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BillForce brochure

BillForce brochure



A brief look at As

A brief look at As



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    BillForce brochure BillForce brochure Document Transcript

    • BillForce: IntroductionAscendure Group is pleased to announce BillForce, the ultimate billing solution. The keys toBillForce’s competitive advantages come from its core values: Simplicity, Scalability, Security,and Savings.BillForce: SimplicityMost billing solutions require their customers to purchase and use multiple softwareapplications in order to fully support their back office. This opens the company to a greaterpossibility of one of the systems failing and chance of incapability, while at the same timecosting more money.BillForce understands this is redundant when one product can accomplish all of these tasks.Not only is BillForce a full featured billing system, it also has a built in OSS, marketing, andsales capability unmatched by its competitors. BillForce provides all of this while being fullycompatible to integrate into other software you have already invested in. This is possible dueto the fact BillForce was designed as an open API. BillForce does it all so you do not have to.BillForce ScalabilityBillForce is equipped to expand with your business. It gives you the convenience of havingunlimited invoice profiles to best suite your customer’s individual needs. It will not matter howlarge your company gets, BillForce can handle it.3867 West Market St. Suite 284 | Akron, OH 44333 | 330.752.6045 | AscendureGroup.com
    • Through its Customer Web Access Interface, BillForce provides the flexibility for smallerorganizations to use it as a standalone site or be implemented as a layer into an existing sitefor more established companies. BillForce understands there are all different sizedcompanies and will grow with your business so you do not need to worry about learning a newsystem because the old one cannot support your companies growth.BillForce: SecurityToday, it is more important than ever to protect your company from both fraudulent activitiesand preventable loss of income. BillForce automatically monitors for fraudulent activity throughparameters you have the ability to set. You can decide your definition of possible fraudulentactivity and then decide the actions you want BillForce to take when a possible fraud situationoccurs.Nothing is worse than losing revenue to something preventable. BillForce protects you byusing real-time shipping rates to establish accurate quotes taking into account all applicablevariables including weight, the number of items, the location of the item, and more. Neveragain will your company lose valuable revenue from something as preventable as inaccurateshipping rates. BillForce protects you so you can focus on other aspects of your business.BillForce: SavingsIn business, it is no secret everything comes down to dollars and cents. With all it has to offer,you are probably thinking BillForce cannot possibly be affordable. One of BillForce’s bestassets is its ability to offer all of these features at an incredible value.It is ,in essence, a 3 for 1 deal. You are provided with a full featured billing system, an OSS,and marketing/sales capabilities for the basic per seat cost of other major CRM onlycompanies. Only BillForce can provide your company with so many features into one productat such an affordable price. Quite simply, your company needs BillForce.3867 West Market St. Suite 284 | Akron, OH 44333 | 330.752.6045 | AscendureGroup.com
    • BillForce Features BillForce Features Feature Description One-Click “Quick Search” By simply typing in basic information, BillForce gives YOU access to all of a customer’s general information and payment options. Let’s YOU focus on building strong customer relationships. Unlimited Invoice Profiles Allows for different invoice templates and delivery methods for all of YOUR customers. Rapid Quoting Quickly turn quotes into billable orders with the push of one simple button. YOU will no longer have order delays because you need to transcribe an order from one system to another. Easy Invoice Profiles Click and point user interface guarantees YOUR customer’s easy access to the invoice they want. No programming resource required. PDF Generator Easily create PDF versions of invoices for internal GUI access, local printing, and email transmission. Get YOUR customer’s bill to them same day. No need for a 3rd party bill print vendor! Address Validation BillForce loads the USPS database into its data structure so YOU can validate addresses in fractions of a second. BillForce can also establish entire addresses with minimal information. Product Catalog Allows for the definition of all YOUR products and services available to the OSS. Allows for definition of products across multiple types of providers. Also allows advance pricing definitions within a single price level. Payment Processing BillForce manages all of YOUR payments and reversals including: cash, credit card, gift cards, check processing, and lock box.3867 West Market St. Suite 284 | Akron, OH 44333 | 330.752.6045 | AscendureGroup.com
    • Feature Description Trouble Management Allows YOU to configure automated tickets for certain actions. BillForce even sends email notifications to the responsible user of the department when appropriate. Data Alarms BillForce automatically protects YOU from fraud. YOU can create settings to monitor for fraudulent activity. YOU can also set the actions that should be taken when a suspected fraud occurs. Collections/Dunning BillForce gives YOU the power to create business rules on customer aging information, account data, and current balances. Also allows an automated negative file to be generated to be matched against new customers. Partners and Commission Gives the ability for YOU to create a custom hierarchy of commissions, Management residuals, and charge-backs. YOU can rebrand bulk services when partners have changed ownership or merged into a new entity. Workflow Management YOU can Prevent revenue leakage with BillForce. It automates the tracking of workflow packages by creating templates based on service order. Emails will automatically be sent emails detailing what is required. Provisioning True flow-through provisioning to most hardware YOU may implement. This virtually eliminates the need for many pre-built device interfaces. Customer Web Access BillForce allows YOUR customers the ability to manage their accounts online. BillForce’s interface can work on its own or implemented into an existing site. Dashboard Reporting BillForce utilizes the Crystal Reports engine to provide YOU both standard and custom reports. BillForce also allows the scheduling of report distribution via email within pre-defined criteria. General Ledger BillForce saves YOU time with automatic double ledger records for every transaction. YOU can even configure fields to derive data from third party applications that are COM compliant! Open API’s BillForce was created using open API’s. This gives YOU the flexibility of integrating BillForce with other software you have already invested in. For a Free Consultation call (440) 346- 48413867 West Market St. Suite 284 | Akron, OH 44333 | 330.752.6045 | AscendureGroup.com