 2014 benchmark BOPE rates 150 145 " " " " 110 105 100 95 90 85 Guaranteed Minimum Well Performance Rates (drops 5 Benchmarks monthly) BOPE (Barrels of Oil in Price Equivalent) is oil including gas revenue converted to barrels of oil. Benchmark BOPE Rate: The oil well’s highest 30 day moving average BOPE number during the first 90 production days.
  • sharing mutual prosperity #1 on’s Most Viewed:
  • appendix : the team joey gabaldon wally king dewayne lener ceo director of sales and marketing new business development
  • appendix : the team keith masters cesar abeigner craig gaines petroleum engineer Geopysicist petroleum engineer
  • appendix : the team DJ engle dean philpot Brett garza gis / cad specialist field operations manager regulatory specialist