3 Daily Practices Guaranteed to Double Your Happiness


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Apply these 3 practices into your life for 2 weeks and double your happiness level!

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3 Daily Practices Guaranteed to Double Your Happiness

  1. 1. 3 Daily Practices Guaranteed to Double Your Happiness Copyright Notice*Thank you for downloading my E-book: 3 Daily Practices Guaranteed to Double YourHappiness - With a BonusIt gives me great joy to share this little bit of information with you, and I’m 100% confidentthat if you apply and integrate these 3 simple practices into your daily life, you will at leastdouble your happiness level within a few weeks.But please, please please don’t underestimate the value of the information given in this littlee-book because its free. I have personally applied and am still applying these principles intomy own daily life feeling happier, more energized, more balanced each and every day. Andbecause they work so well, I commit more and more each day, with greater results. Also thisfeeling is contagious and changing how those around me feel to a great deal, bringing backmore happiness and joy to my own life. I promise, you will not be the same person after a fewweeks if you stick to these practices.Before getting started, answer this:Let’s say you are 100% sure that it will at least double your happiness level if you apply thesepractices consistently.On a scale of 1 to 10, how committed would you be to applying them at least 2 weeks? Sendme a quick e-mail at: arzu@dream-and-achieve.com if you want to share your commitmentlevel. I will respond to encourage you.If after 2 weeks you want to go back to your old way of living your daily life, you can alwaysdo that. You have nothing to lose here. Let’s get started then...
  2. 2. Every human behavior has one basic motive: to feel good, which is equal tobeing Happy.Everyday, we are bombarded with countless commercials, products, goods, and all other stuffthat tell us why we can’t be happy now without that product, course, or thing. But the truthcannot be further from that. In fact, as long as we are in that mode of lacking and needing, wecan’t be happy even when we have those things. Because there will always be things to get,goals to achieve, things to do.Ironically, abandoning that “lacking” mode and being happy NOW with what you alreadyhave in your life, brings all those things you desire much easily and much more quickly. Thereason is, you activate your Attraction Power by being happy in the NOW. And there’snothing wrong with wanting all those things either. What’s unresourceful is, thinking youcannot be happy NOW and you need those things to feel that way. This is really robbing youoff both from your happiness, and from having those things much faster and easily. But if youcan manage to untie your ability to be happy from all those conditions and really GET thatyou can CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY NOW, at any given moment, you unlock a huge potentialwithin you and you tap into your own power, to your own space of attraction. 3 DAILY PRACTICES Guaranteed to Double or Triple Your Happiness Level within 2 WeeksPRACTICE 1: Keep a Gratitude JournalWell, this one may not sound "New" to you at all and Im sure youve heard of it many timesfrom many different sources.The thing is, knowing something and actually DOING it are two different things. Knowingthat is like holding a key in your hands. And if you never use that key, you will never openthe door that will take you to the other side. Im keen to inspire you to use that key and openthe door to more happiness in your life.I, just like you, heard the power of appreciation all the time, from many different sources. Iused to read the following quote from Abraham Hicks ofen when I visited a favorite websiteduring the last couple of years:"If you would stop analyzing everything and just look for things to appreciate; in other words,if you could just decide to play that game, look for things to appreciate, you would livehappily ever after."
  3. 3. I used to read that and never stopped to really internalize what that means, to apply thisprinciple into my life, but continued to live my life the old same way, not using the key toopen the door. The same key was handed to me many times throughout the years, and it neveroccurred to me that I just need to use it to change my happiness level. That is, until I made theconscous decision to "take responsibility for my own feelings and my own happiness", fromthe inside, and actually integrate this practice into my daily life. I can definitely say that thispractice alone, writing a short list of things to appreciate every day, has moved my emotionalvibration to higher levels and at least tripled my happiness level.I want the same thing happen to you and I sincerely hope you will use the key to open thedoor to creating more happiness in your life.Why this simple practice is so powerful?Emotional Scale by Abraham Hicks1.Joy/Appreciation/Empowered/Freedom/Love2.Passion3.Enthusiasm/Eagerness/Happiness4.PositiveExpectation/Belief5.Optimism6.Hopefulness7.Contentment8.Boredom9.Pessimism10.Frustration/Irritation/Impatience11.Overwhelment12.Disappointment13.Doubt14.Worry15.Blame16.Discouragement17.Anger18.Revenge19.Hatred/Rage20.Jealousy21.Insecurity/Guilt/Unworthiness22.Fear/Grief/Depression/Despair/PowerlessnessAs you can see, appreciation is on top of the emotional scale presented by Abraham Hicks andthis is one single and simple practice that will attune you to the highest vibration very quickly.If you can start and end your day with expressing gratitude and appreciation to things youhave in your life, you will set the tone for your days and nights and it will create a huge shiftwithin you in terms of how you feel.I do suggest you either find a free online journal and log-in daily to journal there. But if youprefer a physical journal, thats perfect too. It doesn’t matter how you do it, but it does matterthat you DO it.
