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The Association of the Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce and Industry – ASCAME – was founded on 1rst of October 1982, as an initiative of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with its counterparts from different Mediterranean countries.Today, 30 years since its creation, ASCAME has become a key actor in the Mediterranean area and is now one of the most representative and geographically widespread international organisations, with a membership of more than 200 Chambers of Commerce and other associated bodies from 23 countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea.

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Ascame presentation

  1. 1. The Association of theMediterranean Chambers ofCommerce and Industry1982-2012
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION ASCAME was founded in 1982 as an initiative of the Chamberof Commerce of Barcelona and thanks to the support of fiveMediterranean Chambers of Commerce. ASCAME has become the most important representative ofthe Mediterranean private sector and a reference in theregional economic cooperation of the region, with over 300chambers of commerce and other organizations associated withthe 23 countries of the Mediterranean. ASCAME is the only regional organization that brings togetherNorth-South private sector institutions in the world,belonging to three continents: Europe, Africa and Asia,representing more than 25 million companies.
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION In 1982, ASCAME showed a strategic vision of North-Southpartnership and integration, which was subsequentlyconfirmed by the implementation of the Euro-MediterraneanPartnership in 1995, and today by the Process of Barcelona :Union for the Mediterranean. Nowadays ASCAME works with the most importantorganizations and international institutions, aimed to thesocial and economic development of the Mediterraneanregion, among others, the EU, the UfM, the EIB, the WorldBank, the Arab League etc.. also being present in multiplehigh level workgroups.
  4. 4. ACTION PLAN ASCAME launches every year a number of initiatives, whichencourage the economic institutional and commercialcontacts throughout the Mediterranean region and otherparts of the world (Projects of economic regionalcooperation, training programs, business forums, etc). In 2010 and 2011, more than 6,500 companies,representatives of the public and private sector haveparticipated in activities of our network. Barcelona is the social headquarter and the GeneralSecretariat of ASCAME, responsible for developing andexecuting the strategic plan and the annual action plan.
  5. 5. MISSION To be the representative of the private sector in front ofthe policy makers. Promoting companies, we contributeto the development of the Mediterranean. Strengthen the role of the chambers of commerce in theMediterranean as representatives of all businesses,whatever their size is, regardless the sector and in thegeneral interest of the economy, and also as a main agentfor the economic and industrial development in thecountries of the Mediterranean region.
  6. 6. MISSION To bring together all the stakeholders of the private sectorof the Mediterranean region, contributing to the cooperationand to the development of the private sector in theMediterranean region. To promote the Mediterranean and its companies worldwideto face competition from other economic areas. To defend the Mediterranean economic integration with anarea of free trade exchange, as well as the recovery of theEuro-Mediterranean association with the Barcelona Process:Union for the Mediterranean
  7. 7. STRATEGIC LINES ASCAME is already consolidated as an entity that representsthe interests of the chambers of commerce and of theprivate sector of the Mediterranean. ASCAME is certified as an economic partner of the EU and ofinternational organizations in the implementation ofeconomic cooperation projects. The organization has approved during the last GeneralAssembly in Istanbul, the Strategic Plan 2012-2016, in orderto provide new tools and cooperation projects that willstrengthen economic integration and the Euro-MediterraneanAssociation.
  8. 8. ASCAME WITH THE SMEsDuring the last 30 years, ASCAME worked actively inorder to provide tools capable of bringing effectiveanswers to the challenges that Chambers ofCommerce and, particularly, Mediterranean SMEshave to face.
  9. 9. PROJECTS AND ACTIVITIES The MEDITERRANEAN WEEK OF ECONOMIC LEADER hasbecome a major economic event in the Mediterraneanregion. This year, the sixth edition will play a vital role in linewith the latest regional transformations, offering again anunique platform for reflection and exchange ofexperiences, addressing critical issues like good governance,youth employment, SMEs’ development, city managementvalues, and human resources skills, by sharing bestpractices, proposing concrete projects and creating newbusiness opportunities.
  10. 10. PROJECTS AND ACTIVITIES Regional programmes with the EU (INVEST-IN-MED, IEVP,MED, etc.) ASCAME has been the main contributor to the INVEST INMED and the ENPI programmes ASCAME and its network just won Euro-med projects likeInvest in Med, Med program, strategic IEVP, etc. Theseprojects are linked with sectors such as agro-food, waste, orrenewable energy
  11. 11. PROJECTS AND ACTIVITIES The Mediterranean Tourism Forum: MEDITOUR The Mediterranean Textile Industry Forum: MEDITEX The Mediterranean Transport and Logistics Forum: MEDALOGISTIC The Economic Forum of the Mediterranean City: MEDACITY The Mediterranean Women entrepreneurs Forum: MEDA WOMENENTREPRENEURS FORUM The Mediterranean Forum of the Green Energy: ECO MEDA GREEN FORUM And 20 other sectoral Mediterranean Forums
  12. 12. OTHER PROJECTS AND ACTIVITIES Project for the creation of a Mediterranean Tourism brand Project for the creation of a Mediterranean Arbitration Center Project for the creation of a Mediterranean InternationalCommerce Institute Project for the creation of a Mediterranean center of private-public partnershipASCAME participates in the commissions for the creation of: A Bank for the Mediterranean development An agency of Mediterranean Tourism A Mediterranean agency for SMEs A Mediterranean agency for the Urban Development Other projects
  13. 13. CONTACTS Presidency ASCAME:Address: 1 Justinien streetSanayeh– 111801 Beirut, LebanonTelephone: 00 961 1 353 390 Ext. 164E-mail: General Secretariat ASCAME:Address: Av. Diagonal, 45208006 Barcelona, SpainTelephone: 00 34 934 169 556E-mail:
  14. 14. CONCLUSION