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A brief description of Ascendure Group's FinanceForce.

A brief description of Ascendure Group's FinanceForce.

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  • 1. FinanceForce: Quick, Efficient Financial ReportsFinanceForce: Financial Reports On The FlyHaving the timely financial reports available with the right information to guide management is critical forbusiness decision-making. FinanceForce makes this possible by providing the transparency of a complete,integrated view of ledger transactions generated by BillForce, or even your own billing/financial systems.This gives you the convenience of daily visibility and auditability between your general ledger and BillForcebilling solution.FinanceForce: Unparalleled FlexibilityBusiness requires flexibility. Whether it be from your employees, customers, and suppliers. WithFinanceForce, this rings true for your back office systems as well.FinanceForce is bundled into the BillForce solution, although we give you the freedom to purchase it asstandalone solution. Also, FinanceForce was designed to seamlessly integrate with other financial systemssuch as Oracle Financials or Great Plains software. FinanceForce will also interface with other Billingsolutions, producing a consolidated set of financials, rather than disparate pin ledger reports.FinanceForce: Making Business EasierBusiness decisions are generally complicated. Anything that can make them a little less so is an asset.FinanceForce provides just that.By giving key decision makers financial information at their beck and call, FinanceForce makes these crucialdecisions that much easier. The reports guide management to their ultimate decision with ease. Keybusiness decisions will never be easy. FinanceForce is a resource to make these decisions lesscomplicated.FinanceForce: Your Personal AccountantFinanceForce is a high performance financial management system. It prepares and organizes financialreports so you do not need to pay an accountant to do it for you. FinanceForce provides real value to you. For a Free Consultation Call (585)315-45863867 West Market St. Suite 284 | Akron, OH 44333 | 330.752.6045 | AscendureGroup.com