  4. 4. Here’s the practice:Every day, you will write at least 5 things you feel grateful for and appreciate in your life.They don’t have to be big things either. They can be as small as “having food, electricity inthe house, running water, etc.”Here’s an example:Today I am grateful for…1. My health2. My family3. My friends4. My home5. Food I hadYou can make the list longer, and in fact if you do, the effect will be greater. But it’s up toyou, and 5 is really a good number to start.And the last part of this practice is appreciating yourself. Every day, after your gratitudeexercise, add this last part about yourself to your journal.Today I appreciate myself for:List all the things you can appreciate yourself for.1. For keeping my journal.2. For being committed to my happiness.3. For just being me.4. For being a great mom/dad.…….Write down as many things as you can and be generous. Become aware of your feelings, ofyour energy and vibration. Notice how quickly it changes.There was a time when I and my sister were complaining about our house we live in, aboutthe neighborhood and all the things we thought were missing in our lives, making ourselvesunhappy throughout the day for weeks. One day I saw a picture on Children International’sFacebook page and it changed my whole view to our situation. It really was like a slap on myface, an awakening one. I felt ashamed, realized how ungrateful I have been for all theblessings I have in my life. I still cannot forget the light and joy in the eyes of the people inthat picture, who received a plastic container as a gift that will protect their clothes fromhumidity and insects. I thought, ‘how can I not feel grateful for all the blessings I have in mylife. How can I not be grateful for living in a peaceful country, having my family with me,having a job, and all and everything I take for granted daily’.And it wasn’t a matter of feeling good because we had better circumstances. It was anawakening to the fact that you can be grateful and happy no matter what the circumstancesare. I forwarded the picture to my sister and shared my thoughts with her. Our wholeexperience changed. We were still living in the same house but our feelings about the housecompletely changed. We became instantly happier, and grateful for all the things we wereblessed with. We received our lesson! Then our energy shifted. And guess what? Because the
  5. 5. way we were feeling, we tapped into our attraction point and decided to change our physicalenvironment to a new and better one. This time not from a complaining and lacking state, butfrom a grateful state.Again, this single practice of keeping a gratitude journal alone is enough to double or eventriple your happiness level, if you really stick to it. I sincerely hope you will. Writing has agreat effect. And expressing gratitude the first thing when you wake up sets the tone of theday from a high vibrational frequency.PRACTICE 2: Appreciate the People/Situations that are BuggingYou During the DayI know this might seem like a hard and even a bizarre one. But trust me, it works like a magic.In fact, this practice works two-way: 1) eliminates the unhappy thoughts that are robbing yourhappiness, 2) increases the energy of gratitude through appreciation, which adds to yourhappiness level.Here’s how you’ll do it:Throughout the day, consciously notice the things, people, and situations that you can’tchange, and are making you unhappy. For every person, thing or situation, immediately shiftyour focus to the things you can appreciate about that person, thing or situation. List as manythings as you can.For example, if you are getting angry with your spouse for ….., immediately start to list allthe good things you appreciate about him or her.I appreciate …… for being in my life.I appreciate …… for being alive......If you can’t find anything to appreciate about someone, then appreciate all the lessons andchallenges this person is presenting to you, causing you to grow. Appreciate them for beingthe subject of this practice. And appreciate them just for being an extension of the biggerpower, the Source.Your whole feeling about that person and situation will change. And as you focus on thethings to appreciate, you won’t believe how people and situations change. It’s really amiracle.
  6. 6. PRACTICE 3: Story Re-WritingWe tell ourselves stories about ourselves, about people, about our past, our future, and aboutwhy we can’t be do or have something. These stories are just stories and can be and need tobe re-written in order for us to 1) feel happier 2) create a different, more desired reality.Here’s what to do. But this can be a little bit frustrating so I invite you to set the tone for thisexercise first. Intend to be non-judgmental, compassionate and accepting towards yourself, fortelling these stories to yourself. And be patient, as changing these habitual thought patternsmay take a little bit of time and effort, and you may find yourself frequently going back to theold pattern. But again, the KEY is to be compassionate, accepting towards yourself and beingCONSISTENT.-Watch and become aware of the negative stories you are telling yourself throughout the day.Try to notice the negative stories you’re telling yourself about your past, your parents, yourupbringing. Pay special attention to the thoughts that justify why you “can’t Do, Be or Have”something you dream about. Notice the few that are creating the most unhappiness in your liferight now and start from there.Ask yourself:If I knew that these stories ARE and WILL BE my realities, just because I am choosing tobelieve them, is this okay? Do I like these stories? Am I happy with these realities?If your answered No, then ask yourself what reality you want to have if everything could goyour way?Write a new story for each negative story. If everything could go your way, what would it bethat you DO want?When you have your story:1. Set the intention to adopt this new story and make a commitment from your heart2. Ask your unconscious mind to make the necessary change (relaxing and expressing whatyou want to your unconscious mind is all that you need)3. Submit this to God and ask for grace, and trust that it will be given (by the Creator, or theSource, or the Universe, or the Spirit – your terms)4. Say Thank you for the changeI acknowledge that this 3rd practice might require a little more effort than the others. But it’sso worth it. In fact, this last one will bring change into your life and your outer reality in amuch bigger way, helping you to be the person you were meant to be when you came to thisworld.****************************************
