Wiley website research


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Wiley website research

  1. 1. Website research
  2. 2. • I am doing this research so that I know what I need to put on my artists website in order for the website to successfully brand and market the artist.
  3. 3. There is a pound sterling sign in the artists name. This pound sterling sign is used to replace the letter ‘E’ in the artists name. The pound sterling sign clearly shows that the artist is from the UK as pound sterling isAlso the pound sterling sign when the currency for the UK.analysed with the artists clothingclearly shows the artists musicalgenre. The artist is wearing a sportsjacket and a plain white T shirt. Thistype of clothing is synonymous withthe hip hop genre. The poundsterling sign shows that the artist isfrom the UK. Therefore the artist is ahip hop artist from the UK, and sothis clearly shows the artist to be a‘grime’ artist as a popular type of hiphop music in the UK is grime.
  4. 4. The pound sterling sign shows theartist values and beliefs. Thepound sterling sign shows that theartist values money highly. Thisshows that the artist believes thatto be successful in life you musthave a lot of money.The pound sterling sign has replacethe letter ‘E’ in the artists name.This shows that the artist valuesmoney so highly that he haschanged the way his name looks onhis website so he can incorporatemoney in to his life even further.This shows that the artist believes The pound sterling sign shows that the artistthat you should do anything to is motivated by money and is a consumerist.become financially successful even if This shows the users of the website that theit means changing who you are, just lyrical content of his music may containas the artist has changed the way his positive consumerist messages.name looks so he can incorporatemoney further into his life.
  5. 5. The same picture of the artist is used on the website and the album cover. This creates continuity between the website and the album.The blue colour scheme isused for the website and thealbum. This creates continuityand creates links between theartists website and his latestalbum.
  6. 6. Fans can sign into the website so it The users of the website have access to thecreates a community for fans. artists Twitter and Facebook updates. This make the users feel closer to the artist as they get access to his constant thoughts and feeling. It also makes fans feel closer to the artist as they could communicate with the artist through Facebook or Twitter, this communication make the fans feel closer and more connected to the artist. There is a news bulletin on the website. This gives the fans information about how to buy the artists album and other products. This therefore will mean that the fans will be more likely to buy the artists products.
  7. 7. There is a game which users of the site can play. This keeps the users entertained and keeps users attracted to the website. This could generate longer term users of the site, which would therefore make them more fanatical about the artist and be more likely to buy his products.Users can access the artist musicand videos and use them forfree. This therefore shows theusers what the artists music islike and if they like the musicthey can easily buy it byfollowing link to buy the artistmusic online.
  8. 8. How has this research helped me?• This research has shown me that I need a method of communication between the artist and his fans to build a closer relationship between the artist and his fans.• I also need to clearly show the artist genre and values and beliefs on the website.• The website also needs some way of allowing fans to buy the artists products.• I need to create links between the album Digipak and the website to create continuity between the album and website. I can do this by using the same colour scheme for my album Digipak and my website.