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TrakForce brochure
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TrakForce brochure


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A glimpse at what Ascendure group's TrakForce has to offer.

A glimpse at what Ascendure group's TrakForce has to offer.

Published in: Business

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  • 1. TrakForce: Ticketing Made EasyTrakForce: Integrated Ticketing Management SystemEvery company requires a practical solution to accurately ticket and track to provide transparency to link itsaccount management, customer service requests, and IT operations. With TrakForce, this is all done withease.What makes TrakForce so simple, is that it comes completely integrated into the BillForce solution set. Withthis degree of integration, you have less of a chance for failure due to systems not properly running together.Already invested in other software? TrakForce was designed to be fully compatible with other billing andrevenue management solutions including Oracle’s BRM or SCG’s SingleView solution. It can be integratedwith their agent front-end CRM, creating a robust capture, tracking and resolution of critical customer issues,thereby avoiding unknown or unresolved customer incidents.TrakForce: Does It So You Don’t Have ToIn business, employee productivity is essential to success. When you need to dedicate your employees timeto unnecessary tasks that can be done automatically, you are wasting resources. TrakForce automaticallypopulates customer account information reducing call-handling time, errors and omissions. This gives youremployees the ability to focus on other important business tasks.TrakForce: Providing The Framework For Managing Your SolutionsTrakForce is designed to be a complete operations framework for managing the overall Oracle BRM Solutionand provides an integrated web-based monitoring, ticketing, batch operations tracking and logging, as well asmaintenance support functions.TrakForce: Keeping Your Customers HappyNo one can put a value on keeping your customer’s happy. Without them, your business would fail.TrakForce makes it easy to build strong relationships with your customers to keep them coming back. It isone thing to get a new customer, the true challenge is retaining them.When a customer has an issue, TrakForce pre-populates the customer ticket with vital account informationwhich allows for rapid capture of related information while at the same time, streamlines tracking of customerissues for follow-up. This all reduces call time. As an added bonus, your customer’s get back to theireveryday activities faster keeping them satisfied and loyal. When your customer is happy, you are happy. For a Free Consultation call (440) 346-48413867 West Market St. Suite 284 | Akron, OH 44333 | 330.752.6045 |