  7. 7. BONUS PRACTICE 4: Well, I know I said 3 Practices. But this one little bit will make sucha huge difference on your level of happiness, I can’t help but share it.-Restrict your exposure to Negative News on the media, whether online, offline, or on TV. Itdoesn’t mean not to stay informed and updated about what’s happening in the world, but itdoes mean that you restrict the negative effects of them to a level that wouldn’t diminish yourhappiness.Remember: The World Needs “The Happy You” More!I hope you enjoyed reading.Please share your results with me after 2 weeks, and let me know if there’s anything I canhelp you with. info@dream-and-achieve.com
  8. 8. About Arzu Who Am I? I am a Life Coach who works with Heart-Centered Women wanting to share their gift with the world while at the same time making a good living out of it, and would like to Thrive in all areas of their lives.How Did I Start Coaching People to Achieve Their Dreams?When I was living my life on autopilot, not happy but thinking therell be a time when Ill be happyand content in life, not knowing how, being unaware of what possibilities are there for me, and itsactually possible to live a fulfilling, happy, joyful life and thrive in each area, the NLP teacher showedme the way: "I want you to thrive in all areas of your life, and this is my vision for you". Even thoughI didnt believe it at that time, I committed to do what he teaches and in time, to my own amazement,witnessed the changes happened in my own life and after a while I realized I could manifest whateverI want for myself, as long as I follow the laws.And it was such a big value for me, becoming aware of the possibilities which I never thought existed,I wanted to do the same for others, and go one step further by accompanying them in person, ontheir own journey to a thriving life.After that vision was laid in front of me, even though I had a lot of disbelief and doubt, I decided toset all of them aside and just do what is being taught to me, even if I didnt believe themwholeheartedly. The fact was I didnt have another choice, and I simply wanted to believe him, andwith that, I adopted his vision for myself exactly as he put it. On my way to working towards mygoals, at one point I worked with a life coach and I received tremendous value from that relationship.And one by one, one after the other, I started to achieve my goals, grow and learn from them, setnew goals as I grew, and a whole new life opened up for me with lots of opportunities, joy, fun andabundance. It was such a huge change for me and such a big value, that I wanted to share all my dream-and-achieve.com
  9. 9. knowledge and experience with others and help them do the same with their own lives.Why Do I Do What I Do?I love helping people dream and achieve their dreams. My vision for myself and for everyone is"Creating and living the life of your dreams, just as you want it, rather than living by the limitations".This is one of the things that excite me most and this IS my Passion. And it gives me so much joy,fulfillment and happiness in and of itself.Who Do I Work With?My clients are heart-driven women who are passionate about making the world a better place byoffering their unique gift(s) and want to create abundance in their job and in all other areas of theirlives. They are healers, massage therapists, teachers, coaches, trainers, nutritionists and all those whoare in self development, spirituality, coaching areas. They are achievers, action takers, responsible,realistic, passionate and compassionate.They seek to align their life and goals with their deepest core values and strive for a thriving life, in allmajor life areas.They already believe or are willing to believe this IS possible, and are ready to adopt this new way ofthinking, acting and living.They are ready to dream big, to allow themselves realizing their full potential and being the best theycan possibly be in life. They have a burning desire to pursue their hearts desires.What Do My Clients Get from Working With Me?Along with the complete system that will ensure that they get what they want in life, they receiveconstant support, focus and encouragement to pursue their dreams. dream-and-achieve.com
  10. 10. How Am I Different?First of all, I once lived a mediocre life and know how it feels. I know how painful it is to be pregnantwith a huge potential to offer, but holding it inside.I studied courses, took seminars, trainings, coaching and know how to turn it all around and createand live my dreams, rather than allowing the life happen to me. I know this is invaluable for anyhuman being. I have a passion about helping people do the same for themselves. I genuinely careabout my clients, their desires, their dreams. "Providing Value" comes first in all what I do. I see"beyond" the obvious within my clients, which is all the positive aspects, inner potentials, power,wisdom my clients hold within themselves and I strive to help them embrace those, reaching to andliving from who they really are. I focus on empowerment. Intuition, finding quick and creativesolutions to problems, determination, compassion and genuine care for others, getting to the core ofthings, result orientedness are my unique and strongest skills that make me a powerful coach.Why is that Important?Know where you are, know where you want to be, and take constant action until you get there is thesimple formula for success. Yet, we all know its not as simple as that. The blocks that are standingbetween you and your dreams need to be dealt with, as they pop up when you move forward. With allstrong passion to help my clients achieve their dreams, I mobilize all my skills to show them how. AndIm good at it. And once you remove the blocks one by one, and take consistent action, theresnothing that can stand between you and your dreams.What is the Dream and Achieve Program all About?Its a 7 step program for Women, where we work through all aspects of your Dreaming and Achievingprocess, step by step.Learn more at: www.dream-and-achieve.com/program.html© 2012 Copyright Dream-and-Achieve.com. All rights reserved. This material may not be reproduced,republished, redistributed, or resold in any form without written permission from the author. To share theinformation contained herein, please use this link: http://www.dream-and-achieve.com/giftebook.html